Sigma male vs Alpha male: Are you actually a sigma?

Sigma male vs Alpha male

sigma male vs alpha male

Are you a sigma male vs alpha male?  In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter.  But there’s a lot of confusion out there on what a sigma male is vs an alpha male.

And this can be important for all the betas out there who are working to make themselves into an alpha male.  Because if there’s this new term, sigma male, that seems like it’s more up your alley, then shouldn’t you work towards becoming that versus an alpha?

It’s an important question for the men out there trying to figure out who to be and what kind of man to become.  So let’s discuss it.

What’s an alpha male?

alpha male definition

We need to set the stage off by clarifying what an alpha male is.  He’s selfish.  The alpha male goes after what he wants to in life.

In general, most men are betas.  And if they are alpha or become alpha, it’s usually in one domain.  It can be their love/sex life, their work life, or their physical power (like being a bodyguard, strongest dude in the room).  Rarely is a man all three.

And even if a man is all three, there will be situations where he’s not “the alpha male” anymore.  For example, if you and me were in a club full of regular guys, we could the alphas sexually.  But the second Leonardo DiCaprio walks in the door, we just became invisible betas to the women there.  It just is what it is.

So you’re really only alpha in the real world depending on situations.  That doesn’t mean we complain, act weak, or act beta.  We still want to instill the alpha mindset of always going after what we want and being masculine.  So whether we’re actually the top dog or not, the best way to be an alpha male is to be the best you can with your career, sexual market value, and physical ability to fight/protect yourself.

Unless you’re the Rock, you’ll never be the all around alpha male at all times.  But when you’re an alpha male in your mind, and in the top 10% of men in the smp, then you can consider yourself an alpha.

Alpha Male Traits

In my article on alpha male traits, I discuss 5 additional alpha male traits that we must have which are

  1. Ambition,
  2. Focus
  3. Boldness
  4. Independence
  5. Decisiveness

These are critical traits that all alphas – especially all-around alphas – must have in order to rise up and stay at the top.  Sigma males must have these traits in well.  In fact, the sigma male traits like focus and independence, come easier to him.

But what’s the difference between the sigma male vs alpha male?

Sigma males are a type of alpha male.  We typically think of alpha males as loud as life of the party.  And while many alphas are like this, there are alphas who are still dominant but more introverted than extroverted in nature.

James Bond is an example of a sigma male.  He doesn’t need to always be talking, but he’s still a dominant man.  He does well with women and can more than handle himself in conversation.

What a Sigma Male is Not

women don't like nerds

  • quite guy in the corner
  • anti-social
  • man with low sexual market value
  • weak male who judges alphas

Not anti-social or bad with women

A sigma male is introverted.  But he’s not a guy that sucks with women or has little sexual market value.  That’s what we call a beta or a nice guy.  The sigma male may not rely on as much social game or social circles to meet women.  He may meet girls in real life and couple that with online dating.  But he’s still good with women.  In fact, learning how to be a player is easiest if you’re a sigma male, because you’ll be able to apply a system to your dating game.  It’s not a pick up artist system.  But simply a way to have girls on a rotation and keeping your satisfied.

Alphas who are more introverted (aka sigma males) tend to be better at strategic planning, and therefore can make the best players.

Sigma males will also focus on things like how to get a woman addicted to you with mind blowing sex or actively determine the best way to be the leader in the relationship.

Not low sexual market value

getting laid on first date, coming home

The loser guy who can’t get women because they don’t like him isn’t a sigma male.  That’s a beta.  The sigma male still has high sexual market value.  Whether he decides to fuck around a lot or not is up to him.  More than likely, the sigma male will sleep with a lot of women, and then get into relationships, and go through this kind of cycle.  Which most alpha males go through as well.

Yes, even men with high sexual market value get into relationships when they’re sick of just sleeping around.

But the sigma male isn’t wifing up the first girl he sees.  He’s not getting into a relationship because he’s desperate for a girl to be with him.  The sigma male is still a man with sexual experience and he’ll date attractive women.

Not weak and just judging alphas

Weak men who sit around and complain about alphas aren’t sigmas.  Those are betas.  True sigma males are good with women, so they don’t care what the outgoing alphas do.  In fact, the sigma male is busy with his dating life or working on his purpose, that he simply doesn’t have time for the bullshit of worrying about others.

Betas will often criticize alphas for needing social attention and validation.  Yet the betas can’t be self reflective and realize that this is also what they long for.  We all need it to some degree, even small.  But the sigma male needs it the least.  He still has friends and women in his life.  And he values people that make his life better.  However, he has no issue with spending time by himself or being alone.

Becoming the ultimate sigma male

sigma male

The sigma male’s advantage is that he can use his wit and inward ability to think to plan things out better.  He can maximize his life to get what he truly wants out of it.  Betas will overthink and never take action.  Other alphas might take action, but only if they can really focus.

The sigma male can innately focus at a much higher level.  He still has the ambition and drive of a regular alpha male.  But his inward ability, or his “inner smart guy”, can give him an advantage.  He can do many things at once.  Sigma males the guys who become renaissance men.  They get good with women, their money, their body, and all aspects of life.

You can become the ultimate sigma male by maximizing the main areas of your life to live on your own terms.

You do this by:

Getting good with women 

how to turn a girl on

The sigma male is still good with women.  He has dating life we wants, whether that’s seeing multiple women, being a player deep in the game, or having a relationship where he is the clear leader.

There are benefits to taking on monk mode at certain stages of life.  Sigma males know that doing that can be extremely beneficial for their career/business, or just mentally to take a break.  But a sigma male isn’t forced out of the game.  He’s in the top 10% of men, just like the more extroverted alphas.

He’s great at noticing if women like him, doesn’t need to waste time with women who aren’t interested, and has the ability to develop a high level of game.

Creating a purpose, escaping the rat race, + building wealth

power in a relationship, focus on purpose

The advantage that a sigma male has over the more extroverted alphas is his ability to plan + strategize.  If you have any hopes of escaping the rat race this is absolutely essential, whether you’re a sigma, alpha, or even a beta.

Creating a purpose combines something you love, something you’re good at, and something that can make you money.  Then you work on your purpose constantly.  You take all the extra hours you have after your wage slave job to make your business into a business on the side.  Eventually, you’ll start to make some money with it.

Once you’ve built your freedom fund, you’ll have the ability to quit your job and be financially free.  And eventually you can build wealth doing what you love.

But all of this takes an extreme amount of focus, ambition, dedication, and boldness.  Betas won’t believe in themselves and will give up after a few months because they didn’t make any money.  It takes an alpha to want to become free.  And sigma’s are the alphas that tend to actually be able to do it.  Extroverted alphas still can too, they just need to harness their focus.

Planning out your life, especially the next few years

Sigma males are planners and doers.  On an optimistic day, betas are dreamers.  Alphas are doers.  But dreaming, planning, and most importantly executing on those ideas, is what it takes to create the life you want.  Sigma males are able to do all of these things.  And they’re able to do them despite the odds.

Sigma male vs alpha male

value - ceo - businessman

After reading this, you be think that you’re a sigma male.  And maybe you are.  Or maybe you’re a regular alpha male.

Or maybe you’re an introverted beta, but you’re working on yourself and you can imagine that with a little more masculine energy, you can become a sigma male.

Those are all fine.  However you want to classify yourself is up to you.  As long as you adopt a pimp’s mentality and take on your life like a business, then you’re going to be in the best position.  If you become alpha in all the main areas, then you’ll be an alpha male or sigma male in most situations.

It’s not about over analyzing things.  If that’s you, then you’re probably a beta who’s becoming a sigma male.  Just focus on your goals, maximizing what you can accomplish, and becoming happier.  More extroverted men are traditional alphas.  More introverted men are sigmas.  But if you’re a masculine man who’s living like a king, on his own terms, then you’re going to be happy wither way.

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