Sex Tips for Men: 10 Things To be the Best She’s Ever Had

Sex Tips for Men

sex tips for men

Having the best sex tips for men will ensure you’re always on top of your game.  While sex isn’t everything, it’s a big part of it.  If you can get a girl addicted to your sex game, then you’ll be able to guide the relationship wherever you want.  Whether it’s just causal, or you want to date her more seriously, learning these sex tips for men will help you get what you want.  Because even if you don’t care that much about sex, she definitely will.

She might not even know it.  But the guys who make her “feel so good” and “feel right” are the men who know how to preform in the bedroom.

Knowing how to fuck a girl right will make up for other areas you might lack in.  And it will help you have more of an abundance mindset when she tries to shit test you down the road.

The 10 Sex Tips for Men

I have a number articles about sleeping with women and how to get laid more.  But once you have women who want to have sex with you, it’s time to get her addicted.  The 10 sex tips for men are as follows:

  1. Foreplay is the name of the game
  2. Rub her clit
  3. Talk dirty to her
  4. Feel up her entire body
  5. Make her listen to you
  6. Start slow, make her beg
  7. Last long and go hard
  8. Let her suck your dick
  9. Get in her head
  10. Lead her in the bedroom and make her submit

1. Foreplay is the name of the game


Of the sex tips for men, it only makes sense that we talk about foreplay first.  Foreplay is the name of the game.  It’s where you have the opportunity to really turn her on.  You should get her wet and excited to have sex with you.  But foreplay is more than just making sure she’s ready for you to go deep inside.

Foreplay is about teasing her.  Getting her really to want you.  It’s not just kissing her body and taking off her clothes.  It’s about making her cum before you even fuck her.  One of the key sex tips is to use your fingers to get her hot and heavy before you even enter inside of her.  Make her orgasm once, twice, or even three times before you fuck her.

Most men just try to shove it in as quick as possible.  They’re fearful that the girl will change her mind.  Remember to always have a mindset of total abundance.  Take your time with foreplay.

2. Rub her clit

start sex slow

Many of the sex tips for men are to get you guys mentally in the zone.  But this is about as direct as it gets.  Rubbing a girls clit is the easiest way to make her cum.  You should rub it with your fingers before you fuck her.  This is how you make her cum before you’re even having sex.

Don’t ignore the clit just because you’re inside of her now.  Continue to rub her clit with a finger or fingers even after you’re already inside.

The double stimulation between you going deep inside of her and rubbing her clit will cause her to cum even more.

3. Talk dirty to her

Words are powerful.  And they’re 10x stronger when you’re inside of a woman.  Because you’re connected in this physical sense, her emotions and mind are open to you at a much bigger way than when you’re just near her.

Use this opportunity to talk dirty to her.  All the shit you’d say that’s corny can now be sexy.  Tell her how wet she got for you.  Say you’re proud of her for taking daddy’s big cock so well.  And then tell her to not be selfish when she can barely take the strong, erect, powerful dick you’re giving to her.  Tell her she’s selfish for orgasming so much and you’re going to continue to punish her.

She’s your sex toy and you love how she surrenders herself to you.  You complete dominate her as she opens up her soul to you.

What you just heard above is next level shit.  If you’re not ready for that, then stick to the paragraph above that with the regular dirty talk.  That will turn her on and keep her into it.  But if you’re ready for the next level of dirty talk, pimp your words at her.  You can say something similar to what I gave you, or make it your own.  This is how you really get a woman completely addicted to you.

4. Feel up her entire body

sex tips - feel up her entire body

A woman will act offended if you feel up her body randomly in public.  Which makes sense given the social shame she’d get.  But a woman who wants you to fuck her also wants you to feel up her entire body.

Out of the sex tips for men I’m providing, this should be an easy one to adopt.  Feel her tits, her ass, her hips.  Grab her legs, push them above her head.  If you’re doing it doggy style, pull her hair and grab her neck.  Sex tips like this might be overlooked, but notice at what you’re doing in bed.  Are you actually enjoying her body, or just wasting the opportunity.  Grab her ass hard.  Spank her.  Feel her hips.  This is one of the easier sex tips to follow, so implement it next time you have sex.

5. Make her listen to you

Making a girl listen to you in bed will get her in the habit of listening to you outside the bedroom.  Fucking her form the back?  Tell her to stop being lazy and to back her ass up onto your dick.

If you’re fucking from the front, tell her to put her hips into it as you go deep.  If you’re into tying girls up or anything kinky, then get her to listen to your lead.

You can also just switch positions by moving her calmly, but with strength and direction.  Men who can dance know what I’m talking about.  You’re making her do what you want.  But you’re smooth about it.

6. Start slow, make her beg

standards for good sex

Don’t just ram your dick into her.  Start off slow.  This goes back to foreplay.  Before you even fuck her, tease the shit out of her.  Rub your dick on the outside of her clit.  Get her excited by rubbing up and down on her clit, making her want you.  When she finally forces you inside of her, start slow.  And slower then what you think is slow.

Go half way slow.  Then do a few half strokes slow.  Then do a few more half strokes slow.  Finally, do one, deep stroke slowly.  Then pull 1/2 out, and then go all the way in.  Do 3 slow strokes.  Then do another 2 slow 1/2 strokes.  Then do 5 slow deep strokes.

Keep doing this until she is begging for you to go faster.  Of the sex tips for men here, this is the one that most of you will skip.  Because you’ll see her get excited and beg for you to go faster.  Then you’ll jackhammer away and ruin it.  Start to speed things up, but do this very, very slowly.  She should still be begging for you to go faster.  Build up to a medium speed.

7. Last long and go hard

Once you’ve build up some speed, slow yourself down again a little.  Not like how you started, but take a little bit of speed off.  Then build back to up a faster tempo.  She should be getting really excited now.  If she hasn’t cum when you’ve been inside of her yet, she should be damn close.

Eventually, after building up your tempo, you can gain more speed and force.  She should almost be annoyed, yet still extremely turned on, out of your patience to get to this point.  Get to the point where she’s going to cum and keep going hard.

The key is to think she’s not going to cum.  A lot of men mess up because they think the girl is cumming when she starts moaning more.  While she might be, she’s going to cum really hard if you just keep going.

That’s why it’s imperative that you know how to last long.  You need dick control.  Otherwise you’re going to bust too soon.  However, with proper orgasm control, you can keep fucking her hard while she’s cumming.

This will give her an extremely powerful orgasm.  Her face should be intense.  Definitely not pleasant looking.  If she’s smiling or can speak clearly, she’s not cumming.  Make her face looks like she’s about to take a huge shit (not actually going to shit though), or like she’s trying to make an intense ugly face.  If she’s doing this and her body is shaking, then you’re doing something right.

8. Let her suck your dick

girl initiate sex

A submissive woman will love to suck your dick.  Even women who don’t like to put cock in their mouths will happily do so for a man they’re really into.

Don’t lick her pussy.

Instead, let her suck your dick.  No need to force her head down on it.  Instead, take your dick out of her after you made her cum hard.  And simply put it near her face.  Because you just laid down the pipe well, she should naturally want to please you and put your dick her in mouth.

If for some reason she doesn’t, tell her to suck daddy’s dick.

Like I said, no need to physically force her or anything like that.  I don’t want you guys catching a case, and it’s not necessary.  Plus it’s way more powerful when she just listens to you and sucks on your dick.

If the woman is already feminine towards you, then she might go for sucking your dick before you fuck.  That’s also fine.  Personally, I like to get my dick sucked before and/or after sex.  I’m not picky about it.  Because not only does it feel good, but it gets the girl in the habit of worshipping you.

9. Get in her head

One of the sex tips for men I stated earlier in the dirty talk section took things deeper.  That was about getting in a woman’s head.  To reiterate that point, it’s important that you not just get her physically addicted to you.  But to get her mentally, emotionally, and spiritually addicted to you.

Get in her head by telling her that she belongs to you as she’s cumming.  Tell her you own her soul, and say this to her as you look into her eyes when she’s cumming.

This will drive you deep into her subconscious and get her completely into you.  Getting into a woman’s head will not only make the sex the best she’s ever had.  She’ll think you’re the greatest man she’ll ever experience.

Don’t do this on every girl you sleep with.  You’ll cause more problems for yourself.  Just use it on girls you want to keep on your team for a long time, or girlfriends.

10. Lead her in the bedroom and make her submit

speaking to her soul - becoming a sex god

Lead the girl in the bedroom.  Make her submit to your manhood.  You do this by harnessing your masculine energy, and letting her feel your presence.  You can be rough, tell her what to do, and make her feel like a woman.  Your true masculinity will cause her femininity to shine.

Make her submit to the powerful man you are.  Embrace her softness and let her submit to your dominance.

If you can start to feel the words I’m saying, you’ll be able to channel your masculine energy during sex.  This will allow you to lead her, and it will put her in the mood to be lead  by you.

Be amazing in the bedroom

Becoming sexually skilled is crucial for you if you want a dating life on your terms.  You’ll be able to have sex levels above what most men experience.  And you’ll understand what women are willing to do for a man they perceive as alpha.

When you follow the sex tips for men I’ve provided, and you master them completely, then you’ll reap the rewards.  Women will want to cook for you, clean for you, and make themselves available to when you want them.

And life is better when you know how to be a beast in the bedroom.  Apply the sex tips for men that are available for you to learn, and get the sex life you deserve.

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