Relationship Market Value: RMV will get quality girls to stick around

Relationship Market Value

Relationship Market Value - group of friends

A man’s relationship market value will determine how easily he’ll  be able to get relationships with women, and of what quality.

For players and men who choose to be single, it seems like it may be of no importance.   And to be fair, it might not be of much.   Especially if you’re younger, below 25 or so.

But if you want to have a high quality girlfriend now or in the future, or want to be able to keep girls around for a while, working on your relationship market value will help you in the game.

What is Relationship Market Value?

Having RMV mean that you’re an attractive option as a boyfriend or husband to women.  While this may seem the same as “beta”, it’s not the exact same thing.  Women will date betas, but they prefer to date an alpha who will commit to them.

It’s not until women get their heart broken by many alphas do they give betas a chance.  And even then, they’ll soon go back to alphas.  Some women will marry a beta, but most go after the highest quality guy they can get.  It’s only when they reach a certain age do they finally settle for a beta.

Alpha and beta are positions

You can have relationship value and be alpha or be beta.  Because alpha or beta are just positions.  A woman can see you as an alpha, get into a relationship, and then you become beta in her eyes as you catch oneitis and pedestalize her.

She can also see you as beta, and then see you alpha when she sees you with hot women, sees that you will dump her when she deserves it, and so on.

For example, you probably know betas who are able to get girlfriends here and there.  This is because they have enough value to women to be a boyfriend, at least for a while.  And there are also guys you’d consider to be alpha, yet they’re usually in relationships as well.

Both have relationship value.  Of course the higher your raw SMV, the hotter girls you can get into relationships with on average.

But look at a hot Hollywood star like Chris Hemsworth or Michael B. Jordan.  Women would have a one night stand with these guys if that’s all they wanted from a girl.  But these same girls would be even more thrilled of one of these men got into a relationship with them.

Because the majority of women don’t want an alpha fuck and a beta buck with two different guys.   That’s the strategy they’ve adapted because it’s usually one or the other.  But if they can find a guy with both, then they’ve hit the jackpot.

Relationship Market Value vs Sexual Market Value

how to have sex appeal as a man - david beckham

SMV is what gets women to want to fuck with you in the beginning.

RMV is what keeps you in the candidate for a boyfriend or stay around in life.   Even if a girl isn’t looking for a boyfriend or husband, she’ll naturally try to stick around a guy who has high RMV.

Even a thot whose fucking a bunch of guys will try to lock one of them down.  It’s in a woman’s nature to want to nest up with the highest quality man they can get.

Your relationship market value is individual to how each girl perceives you, just like sexual market value.  However, the higher quality of guy  you are, the more girls will want to fuck with you because of your SMV and stick around because of your RMV.

Sexual market value is still essential for getting laid, and many of the same qualities also make valuable in a relationship.  However RMV isn’t usually as obvious, at least many aspects of it.  It’s something a girl notices about you, and same for her RMV for you, once you start to talk and learn more about each other.

How girls perceive you as a man with high RMV

Things that make indicate high RMV:

  • You’re really good at sex
  • Financially stable
  • Social life /  status
  • Family relations

You’re really good at sex

How to fuck a girl properly

SMV helps you get sex, but many high SMV guys don’t take the time to get good at sex or  don’t care.  But for a girl to see you as a guy she wants to be with, she needs to  feel connected with in a deep way.  She also wants a man to be able to fuck her well.   When you can fuck a girl how she wants and make her bust over and over again, she becomes addicted.

Even if you have none of the other factors, this will be enough for many women to want to lock you down.

This is especially important the younger a woman is.  If a woman is 18-25 and in her sexual prime, she’s going to be encouraged to play her options.  She doesn’t need to think about getting a rich man yet.  Or having one man at all.  But if she’s going to spend her best years in a relationship, chances are high that her man can lay it down in the bedroom.  Not a guarantee, girls cheat all the time.

However, a woman who is going to spend her time with a man wants to get fucked well.   If you can fuck her well consistently and get her addicted, she’ll make excuses for why she should be with you.   This is one of the most powerful ways to get a woman to see you as high relationship market value.  Because she’ll be addicted to not just your dick but your overall energy.  This is how you really get a woman sprung on you over time.

Woman who stick with their men through hard times usually have a combination of a low notch count to begin with, combined with getting good sex from their man.

It’s not the end all be all, the power of making a woman orgasm over and over and getting her to associate that with you is what will imprint her in the long run.

Financially stable

applying red pill to business

The younger you are, the less this applies.  And the older you are, especially once you hit 25,  then 28, 30, etc. the more this applies.  You don’t need to be rich at 25 or 30.  But once you get into your later 20’s and early 30’s, women want to be with a man whose financially stable.

Of course getting rich, and more importantly financial freedom, should be the goal for all of us.  And that will only help you get more women.

However for most women, they just want you to be making good enough money to have a decent standard of living.  She wants to be able to nest up when she has kids, and if you’re financially stable, then you’d likely be able to provide for her while she’s having kids.

Social life /  status

going out with friends - social proof

Women love a man with status.  Status is one of the parts that makes up your sexual market value and helps you get laid.  However it also raises your relationship market value.  The more popular you are, the more girls will want to be seen with you.

Even just  having an abundant social life will cause you to be a busy man with stuff going on.  This gives you an interesting life.  Women want to tell their friends that the guy they like is with his friends doing x, y, z.  If you never have anything going on, you become boring and loser like.

You don’t need to be famous to have some status or a social life.  You just need to get out of the house.  When you see girls, that means going outside with them once in a while.  It’s fun to fuck.  But if you have a girl to come over for sex regularly and she’s high quality in terms of looks and personality, take her out sometimes.  No need to spend a ton of money.  It’s more about getting out of the house / apartment and just doing something.

Then the girls will build up in their heads that you’re this fun guy.  They’ll have memories of you two getting ice cream after some hot sex.  This kind of stuff will build up in their head.   Women will fantasize about being with you more.  This is how you build up relationship market value in a woman’s head when she’s thinking about you and other guys she could date.

Family relations

family relations

This may come to a surprise by many of you.   But high quality women will look to see how you are with your family.  They’ll ask questions about your parents, siblings, how close you are with them, and things like that.  They’ll probe to see your family relations.

Many of these girls who are seeing tons of men or just want to fuck won’t care and that’s fine.  Some may ask about your family if you asked about theirs to be polite.

But a woman who is close to her family or values family will ask about your situation, usually through light questions.

For women with some knowledge, they know that chances are a man who values his family is going to be a better prospect for a relationship.   Doesn’t mean your family situation needs to be perfect, but it’s definitely going to be a factor.  Just like men who know the dating game know that women who are closer to their families and have had positive experiences are going to have a higher chance and being better for relationships.

Having Relationship Market Value without being a beta

getting laid on first date, coming home

A man with high relationship market value won’t be desperate for a relationship.  He’ll likely be more relationship oriented.  But he doesn’t necessarily need one.  At least not with any specific woman.  Men who know their worth, even if they’re not players, won’t get into a relationship with a low quality woman.  And if they do, or they find the woman not to be in line with his values, then he’ll end the relationship if things can’t be changed.

You can do things that give you relationship value without becoming beta.  In fact, women generally don’t date betas because they’re beta.

They’ll date a beta because he has money, or at least the willingness to provider for her.   But she doesn’t like the fact that he puts her on a pedestal.

Women want to lock down an Alpha, they only settle for betas when alphas don’t commit

Women would much rather have a man whose relationship oriented but still alpha.  These are men who are in shape, make good money, and yet still have normal social skills.  They’ve probably had girlfriends in the past and have been able to do well with women, even if that meant they bounced from relationship to relationship.

Being beta means that you put the women on a pedestal and value her happiness over your own.

But that’s not what most women want – sure there are some that want a beta to boss around.  That’s a small percentage.  Women will end up doing that to a man, but she’ll be unhappy and dump him.

Most women, want a masculine leader in a boyfriend.  A man who still has sexual market value and sex appeal, but one who also wants to be in a committed relationship.

These type of men are often religious or super business focused.  They have something in life they value above their relationship.  Even if they’re madly in love with a woman, they still believe they have a higher calling.  And because of this focus on a spiritual path or a business / conqueror path, they’re able to desire a relationship from a woman but not be dependent on it.

This allows them to be alpha while still making a good boyfriend / husband type of man.

Do betas have Relationship Market Value?

signs she's losing interest

The lowest tier of betas never get anything and barely get a relationship with girls above a 5.  They are higher end betas who can get a relationship with an attractive woman once in a while.  But this is generally because the girl is taking a break from the bad boys.

These guys won’t get treated well, will get less sex, and will have to spend more money and time than a more alpha type of man would.

These higher end betas have some relationship market value, but not that much.  Generally the girls end up cheating on them with the next guy.  They look good on paper but can never satisfy her quench for a real man.

Beta and alpha like I said before is just a position.   There are some guys who have high smv and confidence, get into a relationship, and then become pussy whipped.  So they started off as alpha in the women’s eyes and then become beta.  Betaization is what I call it.  Women try to turn you into a beta in the hopes you stay alpha and show them how strong you are.  Of course the majority of men fail and become the beta man she gets bored of.

In general, the more beta type of guys have some value in that they’re a source of attention and occasional dick for the woman.  But they still pale in comparison to an alpha who also has his shit together.

Want a relationship? Have SMV and RMV

Relationship market value doesn’t matter if you just plan to hit and quit or fuck a few times and never consider a girl for something longer term.

There are some girls that I never wanted to keep around and would be sure to even act like I was more broke than I was or make things only sexual.  That’s when I use strict sex appeal and nothing else.  Sex appeal with your looks and confidence will take you far.  But splashing in a little bit of qualities that add to your relationship market value will open up the doors to better women.

If you plan on having a girl for a fuckbuddy until she burns out, or if you are considering her as a potential girlfriend down the line, then having relationship market value is important.   High quality women are in demand for both sex and relationships.  In order to keep them around, you need to be have high SMV and also RMV.

And as you come up in the game and fuck with higher quality women, you’re going to realize that you need elements that make you good for a relationship in order to keep women around.  And you must balance that  with still being masculine, having an abundance, and not being a nice guy.

It sounds like a lot.  But when you become a high value man, it becomes natural to have both.  Women want to both fuck and nest up with the highest quality men.

Don’t try hard to show off Relationship Market Value

Show signs of RMV, but don’t go out of your way to show if off hard.

Don’t give off a boyfriend vibe – you don’t need to tell women you’re looking for a girlfriend and you prefer relationships.   No need to prove anything to her or try to signal that you’re this virtuous man.   Having high relationship market value means that you’re high in demand by women.   You can like relationships but don’t need to chase a woman for one.

Women still want to pursue a Man with high Relationship Market Value

girl on phone, texting, likely cheating

Women still need to pursue relationships while you pursue sex.

When you have high relationship market value, women will chase you for relationships.  Which is what they should be doing anyway.

You’re a man with high sexual market value who they can see a future with.  That’s what RMV is.

There are plenty of lonely beta men who aren desperate for a relationship.   Their relationship market value is low, just like their SMV.  And there are some guys with high SMV who become weak easily, suck at sex, or pump and dump women.   But with some adjustments to the they act, they could make themselves more viable long term options to women and increase their RMV.

You need SMV to have RMV, or at least enough SMV in order to initially interest women.  And then your other qualities like being good at sex, having financial stability, having social circle, etc, will give you high relationship value in her eyes.

You don’t need to have every aspect of it.  And don’t go out of your way to show off these qualities to any individual woman.  She needs  to see them in you and pursue any kind of long term relationship.  It’s not rocket science. If you want to keep women around, especially high quality women, you’ll need to have relationship market value.  Whether you take them up on relationships is up to you, and if she gets so lucky, it needs to be on your terms.

If you’re able to fuck with the beautiful women you like then you have the initial sexual market value.  But if you struggle to keep them around, then you lack the relationship market value.  Develop both in order to have the best dating life.

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