Signs She’s Losing Interest + How to Build the Attraction Back

Signs She’s Losing Interest + How to Build the Attraction Back

signs she's losing interest

Knowing the signs she’s losing interest will save you time and prevent disappoint from girls you got too excited about.

You’re texting that cute girl you met at the club last weekend.  Things seem to be going well, but then all of a sudden she stops texting you back.  You thought you had such a good time at the club.  It seemed like she liked you.  The texting started off good, she was sending smiley faces, and showed high interest.  But things died down and you never got to meet up with her.

Or that girl you met off tinder.  She seemed down to earth and willing to meet up.  You agreed to meet up downtown at a bar.  But then the day of you never heard from her and she never showed up.

These are situations where a women might’ve had some interest but then it died down.  Or you were never really sure of how interested she was.  That’s why you need to learn the signs she’s losing interest so you can adjust accordingly.

What causes women to be attracted?

But before we get into the signs she’s losing interest, it’s important to know what causes women to be attracted.

Initially, it’s your looks, status, and money.  The combination of these things makes up your sexual market value on the most superficial level.  Then once you two start talking her attraction can raise based off your personality / game, how masculine you are, and how much you two vibe.

There needs to be some level of attraction.  For example, if she thinks you’re a 6 before talking, it’s possible she’ll think you’re an 8 afterwards if you have a strong masculine frame and can engage her well in conversation.

But if she thinks you’re a 2 or 3 then your game won’t do anything.

Initial attraction, and then your game

So let’s start from the framework she has some interest in you.  Meaning she thinks you’re a 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10.  The way she becomes more attracted to you, or maintains it if it’s already high, is based off your masculinity.  When you show that you’re indifferent to her, like you don’t need her, yet you’re still fun to be around, then her attraction to you will grow.

The more valuable she thinks you are, through your raw sexual market value but also the value your project through your interaction, the more attracted she’ll be to you.  If she likes you and you’re able to flirt with her then you’ll be able to get her more interested in you.

Basically, women want a man who’s

knowing if girl likes you - girls staring at man

  • indifferent to her
  • fun to be around (doesn’t mean you need to be funniest guy around, just good vibes with her)
  • ambitious
  • wanted by other women
  • in general more valuable than her

It’s crucial to understand this because as we go over the signs she’s losing interest, you should be able to see where you’ve given up your value.

Signs she’s losing interest

There are sign’s she’s losing interest with girls you just met and then with girls you see regularly, like plates or girlfriends.  The sign’s she’s losing interest with girls you just met also apply to girls you already see.

Girlfriends and girls you’ve been seeing will take longer than a girl you just met to lose interest.  But all women lose interest faster than you think.  In fact, women lose interest faster than men.  And when a woman loses interest in a man, it can take more to build it back up.

It’s not the end of the world if you see signs she’s losing interest.  But it’s important that you’re able to tell so you can correct any approval seeking behavior that you currently have.

With a girl you just met

  1. Doesn’t initiate texting, and keeps things short
  2. Won’t commit to meeting up
  3. Not giving you eye contact or positive body language on a date

1. Doesn’t initiate texting, and keeps things short

stop texting her first

One of the biggest signs she’s losing interest or had little interest to begin with can be seen from her texting.  That’s why knowing how to text a girl is so important in modern dating.  A girl who never texts you first and gives short responses doesn’t have high interest.

Women are on their phones all the time.  If she wanted to hit you up, she would.

It’s fine if you meet a girl, get her number, and then text her later.  You’ll have to do the pursuing at first with most women.  But if she’s keeping things short with you, or never tries to text you once you two have already texted, she’s lost some interest.

2. Won’t commit to meeting up

It’s a red flag when she won’t commit to meeting up.  Some women, especially hot ones, are texting a lot of dudes and might be short with some texts.  But she’ll still meet up with you if she has a decent level of interest.

But when she won’t commit to meeting up she’s lost interest in you.  If she was down to meet up before but now is giving excuses then her attraction to you has dropped, especially if you already met her in person before.  If you met her online and haven’t met in person then she could just be a time waster.  Or she had initial interest in you but lost it due to life circumstances or your game being weak.

3. Not giving you eye contact or positive body language on a date

date, girl looking away

A woman has a decent level of interest in you if she agrees to meet up.  Especially when you’re going on a date to a cheap bar or coffee shop where she’s not getting some amazing free meal.

But one of the major signs she’s losing interest is when she stops giving you eye contact or positive body language.  On the flip side, consistent eye contact + body language is the strongest sign a woman likes you.

Don’t expect her to stare at you the whole time.  But there should be healthy eye contact between the two of you.  And she should also have her legs pointed at you or in your general direction.  If a woman never gives eye contact and doesn’t seem engaged, then she’s losing interest or has lost it all the way.

With a girlfriend or friends with benefits

  1. Less sex or no sex
  2. No blowjobs
  3. Doesn’t tell you about her day
  4. Spending more time going out
  5. Starts to shit test you more
  6. Mentions other guys hitting on her more than before

1. Less sex or no sex

less sex in marriage

The less sex you have with a girl the less she likes you.  For men in relationships, you usually start off getting a lot of sex and then this tapers down.  She thinks she has you locked down and doesn’t need to have sex as much.

But as sex starts to decline so does her interest.  If you’re still doing it at least 2-3 times per week then you’re maintaining a healthy sex life.  Less than this is when things start to get bad.  And if sex is hard for you to come by in a relationship then she’s lost a lot of interest in you.

Don’t even get my started if she isn’t your girlfriend.  If you’re seeing a girl casually and you aren’t even fucking then what are you even doing?  Definitely not being a player and enjoying the game.  If you see a girl more than 3 times and she doesn’t want to fuck then it’s not happening my man.

2. No blowjobs

Blowjobs are a signal that she’s submitting to you.  Just like you eating pussy is a signal that you’re submitting to her.

No blowjobs means she’s not submitting to you even if you’re having sex.  And this is a sign she’s losing interest in you.  A woman is attracted to a man who is above her.  Blowjobs show that she’s trying to please you sexually.

A lack of dick sucking means that she doesn’t respect you as the man and should be a major warning.  And no, this isn’t a joke.  A woman who’s super attracted to you will love to suck your dick.  A girl who’s just giving obligatory sex won’t.

3. Doesn’t tell you about her day

This may seem small, but a woman who’s interest in you will try to talk to you.  This goes for girlfriends and girls you see just for sex.  If she’s not trying to talk to you then she’s not looking for your validation.  Which means she’s probably looking for it elsewhere.

It’s not your job to be her best friend and talk for hours, because that will over validate her.  But when she’s not interested in seeking out conversation with you then she’s losing attraction towards you.  Unless it’s just always straight to the sex, a lack of trying to talk to you is a major warning sign.  If she’s your girlfriend, then she could be monkey branching.  It’s not a for sure sign, like not sucking your dick, but it’s never a good thing.

The girl should be chasing your time.  If she’s not, then expect her to be in line with hypergamy and looking for someone else.  For players and playboys, this is fine.  But if things are more serious, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

4. Spending more time going out

This applies more to girls you’ve been seeing for a while or girlfriends.  One of the big signs she’s losing interest is when she spends more time going out then she did before.  She’s looking to have fun with her girls and meet new guys.  Or she’s trying to make you jealous.  Either way, she’s flaunting her sexuality by putting herself in situations where she’ll have tons of suitors try and shoot their shot.

5. Starts to shit test you more

shit test 101

Every woman shit tests from time to time.  It’s part of how they measure your value and see if you’re still a man.

But when the shit tests happen more and more – usually because you keep failing them – she’s losing a lot of interest in you.  You’re constantly showing her that you need her validation which turns her off.  You need to be able to recognize and pass shit tests when they come up to prevent her from losing attraction.

6. Mentions other guys hitting on her more than before

When she mentions all the guys that hit on her then she’s bragging about the male attention she’s getting.  This is a shit test to see how you react and a sign she’s losing interest all in one.

Every beautiful woman gets hit on often.  And she might tell you about how bad some of the attempts are.  But when she tells you about them more and more, and if she talks about any of them in a positive way, then you are looking at a woman who is openly measuring her options.  It’s hypergamy and female nature.

Don’t get angry.  This will show you care and will make you look weak.  I’ll discuss what to do below, right after explaining why women lose interest in the first place.  But you need to see what’s happening while still having the emotional intelligence to control your feelings and how you act.  Otherwise you could end up acting weak.

Why women lose interest

Women lose interest for many specific reasons depending on the situation.

But assuming she has some level of interest in the beginning, she lost interest because

  • you failed a shit test
  • overall you started acting needy
  • she’s emotionally attached to another

Failed shit test or acting needy

curing oneitis

These reasons apply to girls you just met and long time girlfriends.  Failing a shit test on a first date or in a relationship can cause her to lose interest quickly.  A long time girlfriend will still stick around for a while vs you might never see the girl you just met again.  But it’s the same type of response.

Failing a shit test means you failed to hold a masculine frame.  And she saw your value drop.  This will be immediately followed by many of the signs she’s losing interest.  From her body language to her attitude, and how she gets down in the bedroom.

Acting needy is also a big turn off to women.  You can act needy by always texting a girl back right away (like with a girl you met online), on a date with a hot girl you’re nervous with, or with a girl you’re dating.

These two reasons are the biggest causes of women losing attraction.  If you see signs she’s losing interest, then reflect and see if you’ve been doing either of them.  They usually go hand-in-hand, as failing multiple shit tests tends to lead to needy behavior and vice versa.

Emotionally attached to another man

If the girl you’re talking to is emotionally attached to another man, then it’s possible that you’ll see signs she’s losing interest, even if you thought you were doing fine.  This can happen with girls you just met, girls you see casually, or even cheating girlfriends.  However, if you know how to have amazing sex, then it’s usually with newer girls.

In this case, given she’s not been in a relationship with you, you’re not at fault.  You’ll handle her the same as you would with a girl that you acted needy or failed shit tests with.

How to build attraction back

dread game

You’ve seen the signs she’s losing interest.  Your chances with her might be gone.  Being beta isn’t an option.  But you’d still like to keep this girl around.  She might be your girlfriend of 5 years or a girl you still have’t fucked yet.  Essentially, it doesn’t matter.  You pull back.  If she’s your girlfriend, spend way less time with her.  Come home late.  Stay at the gym longer.

Dread game is what it takes to get her interested in you again.  And not only interested, but wet and horny for you.

Don’t be weak and get married to a girlfriend to make her feel secure, or blow up the phone of the girl you see causally.  If it’s a girl you’re texting, stop texting her.  Wait until she hits you up again.  It may be the next day, 3 days, or 3 weeks.

But with enough time, she’ll either move on or she’ll come back.  If she comes back then you gave her enough time to build attraction and value you above her again.  And if she doesn’t come back then she wasn’t ever going to value you enough.

Talk to other women

Talk and date other women.  This will keep you from texting her and will give you an abundance mindset.  By the time she hits you up you won’t even care if it works out.  Which will ironically increase the chances of it working out.

Women can almost smell when you’re talking + fucking other women.  And they love it.  If you see signs she’s losing interest then pull back and go date other women.

If she’s your girlfriend and you’re still together then you either need to dump her or pull back hard.  Either way you’re stripping her of time being around you.  This will cause her to re-think your value and likely take you back.  Except this time you’ll have the power.

Keeping interest over text

When you’re texting a girl, less is more.  Keep things short and vary in your response time.  You can plan this out methodically.  Or better yet have it be natural.  You’ll naturally keep things short and have varied response times if you’re focused on building your wealth and making more money.  Add in talking to other girls and keeping things natural over text becomes easy.

This is why I recommend you guy are players so you have options.

Think about what a pimp would do.  Would he freak out about losing a girl?  Hell no.  Adopt a pimp’s mentality so you stay in your masculine energy when dealing with women.

If you are in a relationship you don’t need to cheat.  But you need to instead focus that much more on your purpose to keep you busy.  This will also give you a sense of fulfillment.

But use text as a tool to schedule meet ups.  You shouldn’t be texting back and forth with a girl all day.  If you do this then you’ll eventually bore her.

Women lose interest when you give up your power

man up like the rock

If you acted like a man like the rock, then she wouldn’t think you’re weak.

And you’ll see signs she’s losing interest when you act weak.  Women lose interest when you give up your power.

And you give up your power when you act needy and try to please them.  In turn, alls you end up doing is failing their shit tests, boring them, and cause them to be turned off by your weak behavior.

Don’t give up your power.  Learn the value you provide as a man.  Study the pimp game and understand what pimps have learned about female nature.  Make yourself worth something by valuing your time and not always being available.

Understand that woman want a man who gets other women.  They want a man who’s not desperate for them.  If you’re developing oneitis for this girl then you’re fucking up.  Stop that shit and instead get on your purpose.  Focus on building your wealth instead of worrying about this girl.  Chances are she’ll miss you and her interest will rise.

Women know you want to fuck them.  But they need to know that you don’t need them, just want them.  If you get this then you’ll reduce the times when you see signs she’s losing interest.  You’ll be able to keep her attracted to you and maintain fun, healthy relationships with women in your life.

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Not sure about the moron who wrote this article but no bj does not equate to losing interest. FYI lol.


I’m a female I can relate lmao. This definitely means your doing everything WRONG!

Joey e
Joey e

I agree w most everything I let a current girl dominate me even though I am a Alfa w men I am a pussyeat w woman.


My 7month pregnant women doesnt send me text or either call me but I always should be the one doing that ,so I dont know what should do should I beg off or give her space as I been supportive to her pregnancy .


One question on that note what would you call it if she started with good head and claimed she couldnt go down all the way cause of serious gag reflex so you try and she does..

But when its breakup time she can swallow it all like a freaking pornstar like nothing and not gag


hey man, one question. I got this flirty friendship that leads towards sex, but lately this girl ended be less interested and eventually saying no at all to anything more than friends. Im trying dread game but, this eventually can make her rethink her “choice”?