Sexual Social Proof: Women want what other women want

Sexual Social Proof

sexual social proof - man with two women

Sexual social proof will do wonders for your game.  While it’s not necessary to get at new girls, it makes things much easier.  Dramatically easier.  Sexual social proof can also raise the interest with girls who previously had low interest, like girls you know that you wanted to fuck or an ex girlfriend.

What is sexual social proof?

Sexual social proof is the fact that you’re chosen in a sexual way, and that this is on public display.  Or at least assumed sexual.  You don’t need to be seen in a porno or making out in public for this to work.  Sexual social proof is being seen with other women, whether in person or online.  The hotter the better.  You can get away with the women being less hot if there’s multiple of them and only you.  In groups, people look more attractive.  Especially girls, as long as one of the girls is hot and the others are okay, we naturally think they’re hot.  At least at first glance.

And women will assume you’re fucking with the hottest one.

One hot girl or just a group of girls

However, if it’s just you and one girl, then she needs to be attractive.  Doesn’t need to be a straight 10.  But she needs to be a girl that most people would say it hot or beautiful.  This is what’s going to give you sexual social proof.

Now if you’re a 5 or 6 yourself, then being seen with a girl whose a 6 or 7 is fine, and will still work.  But if you’re a man whose a 8 or 9, then you need a girl at least on your level.

Again, if you have a group of girls and just you, then you have a lot more leeway.  As long as one of the girls is cute you’re good.  And of course, if you were surrounded by all dimes, your sexual social proof would be legendary.  That’s not the case for most of us in most cases.

Sexual social proof can be materialized as being surrounded by women in a social setting, having lots of women in photos with you on social media / dating apps, or even just having an attractive girlfriend or woman with you.

Why sexual social proof is important?

So why care about sexual social proof?  Well it’s not essential for just getting laid.  You could meet a girl, have no social media, and she just likes you – your looks, confidence, conversation – and so on.  However, it’s much easier to sleep with her and get her competing for your time when you bring sexual social proof into play.

Essentially, it’s using hypergamy to your advantage.  Basic about sexual social proof:

  • Raises your attractiveness in the sexual market place
  • Women want what other women have
  • If you’re seen with beautiful women, other beautiful women will want you
  • You become more desirable

How to create sexual social proof

How to create sexual social proof

When she sees that other women want you, through pictures or in person, she’s going to know you’re a sought after man.  Women want the men that are desired by other women.  That’s why they like famous guys, where as men like hot girls, famous or unknown.

It doesn’t just work with women you want to sleep with – although it works extremely well for this.  It works with women you’re already sleeping with, and even girlfriends or ex girlfriends.  For example, if a girl you’re fucking with sees you with other girls, she’s going to work way harder to submit to you, please you sexually, and do whatever she can to get more of your energy.

For your girlfriend, it can be as simple as her friends finding you attractive.

Do this by hitting the gym, dressing well, and being cool with her friends.  They will mention stuff to your girlfriend directly about how lucky she is, or your girlfriend will just pick up on the fact they want to fuck you.  Either way, this sexual social proof will keep your girlfriend attracted to you.  Many men on their purpose and the gym benefit from without even realizing what’s going on.

Women want high status men

dan bilzerian has status

Women want high status men.  Status is king.

Women know their value in the sexual market place is looks.  And for men, it’s their status.  Throughout most of human history, your status was based on your physical strength, ability to fight, and ability to be the most dominant man.  That’s why muscles and looking healthy is attractive to women.  The strongest and most capable man would gain the most status.

However, the ultimate attractive trait is the status of being the top dog.  Combine that with being in shape and having normal conversation skills, and you’ll go far in the game.

The guy that gets all the women

There’s a few guys that get all of the women.  That’s the name of the game.  And that’s how it will always be.  That’s why most men have notch counts of 3, 5, 10, 12, and then there are a few men with 50, 70, and 100+.  Because there’s a few men who get the lion’s share of the women.

When women complain that “all guys are assholes”, there are tons of betas coming to their rescue.

In reality, most guys aren’t assholes.  But most women aren’t messing with most guys.  80% of the women deal with 20% of the men, and I’d say it’s 10%.  Since almost all of the women are dealing a small portion of the men with the most options, in their perception most guys are assholes.  However, they’re only dealing with a small portion of the men.

And even when they can get an alpha to commit, most of the alphas turn into betas within the relationship.  There are few men in current times who maintain that leadership position in the relationship.

The main point however is that there will always be the few guys that get all of the women.  You can jump to that group and that will take effort.  If you’re seen with attractive women, then this can catapult you into this group of the most sought after men a lot quicker.  In fact, all of the top men have sexual social proof at some point or another.  Whether it’s girls all talking about how a certain man is or him being seen with an attractive women.

The alpha seed

How long does it take to become an alpha male?

Females crave the alpha seed.  That’s why sexual social proof is so important.  In the animal kingdom, the alpha males, the top 10% of men, are the ones who reproduce.  And because of this, the species has the best chance at surviving and thriving.  Women are also programmed to go after the top guys.

They’d rather share an alpha than have a beta to themselves.  It’s not evil, it’s just how nature is designed.

Women want the best alpha they can get.  Don’t be mad about it.  Use hypergamy to your advantage.  If women want the top 10% of men, it can seem miserable being an average dude.  But when you become a top 10% man, then it’s like your a kid in a candy shop and everything is for free.  Women through themselves at you when you’re one of the top men.

And easy way to show off status or gain it is to be seen with other women.  Sexual social proof is like sexual status.

When women see you with attractive women, this gives you massive sexual social proof.  And it can make you appear much more alpha to them then they might’ve thought otherwise.  That’s why all the girls want you when you have a girlfriend or if you have other women in your life.  They see you’re selected by other women, which in turn makes you attractive.

Gain sexual social proof to keep women chasing you

bartender, status at bar

Obtaining sexual social proof will get women to chase you.  You get it by being seen and known for having other girls around you.

Get an attractive fuckbuddy and be seen with her in public.  Or get attractive girlfriend and be seen with her in public.  Go to the venues or social places people regularly see you at.  Women will notice and word will get around.

Or get a picture for online dating apps and social media that has you and an attractive girl or a group of girls.  Most of my pics are just of me, me traveling, or me with friends or doing whatever.  However I’ll make sure to most pics of me and girls from time to time.  When I’m with girls, I just tell them “hey let’s get a picture of me and only girls, I’m gonna use it for tinder”.  They all laugh and are instantly down.  Best part is that there’s no need to sugar coat.  And it works – although now I prefer hinge – it’s still the same concept.

Works for single and relationship guys alike

And if I have a girlfriend, I’ll post a pic of us together to show off as well.  You need to be careful not to put her on a pedestal and not be doing this more than her.  You definitely need other pics beside just couple pics as well.  But even if you’re a relationship guy, having a hot girlfriend will still massively boost your sexual social proof.  So if you two ever break up, women will assume you get hot girls, which will manifest itself in your life.

You can also use sexual social proof to keep your girlfriend into you.  Although this is a much lighter touch that directly being seen with groups of women and just you.

Working on getting some sexual social proof takes some initial work.  But once you get some, you can get tons more.  It’s like a snowball effect.  If you want to be able to consistently get attractive women chasing you, then you’d be a fool not to leverage female nature to your advantage and use sexual social proof.

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