Sexual Market Place: Becoming a High Value Man in the SMP

Sexual Market Place: Becoming a High Value Male in the SMP

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Becoming a high value male in the sexual market place will mean that you have a lot more options when it comes to dating.  If you’re a player, you’ll have more women into you, and you’ll be willing to sleep + date the women you desire.  If you’re in a relationship, or are pursing one, you’ll have a much better chance at getting a quality girl.  And you’ll also have leverage to leave the relationship if your girlfriend is acting up, which will help you be the leader and ultimately make the relationship better.

There are times to go monk mode, either when you’re getting a business up and running or when you’ve reached a certain age.

But if you’re out in the dating world, whether you’re single, have a girlfriend, or even married, you’re in the sexual market place to some degree.

What is the sexual market place?

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The sexual market place is where we compete for sex and attention.  Your sexual market value, or smv, is where you stand in the sexual market place.  In this article I’m discussing the sexual market place between men and women.  There are other sexual market places for men and men, women and women, and so forth.  But my content is written for men who are interested in women, and that’s who I can help.

The sexual market place between men and women is the world around us.  We see it most obvious the nightclubs, bars, and in online dating.  These are condensed markets.  Just like a city is a condensed area where people gather.  However, people still live on the outskirts of the city, in the suburbs, and in the country.  Likewise, you can still meet girls out and about at a grocery store or in public.  But the majority of girls you’re going to meet, at least if you’re a player, are going to be through nightlife and online dating.

Regardless, the world is your sexual market place.  Different cities and countries have different sexual market place climates. And you may do better in some sexual market places versus others.  If the gender ratio’s are in women’s favor, then it’s a buyer’s market.  If the ratio’s are in men’s favor, then it’s a sellers market.  Because men are the sellers of sex, and women are the buyers of it.

Who’s in the sexual market place?

In the sexual market place between men and women, you have different tiers.  There’s levels to this shit.  Now, I don’t want you guys to get too into the weeds into what I’m about to cover.  This is just so you can take a look at a sexual market place, see where you are, and then work to rise up.  Too many guys get caught up on exact definitions between betas, alphas, and all of the terminology.

But looking at the sexual market place like this will enable you to generally see how the smp works.

Men in the sexual market place

player vs playboy

In the smp, you have alphas and betas.  Alphas are the top 20 or 15% of men, while betas are the rest.  Now, someone women will think guy X is an alpha, while another might find him to be beta.  Girls that find you attractive think you’re alpha and girls that aren’t will think you’re beta.  But in general, there’s about 15, maybe 20% of men who are usually alphas, and 85 or 80% of men who are usually betas.

Male smp structure:

  • High tier alphas, 95-100 tier
  • Regular alphas, 85-95 tier
  • High tier betas, 70-85 tier
  • mid tier betas, 50-70 tier
  • low life betas, 30-50 tier
  • omegas/incels, 0-30


  • Sigma males, if you call yourself that, are just a subset of alphas.  I won’t get into that in this title.  But a sigma male is still a highly desirable man.  If you’re a monk or don’t mess with women, that doesn’t necessarily make you a sigma.  That just means you’re outside of the smp because you’re not pursuing sex whatsoever.  Even a married man or man with a girlfriend is still pursuing sex.

As you can see, the alphas take up the top tiers, most men are betas, and there’s some incels at the bottom.

It’s not the worst thing in the world to be a beta. B eta right now just means you’re not in the top levels of the sexual market place.  You can still develop good game and be alpha in your relationships.

But even if you can become a high tier beta, you can still do pretty decent with women.  Of course, the goal is to become an alpha, and therefore dominate the sexual market place.

Women in the Sexual Market Place

woman getting attention

Women have a similar structure in the sexual market place.  Although unlike the men, the majority of women can get laid, versus only the top 30% of men in the smp are getting laid consistently.

However, a woman’s sexual market value, where she stands in the smp, determines the quality of men she can not just hook up with, but also date.  Because while women can get sex easily, they can’t always get relationships as easily.  Women who are higher up in the sexual market place are able to have a much higher chance at getting an alpha male to commit to her.

Female smp structure:

  • hot women, 85-100 tier
  • decently attractive women, 70-85 tier
  • average women, 50-70 tier
  • ugly women, 0-50 tier

It’s a little more concrete with women.  Sure, we have our preferences.  If you’re in a group of guys, and a hot woman walks along, one guy might think she’s a 10 if she’s his type, while another thinks she’s an 8.5.  But either way she’s still hot.

The majority of us will agree on if a girl is hot, decent, average, or ugly.

It’s cut and dry because a woman’s place in the sexual market place is based on her looks.  With us men, looks are important, but there are other factors.  If you’re average looking but the CEO of a mid size company and have a net worth of 10M, then you’re going to be in the alpha tier for most women.

If an average looking woman is the CEO of the same company and has the same net worth, she’s still just average to the rest men.

How to compete in the sexual market place?

So you now generally know what the sexual market place is.  If you’re a high value male who gets tons of women and is just reading this for fun, then good for you.  But the rest of you probably want to raise your sexual market value so you can rise in the sexual market place.  Because this means you can sleep with more women, hotter women, and have better relationships.

Whether you’re a regular beta and want to become a high tier beta, a high tier beta and want to become an alpha, or an alpha and want to become a higher tier alpha and completely dominate.

You compete in the sexual market place by either raising your value and becoming higher, and/or moving to a market place where you’re higher value.

First off, if you don’t live in a city, then you need to change asap.  Cities are much bigger sexual market places.  Living in the middle of nowhere or in a suburb will make things very hard logistically for you.  You won’t do well in the sexual market place unless you have an incredible social circle or you’re in the highest tiers of alphas.

Raising your value in the sexual market place

The best way for most of you, assuming you live in or at least close to a city, is to raise your value.  Even if you decide to move at some point, having higher value will help you in new sexual market places as well.  So this is really the best way to do it.  If you adopt the mentality of a pimp or CEO, you’ll realize everything is about value.

You increase your sexual market value by increasing your looks, money, and status.


man working out, increasing smv

Maximizing your looks meaning lifting weights a few times a week, eating well, and dressing like a player.  I have a whole article on how to dress well as a man, as well as how to become a player, where I give advice on how to dress and how to have many women.

Combine a killer style with a great body, good haircut, and good hygiene, and you will rise in the sexual market place.  This is important for men of all ages, but especially the younger guys.  If you’re 18-25, hell even 18-28, you can get by looks.  In fact, the younger you are, the more women will also just use you for sex.

Having money and especially status can help when you’re younger, but maximizing your looks, especially your body, is going to be the biggest return on your investment when it comes to the game.  That being said, I encourage all of my younger guys to create a purpose and build wealth from a young age.  Even though your looks are important for your sexual market value, the money you get now will help you when you get older, and it will also bring you financial independence.

Older guys still benefit massively from looks as well.  As you get older, most guys eat like shit and let themselves go.  A 35 and 40 year old man who keeps in shape, lean, and dresses well can clean up in the sexual market place.


man figuring out purpose

Making money will ensure that you can quit your job and escape from wage slavery.  But it also raises your value in the sexual market place.  However, you do have to show it in order for it to count.  For example, I was making 6-figures in my early and mid 20’s and had over 100k in the bank.  I was making more money than most of my friends.  But girls went after me for my looks and personality.  I dressed well, so maybe I showed off slightly.

However, I’ve been implementing more wealth in my style as of recent.  My dressing well back then included a nice dress shirt to show off my body, or a v-neck if I was casual, with jeans and nice shoes.  When girls came back with me, they were surprised I had a decent apartment and didn’t have roommates.

When they saw it, many were surprised I could afford it.  I didn’t lead with my money, because I was stingy as hell, didn’t pay for expensive dates, and never bragged about it.  But was always like a nice bonus to them.

However, as I get through my mid 20’s and have experience with older women as well as younger, I’ve seen the big difference money makes.  Older women will still fuck with a hot guy, but they prefer a guy who’s making at least enough money to live a decent life.

Unless she’s a straight gold digger, most women value money in the sense of the lifestyle you live and if you could potentially support them.

Don’t need to spend it, just flaunt it and sell a dream

You don’t need to actually spend your money on them or become a beta bucks.  When you make money, it’s more about showing it off in subtle ways, as a teaser for what she might get.  That way you can use money to increase your value in the sexual market place without becoming a simp.

And of course, mega rich guys have their pick of the women.

The best way to increase your money is to start a business.  Get good at something you enjoy and create a business around it. Work for 2-5 years to get it off the ground, and then decide if you want to continue to scale it or take it easy.

Increasing your money will help you in the sexual market place a lot, especially as you age, but more importantly it will also give you freedom.  That’s why even regardless of women, all of you should be trying to get rich.


power in a relationship, focus on purpose

No matter your age, more status will always mean an increase in your sexual market value, which means you’ll be higher up in the sexual market place.  The ultimate status is becoming famous.  Fame can overcome other weaknesses and instantly put you at the top of the sexual market place.

But you shouldn’t chase fame or extreme status for that reason alone.  Chances are you won’t get it and it will be an endless pursuit.  You have the best chance at getting higher status anyways if you chase your purpose and the money.  Because while status and  money don’t always go hand in hand, for most men there’s a strong correlation.

The more you work on your business, the more money you’ll gain, and the more status you’ll gain in your local area.

You can also gain status in smaller ways like becoming an instructor in something you enjoy (snowboarding, personal training, boxing, etc.).  Or you can gain status at a certain venue.  For example, if you work part time as a bouncer or bartender at a nightclub, you’ll have some status at that place.  Not as much as the owner or a celebrity that walks by, but enough to put you close to the top of the sexual market place at those venues.

Location: change the sexual market you’re in so you have an advantage somewhere else

central location in city

Another point I mentioned earlier, but didn’t go into too much detail was location.  While the entire world is a sexual market place, in reality, each area you’re in really as it’s own smp.  New York City and Los Angeles have different sexual market places.  Your high school had a different sexual market place than the night club you were at.

One way to rise up in the sexual market place is to change the location you’re in, thus putting yourself in a market place where you’ll be higher up in the food chain.  Changing location is an easy way to raise your sexual marketplace value, or the smv you have relative to the market place, because it can be done overnight.

This could mean moving to a city, moving to a different city, or even moving to another country.  If you’re in a small town, the sexual market place will be small and will be limited.  And unless you’re in the top 2% there you’re kinda screwed.

Move to a major city or at least nearby

Moving to a major city closest to you in the best option for most guys.  You can also move countries temporarily or permanently.  Permanently moving to another country isn’t the right move for most guys, but it can be for you if that’s what you want.

However, if you have terrible results where you’re at right now, you should consider changing locations.  You should never go somewhere only for women.  For example, New  York City is a huge city with a great ratio for men who want to go after women.  You’ll be higher in the sexual market place than a place like San Diego, where there are attractive women but ratio’s are worse.  I love New York City, but I’d still live in San Diego more months out of the year due to my preference for good weather.

The sexual market place shouldn’t be the only reason you live in a place.  But when you’re under 45, it makes sense that it should be a decent factor.

Become a high value man in the sexual market place

The best move for men who still want feminine energy in their lives is to raise your value in the sexual market place.  Increase your looks, money, and status.  You know about hypergamy so take advantage of it.  Live in a major city, and make yourself present in the market place through going out and having online dating.

Everything comes down to value.  A man who adopts a pimp mindset realizes this.  You value a woman’s looks, and she values your looks, money, and status.  If you raise those, then your value will rise.  You still need to have a personality and game in order to close the deal, but that’s for another article.

Right now, focus on rising up in the sexual market place.  Life is competitive.  Don’t be afraid to rise to the challenge.

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