Should I become a MGTOW?

Should I become a MGTOW?


I had a man ask me the other day over email about MGTOW.  He went through a bad break up and was considering taking a break from women all together.  He wanted to know what I thought about becoming a MGTOW, and if it was the right path to him.

Types of MGTOW’s

MGTOW stands for men going their own way.  I always thought it meant going away from women.

MGTOW’s who just won’t get married

avoid getting married

But some MGTOW’s who just don’t get married, still date, have sex, relationships, and so on.

Let’s pause right here.

If you’re definition of MGTOW is just never getting legally married, then that’s what I am.  And that’s what all of you should be.  Because getting married in today’s age can lead to divorce rape and financial ruin.  Simply not an option for any man unless he’s marrying a billionaire woman.  And let’s be honest, that’s not you or me.

Some guys who call themselves MGTOW’s are still players in the game, maybe they get into relationships, maybe not, but they simply refuse to get married.

But it seemed like the guy asking me this question was talking more about MGTOW’s who never get into relationships or don’t sleep with women at all.

MGTOW’s who have casual sex but don’t get into relationships

There are times for a man to go out and be a player or playboy.  In fact I make a lot of content like this for you guys.  And while I’m no pick up artist, I teach you guys to improve your sexual market value, get on your purpose, and then go get some girls.  The imroved smv and purpose helps you with women.  But it also just makes your life better.  Purpose gives you meaning and fulfillment.  Hell, even a higher smv will benefit a monk by getting treated better my both men and women.

This will make your dating life easier, whether you just want casual sex or more.  For MGTOW’s who just have casual sex, I see nothing wrong with this.  I’ve done that before and any man with lots of testosterone will be tempted to do this in his life.

MGTOW’s who are monks and don’t engage with women at all

monk mode

These are men who go full monk mode.  They don’t have sex with women, date them, or really try to interact with women more than necessary.

Monk mode

If you’re an older man, 40+ who’s already had experience in the dating game, then you can be a full MGTOW monk.  Or if you’re young and trying to build your business then monk mode has huge benefits.  In fact, I’ve done periods of monk mode for 3 to 6 months at a time.  It’s helped me enormously in building my wealth and creating my business.

Because it allowed me to take my extra focus off of women and just put it into my purpose.

An it’s not just the sex aspect.  Because you only need an hour or so for good sex.  But it takes time to talk to girls, to set up dates, to meet up with them, and so on.  It’s also precious mental energy that can be focused on your purpose instead.

There are actually tons of benefits to monk mode that I encourage all of you to try it.  Even if you don’t go full monk mode, nofap is still insanely beneficial to you in your grinding mode.  The best time is when you’re in the early stages of starting a business and need every piece of spare energy to go towards that.

Most men should have a dating life

sexual strategies

But for the majority of men, 18-40, you should have some kind of dating life.  Whether you call yourself MGTOW or not is up to you.  I don’t give a fuck.

Monk mode is amazing to use in periods of your life.  However, I think it’s a mistake for men, specifically young men in their 20’s, to go monk mode for years.  I think that most men should have some kind of dating life in order to gain experience with women.  You don’t need to be a player and sleep with 30, 40, 50 + girls.  There doesn’t need to be bars/clubs 3 or 4 nights a week.  But you should at least lose your virginity and get some basic experience.

If you’re a young straight man with a normal sex drive, you’re going to want to sleep with women.  That doesn’t make you a desperate cuck.  You’re feeling natural and normal desires.

Consequences of never dating when you’re young

There can be consequences of never dating when you’re young.  It’s true you have extra time to build your value up.

However, for the younger guys with no dating or sexual experience, you shouldn’t avoid women all together.  Because you will build value over time.  At some point, you’ll either want to sleep with women or get a girlfriend.  You’ll be tempted for sexual reasons, companionship, or even the desire to spread your seed and have kids.

And eventually a woman will make herself available to you, and you’ll fall for her.  Then because you have no experience, you’ll forget all the red pill things you heard.  Before long, you’ll put her on the pedestal and get sucked dry of your resources.

You think it won’t happen to you because you’re a MGTOW.  If you’re a MGTOW with experience, then sure.  But if you’re a MGTOW who never experienced sleeping with girls and seeing hypergamy first hand, you’ll throw this red pill knowledge out the window once you get oneitis for a girl.

That’s why it’s important young men get experience with women so they’re able to

  1. have fun
  2. learn how to handle relationships with women
  3. be aware of the pitfalls.

If you go full MGTOW monk when you’re young, you’re missing out on a lot of fun and you’re setting yourself up to get used in the future.

Lack of experience leads to pedestalizing

pussy on pedestal

Even a good girl will use you if make yourself a complete beta towards her.  And many MGTOW men who have no experience, not the MGTOW players, are susceptible to getting screwed later in life when they finally decide to date.

A lack of experience with women will cause you to put the pussy on a pedestal.  You don’t need to sleep with 40 or 50+ women in order to get experience.  But at least 10 or 20.  And have a few mini relationships.  That way you can improve your game, and recognize subtle signs.  Like if a girl is going to cheat, is losing interest, or if you’re starting to become less alpha in the relationship.

Some experience 

You need some basic experience with women.  If you fuck 10 or 20 girls, date a few, and then decide to be a MGTOW monk for the rest of your life, then go for it.

But for all the rest of you guys who are virgins or have only been with 2-3 girls, you need more experience in the game.  Reading my content and content from others is a great foundation.  But it only does so much.  Your brain won’t eternalize a lot of this stuff until you see it first hand.  Sure, things like divorce rape don’t need to happen to you.  But when you’re interacting with hot women, a lot of the stuff you’ll throw out the window because you’re listening to your dick.  It takes some experience, combined with knowledge from other guys, in order to develop your awareness with dating.

We’ve all seen men get married then divorce raped.  We don’t need to see that for ourselves because it’s everywhere.  But when it comes to handling yourself in relationships with women, you need that basic experience.  A lot of men think they’re going to be all alpha and leaders.  They don’t realize that without an abundance mindset that comes from experience, it’s hard to maintain that.

I just don’t want some of the MGTOW’s on here to get fucked over later in life because they get back into the game and didn’t have any experience to help them out.


I’m a fan of MGTOW’s more than pick up artists because it’s more about improving yourself as a man, focusing on what makes you happy, making more money, and creating a purpose in life.

Some MGTOW’s might comment here and say you can’t categorize them, since it’s a loose definition.  Fair enough, you have a point.  But at the same time, when you create something that you identity with, like MGTOW, the only way anyone can really discuss is by categorizing it at some level.

Every man should make his own path in life.

My advice is to have some fun in the dating game before you say no to it.  If you want to use monk mode when you’re older or when you’re young to work on your business, then that’s fine.  In fact, that can be used for sexual transmutation and to get ahead in life.  However, I highly advise against young, healthy men under 40 to avoid women all together forever.

Don’t be mad at hypergamy or promiscuous women.  You can be MGTOW, focus on your purpose, and still have fun in the game.  MGTOW does a great job of getting men back on track to do masculine things and build their manhood up.  Just don’t get caught up in the hate that some MGTOW’s (who are really incels and not true MGTOW’s), bring to the world.  Take the positives, and make your life the best it can be.

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