Should I Tell my Friend Not to get Married?

Should I Tell my Friend Not to get Married?

Should I Tell my Friend Not to get Married?

Should I tell him not to get married?  Even if you’re a player in the game or not not to get married yourself, many of us still need to decide how much we want to bring out to the real world.  If all of your friends are red pilled then you won’t need to worry about this.

But even with alpha like-friends, most men are still blue pilled and dream of getting married.  And if your friend isn’t an alpha male with women or doesn’t have that much experience, then he’s probably going to get married at some point.  That’s why you will need to decide with some friends to hold your tongue or tell him not to get married.

You may lose him as a friend

You must understand that telling your friend not to get married may mean you lose your friendship.  It may be rekindled a few years or a decade later after he gets divorced raped and realizes the true cost of a wedding.  Or he’ll stay married and you’ll never get his friendship back, even if he becomes unhappy in his marriage.  He may also get divorced but feel too embarrassed to try and reconnect with you down the road.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tell him not to get married.  But it means you need to proceed with caution.

At the same time, avoid telling him not to get married could cause a ton of guilt down the line.  You know that marriage is a bad deal.  Half the time it ends in divorce.  Probably more than that.  And it’s usually initiated by the woman.

Dodging divorce rape

You don’t want to see your friend get divorced raped in the years to come.  And you might think that telling him not to get married is the only fair thing to do.  After all, he doesn’t know about the red pill.  He probably thinks his girl is special and is deep into his own oneitis.  If he already knows about the redpill and decides to get married then that’s his own fault.

But you’re most likely asking this for a friend, maybe even a brother, cousin, or some other guy in your circle who isn’t aware of the redpill.  Everyone knows half of marriages end in divorce.  But they don’t realize the true nature of hypergamy and attraction between people.  Which is why they think it won ‘t happen to them.

Armed with the experience and knowledge you have, you want to tell your friend not to get married.  But you’re just not sure if you should go about it.


Everything depends on the situation.  There are specific situations where you should tell your friend.  And others where telling him won’t do you any good.

You run a risk of losing friendship or seeing your friend get screwed over either way.  But depending on the situation, you can guess the probability of him listening to you.  If the probability is over the 60% that he’ll listen to you or at least consider, then it’s worth it.  If the probability is less than 60%, then you most likely shouldn’t.  And you think there’s a 40% chance or less of him listening to you, then you definitely shouldn’t, which the exception of you knowing his soon-to-be wife is a mega slut / red flag drama queen.

He has way lower smv than her and he’s a complete beta

nice guy

Don’t tell him.

If he’s dead set on marriage and doesn’t have decent sexual market value, he’s going to wife this girl up.  Especially if she’s good looking or one of the few girls he’s ever been with.  Really not worth trying to tell him not to get married.

If he’s a complete beta, or at least with her, and she wants to get married, then you’re not going to win out.  He’ll think you’re a terrible friend, stop talking to you, and you won’t be doing him any good.  There’s not much you can do for a guy like this.  He’ll unfortunately need to get  his world shattered by her or have some revelation about women soon on his own.  If he doesn’t see it, then it will happen to him but it’ll be too late.  Not much you can do in this situation.

Has decent to high smv and he’s not a complete beta

This is doing to be most of your friends.  They’re happy to get married, have decent smv, some may be high, but at least a 6+.  And he’s in general looking forward to get married.

He might be kind of a beta in the relationship, but not to the point where he’s completely lost his balls.  This is most guys.  Although maybe you could say some guys, even with experience, get totally pussy whipped and don’t lead whatsoever.  If that’s the case then don’t tell him not to get married.  He won’t listen to you and he’ll cut you off as a friend or resent you.

But if he is the leader in the relationship, or at least not delusional about her, then you’re in a tough spot.

This comes down to how good or bad you think this girl is.  If she has a good family, works, is attractive, and is feminine, then you shouldn’t tell him not to get married.  Even though he still shouldn’t, your points are going to seem that good.  And he simply won’t listen to you.

But if she has red flags and you are pretty certain they’ll get divorced at some point, then you should tell him not to get married.

Has decent to high smv and is he’s having second guesses

Definitely tell him not to do it.

You know he can get other women and so does he.  If he’s having second guesses then it’s because he knows deep down that he should not get married.  Maybe because he realizes marriage is a bad deal for him or he just wants to continue to play the field.  Either way, tell him to avoid marriage.

Or at least reconsider.  You can still be nice in your approach to this.  But a man in the situation will be surrounded by a million other guys telling him just to do it.  You need to be the voice of reason and help him realize his intuition is right.

How to tell him not to get married

avoid getting married

Unless he tells you a story of her cheating on him, or you know some dirt on her, you shouldn’t come off too strong.  You need to start off slow, just like with turning a girl on (in most cases) or closing a deal.  Ask him to talk to you about the marriage, how he’s feeling about it.

Tell him that you’ll support him no matter what because he’s your friend.  But that you think marriage itself isn’t a good idea, especially for a man with decent smv who’s rising up in the world.  Reassure him it’s not just about his girl personally, but that marriage in general is just a contract with the government that’s a bad business move.  You can tell him you support his relationship, but you just don’t want to see him get divorced raped down the line.

Less desperate he is, the better chance you have of redpilling him

The less desperate he is, the easier you can tell your friend not to get married.  Because a less pussy whipped friend means he’ll be able to actually listen to what you have to say.  Even if he doesn’t listen to you, because most guys won’t, you can still maintain the friendship.

You need to go at this lightly and not try to offend him.  Think of the opposite I talk in my blogs.  Don’t give him tough love unless he starts to open up and complain about her or he won’t take offense.  Most guys will take massive offense if you say anything bad about their fiancé.  You’re better off making it light, not about her, and just about why legal marriage isn’t the best idea.

To tell him or not to tell him

married couples cheat

On the flip side, the more in love with her he is, the worse of an idea it is to tell him not to get married.  It’s ironic because in this situation your friend needs you the most.  But a man whose putting the pedestal that much just isn’t going to accept red pill knowledge or advice.

Some men want to get married and others don’t.  But if you know anything about hypergamy and the divorce laws, you know you simply can’t get married todays age.

You want to have a long term relationship?  That’s fine.  Your friends will also likely have long term relationships.  But there will come a time where you know a guy whose going to get married.  And you need to decide whether you tell your friend not to get married or let him walk down the alter without saying a word.  In most cases, telling him won’t change his mind.  With the rare guys you still see a chance with, get some time to talk, man to man.

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