Should I delete or block my ex girlfriend on Instagram?

Should I delete or block my ex girlfriend on Instagram?

Should I delete or block my ex girlfriend on Instagram?

Should I delete or block my ex girlfriend on Instagram?  I got this question from a client over a coaching session so I thought I’d write an article about it.

My client wanted to know what he should do about his ex girlfriend on social media, particularly Instagram.  He wanted to get over her, but also wanted to sleep with her again and possibly get her back.   While I advise men to always move on, I understand the desire to want to get an ex back, whether it’s for sex or in a relationship again.

The three options any man has in this situation is to:

  1. Block her
  2. Block then unblock
  3. Unfollow but don’t block
  4. Do nothing

You can block an ex girlfriend on Instagram, and keep  her blocked.  You can block and unblock her, essentially removing her asa friend, you can unfollow her or you can do nothing.

Block her


  • Able to move on and not revert
  • Avoid seeing her “hoe” pics and pics with new dudes
  • Easiest way to get her face and presence out of your life


  • She won’t be able to see your profile
  • which means she also  can’t revert and look at your shit, see you with new girls
  • More butthurt / less cool if you ever want to fuck again

Blocking her and keeping her blocked is the best option if you’re emotional over her still.  Seeing her profile or being tempted to look at it will keep you from moving on.

If you block her and can keep her blocked, then you will for  sure be able to move on with your life in a much more effective way.  For most of you guys, especially ones dealing with a difficult break up, this is the best option.  It’s simple, it works, and you won’t be allowing that energy back into your life.

However, there are a few other choices.

Block then unblock

Block then unblock


  • Don’t see her posts popping up on your feed
  • She can still see your profile if it’s public


  • Passive aggressive – more congruent just to block or not to at all

Blocking and unblocking will basically be like making it so you’re not friends anymore on Instagram.  Blocking an ex on Instagram and then unblocking her will allow her to still look up your profile if it’s public.  And you’ll be able to do the same for hers.  This can work if you want her to look at your stuff while at the same time, you have the discipline not to look at hers.

But it’s still passive aggressive, and kind of weak.  If you really had the discipline to not view her you’d leave her alone, and if you knew you couldn’t get over her you’d just block her and leave it that way.

I’d avoid this option, this is what a woman will typically do when she’s hurt over you.  She might block you for a bit, unblock you, then block you again.  Which means she’s interested in you… and wants to get over you, but also wants to stalk you.  That being said, don ‘t mimic this behavior.

Unfollow but don’t block


  • Don’t see her posts
  • Kind of butthurt, but not as much as blocking and unblocking
  • She still has to go manually unfollow you


  • Still weaker than just not doing anything or blocking and keeping blocked

Unfollowing but not blocking + unblocking is less weak than the latter.  However, basically the same pros as when you block your ex girlfriend on Instagram and then unblock her, but now she has to go unfollow you.  And she generally will.  Most ex girlfriends won’t let you unfollow them and still follow you.

Do nothing

she likes you, complains you're a slow texter


  • Most alpha – shows you just don’t care
  • Let’s her be able to see your profile whenever – especially if yours is public
  • Can use game indirectly to get her back or fuck her


  • Can still see her profile up
  • Must have the emotional strength to not check her profile

This is the most alpha thing you can do.  When you don’t block your ex or unfollow her, you let her hamster and be the one always checking your profile.  She can be the one who will stalk you.

Especially if you’re using Instagram the right way.  You start posting pics of your life, both on your story and on your profile to stay.

This takes the most strength, as you must not look at her profile.  If you’re too emotionally invested then you  might be better off jus blocking.  However, if you don’t give a fuck, and really are just interested in having her as a potential fuck in the future, then you can do this.

Once you start posting boss pics, she’ll probably block you or unfollow you.  But over time, she’ll either add you again or just unblock  you so she can still talk your profile.   This will cause her to invest energy into looking at your life, which can help you a ton in gaming her.  Best part is, you’re just living your life.  Getting her to be addicted to checking your profile, as well as having tons of other girls do the same, makes it easy to game lots of women without having to actually interact with them.

What should you do?

no contact, become a boss, tom hardy

If you have the emotional strength, the best thing is to do nothing.  This way you leave the option open to game her indirectly through living your life and getting her to chase you.  Of course you’re not doing this to get at her.  You’re doing it because you know it’s bait for girls in general, and it could help you get some more ass from her in the future.  More importantly, it’s going to help you get at tons of girls indirectly, girls you meet from online dating apps, in person, and from Instagram itself.  It just so happens that it will get your ex girlfriend interested as well and is an easy way to game her while moving on and not thinking about her.

With that all said, it’s not the best option for most of you.  It’s the best option for the alpha male.  But if you’re acting like a weak bitch because of this women, it’s best just to block her.  That way you can move on with your life and not have a setback because you stalk her and see her with her new dude.

What you do is up to you, just be honest with yourself.  If you’re not over her, block her.  If you are and want to keep the door open for her to chase you, along with tons of other women, then go for it.

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There is another set of scenarios…


The real question is what to do if it’s a one-way follow from me to her?

She didn’t follow me before the breakup.

So now it appears like I’m still “hanging on” or “orbiting”