She wants closure – what does this mean?

She wants closure – what does this mean?

she wants closure - long distance

Does your ex girlfriend want closure with you?  You’re probably wondering why does she want closure and what should you do.  If so, then you’re not alone.  Tons of guys get this kind of text from an ex girlfriend wanting to talk about things and “get closure”.  I got an email from a guy, asking about his ex wanting closure, so decided to write an article about it.

He’s unsure how to react as he wants her back but doesn’t want to mess things up.

Straight from the beginning, my advice would be not to get back with her.  Getting back with an ex, unless you broke it off, it a bad idea.  The only exception is if you broke it off because you two were going to be long distance.  And then years later that wasn’t the situation.  But even then, you need to ask yourself if getting back with her is the right decision.

Alright, but you’re probably not going to listen to me.  You want her back.  Or at least you want to know about her request for closure.

Let’s get one thing straight.

If you want to give yourself the best chance at getting her back, fucking her again, and/or just being a man, you need to not give her closure.  She wants closure.  And you need to not give it to her.

Should I give my ex closure?  No you shouldn’t.  You need to learn about closure and what it really means.

Why women want closure

What is closure anyways?  Closure is when she wants to feel justified in not being with you.  She most likely broke up with your ass.  Now she’s unsure if she made the right choice.  Her emotional attachment to you is strong.  She’s wondering about what you’re doing.  If you’re moving on and living a better life or if you’re still under her spell.

Assuming she dumped you, when she wants closure, it means she’s having second thoughts about her decision.

And she wants to feel good about her original decision to dump you.  That’s what closure is.  It’s her reaffirming that you are indeed a beta and she can do better than you.  Essentially, it’s just a really good example of hypergamy.  She broke up with you originally because she saw herself as higher value than you.  Now after missing you she’s feeling weak about the choice and needs to know if she was right or not.

I’d recommend you just learn how to get over your ex and not bother with it.  But if you still want her in your life, you can’t give her closure.  Hell, even if you don’t, you shouldn’t.

How she feels

she likes you, complains you're a slow texter

If she confirms that your value is lower than hers, lower than it was when she liked you originally, then she’ll feel like she made the right choice and have “closure”.  Which means no ass or relationship for you.  If she feels like you’re doing better without her, then she’ll feel like you’re more valuable.  And she’ll know she messed up by breaking up with you.  Which will cause her to want you back.

It’s fucked up but that’s how women are.  And that’s how human beings are in general.  It’s basic phycology.  People want things that are valuable.

So if you can make her feel like you’re doing well and that she’s missing out, then you’ll have a very high chance at getting her in your bed again and possibly getting her back.  However, this requires you maintain your masculinity.

Supply and demand

If you give her supply, meaning yourself, so easily, then she’ll have no demand for you.

However, if you don’t give her the supply, at least not so easily, then there’ll be high demand.

So what should you do?

She wants closure.  And you need to not give it to her.

The first thing to do is to be busy and not spend hours talking with her.

She’ll likely want to talk on the phone or meet up at a public place.  Say no to both of these things.  Make it difficult to talk, be busy.

Your place or no place

How to last long in bed

And don’t do what she wants.  Instead, invite her over to your place.

If she says she’ll only meet you in a public place or just wants to talk then tell her you’re not interested in the same thing.  Or better yet just don’t respond until she agrees with your plan.  Since she wants closure, I can guarantee that she’ll come around and go with your plan if you stick to it.  I usually can’t ever guarantee shit like that.  But when a woman wants closure, she’ll get on your agenda.

When she comes over, fuck her and fuck her well.  You need to make her cum over and over again.  Put her in her feminine and submissive state during sex.  Make her feel alive and fuck the soul out of her.

This is how you get her mind and body to feel you again.  And it will bring back all of the other times when you would be inside of her and make her feel so good.

You should know how to turn her on and get her excited, and with your sex skills you can give her one of the best times ever.

This is essential in getting her back addicted to you.  Whether you just want to fuck and feel like a boss or you want her back as a girlfriend is up to you.  But this is essential in getting her to want you again.

Keep it cool

status over looks

Don’t ask about if she’s slept with her other people or what she’s been up to.  Keep it cool.

If she asks to be in a relationship with you, and you want to date her again, tell her “I could be open to it, but things would need to be different.  I’m on a more solid path now in my life.  I’m going places.  You’d need to be fully on board my ship and be ready for where I lead us.  I’m not sure if you’re ready for that”.

This way you’re setting yourself up to be the leader, you’re actually being honest, and you’re making it so she needs to prove herself to you.  It’s a win-win-win.

Women ask for closure when they’re unsure of their original decision.  Use this to your advantage.  Invite her over and don’t settle for anything else.  When she wants closure and comes over, give her an incredible experience, and do things on your own terms this time.  Take back the power and be a king.

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