Sexual Tension: 7 Signs to Watch for… and How to Create it

Sexual Tension: the 7 Signs and How to Create it

Sexual Tension: the 7 Signs and How to Create it

Sexual tension is when there is mutual sexual attraction between two people, but you aren’t directly engaging in sexual activity.  In this article, I’ll be breaking down the signs of sexual tension so you’re able to tell when it’s happening.  And after going over the signs, I’ll show you how to create sexual tension so you can get girls excited.

Because you want to know how to tell if there’s sexual tension so you can make moves on the girls that like you.  And then you can figure out how to increase desire in a woman that already has some interest in you.

This isn’t a magic pill for seducing women.  However, when you are a man with high sexual market value, there will be situations where there’s unspoken tension with you a woman.  If you can recognize this, then you’ll be able to have fun with more women who already want you.  And if she likes you little but, you’ll be able to amplify her attraction through creating more sexual tensions.

1. You catch each other’s eyes

sexual tension - eye contact

The first sign os sexual tension is when you lock eyes.  Eyes are the key to the soul.  Just like how eye contact is the most obvious sign a woman likes you, it’s also the biggest sign of sexual tension.  When you both are attracted to each other, you’ll constantly be scanning and checking each other out.  The mutual checking each other out leads to catching each other’s eyes.

Now just because a woman looks at you, doesn’t mean she’s into you.  You could be having a normal conversation with someone that is required to talk with you, like at work or when you’re at a restaurant and the server is giving you eye contact.

But when you’re talking to a girl, or even if she’s just in the room, you’ll lock eyes much more than with other people.  This is a clear sign of sexual tension.

2. Wandering eyes

The eyes can look at more than just another persons eyes.  Another big sign of sexual tension that most men don’t pick up on is wandering eyes.  It’s when you’re checking each other out.  But not just the eyes.  The lips of the other person.  You’ll check out her breasts, her hips, and her ass.  She’ll take a gander at your arms, your groin, or your lips.

The lips is a big one.  If a girl is looking at your lips, she’s imaging you kissing her.  While you might not want to kiss her right then and there, especially if you’re in public, it’s a clear sign of sexual tension.  And unlike most of the pick up artists, players don’t need validation and kiss women for a “kiss close”.  Create more sexual tension by saving that for the bedroom.

3. Always flirting

how to flirt with women

Hopefully you guys read my article on how to flirt with women, or just know how to flirt from experience.  But flirting is probably the biggest sign of sexual tension that most of you already knew about.  After all, flirting is essentially the process of building sexual tension.

It’s when you two are being playful, giving each other shit, and exchanging sexual energy without actually having sex.  However, girls can flirt with a guy they just met without creating too much sexual tension.  There’s light flirting, which borders on just being over friendly, and there’s heavy flirting, where the two of you are being very physical.

If you’re heavy flirting with a girl, who consistently flirt with a girl you see more than once, then you’re definitely creating some sexual tension.  This shouldn’t happen too much with a girl before fucking her, because if heavy flirting is happening that you should get her number, get her to come over, or at least go on a date.  But if you work with a girl or have some kind of social obligation where she’s also present, then always flirting is a clear sign of sexual tension.

Sexual tension will build a lot in these situations where you know you probably shouldn’t try to get at her, for it possibly messing up your work situation or a social group, but you two are still attracted.  The fact that you and her shouldn’t be flirting in the first place only builds the sexual tension up even more.

4. Your friends give you shit

If your friends are giving you shit about a girl that’s in the same circle, or even about a girl you just met, chances are there’s some sexual energy there.  It’s normal for your friends to give you shit when you and a female hit it off.  As long as she wasn’t super unattractive, which your friends will also give you shit for, you two probably had good vibes.  There was some sexual tension that your friends could clearly pick up on.  Even if you’re unaware of it, it’s easier to see things on the outside.

When one of your boys is doing well with a girl, you can tell even from afar that there’s some sexual tension.  The same thing works in reverse.  When your boys are telling you that a certain chick is into you, they’re usually right.

5. Talking about sex

how to get better with girls: flow

Talking about sex is a huge sign of sexual tension.  At this point it has gotten to where you two are feeling each other out.  She might bring up sex to see how you react, or maybe you flipped the script like a pimp and did that yourself.

Either way, talking about sex, as long as it’s just you and a girl and not a group conversation, is a big sign of sexual tension.  Even if it’s just lightly talking about sex in some capacity, it’s a big sign of what’s on both of your minds.  Many times when a man and a woman are flirting, sex will come up.  It might be through a joke or the way one of you said something, but it’s a natural conversation topic when the two of you both want to have sex with each other.

If you’re talking to a girl one on one, she’s giving you good eye contact, and you’re both talking about sex, there’s going to be a ton of sexual tension.

6. Laughs at everything you say

Unless you’re Kevin Hart or a legit comedian, you’re probably not that funny.  And even if you’re witty, women aren’t going to laugh at everything you say.  Unless they want to sleep with you.

If she’s laughing at everything you say, even if it’s not that funny, it’s not because you’re improv skills have improved.  It’s because there’s tension.  Laughing is a good way to relieve some of that tension, as well as encourage you to keep on engaging with her.  When a woman wants to sleep with you, she’ll also do things to make you feel good.  Things like laugh at your jokes to make you feel like you’re the man.  She’s doing this because she wants you to keep your confidence high and make moves on her.

7. Her voice becomes higher

This is a subtle one, and is hard to notice if you just met a girl because you aren’t used to hearing her speak.  But if you know a girl at work, or in your same social circle, this is a subtle but extremely powerful sign of sexual tension.  Women tend to make themselves appear more feminine for men they like.  Just like a man will try to seem more masculine for a girl he likes.

The biggest way to tell, even though it’s subtle, is if she makes her voice a little bit higher when she’s with you.  This is something she usually can’t help but do if she’s sexually attracted to you.  She might dress up to impress you, but that may just be for someone else, or just because she wants to look good for herself.  But when a woman changes the octave in her voice, and when you lower your voice, there’s sexual tension between you two.

How to create Sexual Tension

how to create sexual tension, don draper

In order to create sexual tension, there needs to be initial interest.  There can’t be sexual tension if you just want to fuck and she doesn’t.

But if you both are sexually attracted to each other, then you can create sexual tension.  The easiest way to do that is just to copy one of multiple of the signs of sexual tension.  For example, use eye contact a little more.  Be seductive with her, look at her eyes, then her lips for a few seconds, as if you were distracted, then look back at her eyes.

Even though you might not have noticed in the past about something like this, women pick up on this stuff.  And if she’s attracted to you, she’ll start thinking about you kissing her.  Don’t actually kiss her right then.  Just let her desire grow.  If you can make her sexual desire increase, you can increase the tension for sex between you two.

Flirt with her and be playful.  Touch her arm, shoulder, or even her face if you can be smooth about it.  Give her shit, joke with her.  By flirting with her, you’re exercising your sexual energy and building the sexual tension.

Show interest, pull back, then show interest again

Show interest with her, pull back your attention, and then show interest again.  If you know how to do this like a player, then you can continue to build the tension for sex.  This will have her wondering what you really think, while also still giving her some encouragement to want to get at you.  It’s about creating the desire for sex inside of her.  If you can do that, then you’ll have successfully created powerful lust between you two.

Women Love Sexual Tension

Sexual tension as discussed here is primarily before a sexual situation.  Meaning you’re building the desire for sex at a place where you two aren’t going to fuck, like at a bar or on a date.

But even when you have her back at your place, you should always be creating sexual tension.  You do this by going slow, teasing her before sex with lots of foreplay, and making her want it.  This is how you really learn how to turn a girl on.  There’s more detail in the article on how to fuck a girl properly.

Realizing when there’s sexual tension and creating it will make your sexual relationships much better.  You’ll start to notice sexual opportunities more often, and you can also have some fun with making a girl want you.  Have fun with sexual tension, just make sure you follow through and give her some of the best sex she’s ever had.

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