SMV: Evaluating and Raising your Sexual Market Value

SMV: What is Sexual Market Value

Your smv, also known as your sexual market value, is the value you hold in the sexual market place.

It’s not as clearcut as the value of a stock or something in the financial market.  But your smv affects how many options you have. When your sexual market value is high, you have lots of dating options.  That’s why you should become a high smv male.  That way you can be a player or have the highest quality girlfriends available to you.

Why you want to raise your SMV

Raising your smv is great for a variety of reasons.  Reasons like:

And so on.  Essentially, the higher your sexual market value, the more in demand you are.  Then the supply, women, is in your favor.  Whether you want to be a player or have a girlfriend, you’ll have many more options.  Which means you’ll be much happier in your relationships areas of your life.

Sexual market value still doesn’t make up for game.  SMV attracts girls to you, but you still need game, aka your personality, to be able to keep them interested to escalate to sex, relationships, and so on.  But without any sexual market value, you won’t get a chance to play the game.  Which is why you should try to raise yours.

How to evaluate it

man creating 5 year plan

It’s difficult to put an exact number on your smv.  For some women, you’ll be a 6 or 7.  Others will think you’re an 8, a 9, and some might even think you’re a 4.

It’s all relative depending on people’s preferences.

Same goes for women.  Your friend may think that cute girl at the bar is a 10, it’s his dream girl looks wise.  But you may think she’s only a 7 or 8.  Some guys like curvy women, others like skinny women, tall, short, and so on.

So you can’t truly calculate your smv and give it a hard number.   That’s why I don’t recommend trying to come up with an exact male smv calculator.  Because you may limit yourself from hotter women who like you.  e

Girls that approach you or check you out (also called choosing), probably already think you’re an 8, 9, or 10.  And it’s not always what you think.

If there are two girls I consider to be 7s, one of them could think I’m a 6 and other could think I’m an 8.  And a girl you think is a 9 could also think you’re a 9.  That’s why you can do well with some beautiful women and not others.  If give yourself an 8 on the smv scale, some girls will see you higher and lower than that.

However, you can take into consideration the factors that are important to smv and give yourself an estimate.


smv - looks, status, money

The three factors that determine your smv are your looks, money, and status.

Now you’re not going to have all 3 equal as shown here.  And not all girls likes all 3 equally.  Most have a preference.  But these are the three factors that make up your total smv.  Improve on any or all of these, and your sexual market value will increase.

Your conversation game can get a girl more interested in you, but that’s more getting her interest up rather than your overall smv.  Your value will increase in her eyes, and conversation game is important, but it’s not relative to your overall smv.


Your looks include your

  • Face
  • Body
  • Height
  • Style

Your face and height aren’t under your control.  But any man can have a great body and style.

Out of all the factors for smv, looks is nicest to have.  If a girl likes you for your looks (and later on personality), then she likes you for you.  Or as closest as she can get to you.  Women who like you for your looks like you on a purely sexual level.  This can of course develop into more over time.

But a woman who lusts after you is a women who will do a lot to get with you.  It feels nice when a women you consider to be an 8, 9, or even 10 also thinks you’re that attractive.

Body and style

Increasing your looks, through your body and style, will raise your smv on the physical level.

A woman might fuck with a rich guy or high status guy for the benefits those carry, but she’ll fuck with the guy she finds good looking simply for the sexual desire.  Is the best area to max out if you’re young and already look decent.

Height is also relative too.  If you are 5’8” like me, then you’re not a tall dude.  But if you talk to girls who are 5’2”, you’re still tall enough for it to not make a big difference.  I’ve also had girls who are almost my height think I’m a 9 or 10.  Yet for others being tall is like having a monster cock, they love it.  If you’re tall, then of course that’s great.  If you’re short, just go for girls who are shorter than you.

The only thing that can hold you back or not is face.  But most of you guys aren’t ugly as fuck.  If you lose the weight, shave or have a scruff that’s stylish with a good haircut, the vast majority of you guys reading this look at least decent.  Some of you might even be closet studs.


money over sex

Making more money can also increase your smv.  Money is essentially access to resources.  The more money you have, the more resources you have or potentially can have.

Women with extremely high survival instincts, aka gold diggers, find money to be the most attractive trait a man can have.

The influence of money varies between women.  But whether it boosts you up 1 point or even 3, having more money definitely makes you more attractive.

For women who care mainly about looks, money will boost you up a little bit.  For women who care about money, you can be close to a 9 or 10 if you’ve built a nice sum of wealth and show it off.

Don’t depend on money

You don’t want to depend on money for your game.  Otherwise you’ll end up paying for expensive dates and have women not give up the pussy while they fuck the bad boys on the side.  You still have to know how to be alpha vs beta.  You can show off your money in your clothes and your car, but don’t spend it on the women.

Money can also get you a nice apartment in a central part of a city.  Making a lot of money is a great thing.  I recommend financial independence to be the #1 priority for all men out there.

You can’t depend on it solely for your smv unless you’re a multi-millionaire.  It’s like status.  It can help a lot, but can’t carry your sexual market value unless you have a ton of it.


when to be a playboy

Status can be the most powerful of all the factors for smv.

Think of being famous.  Chris Hemsworth is still a 10/10 looks even without the fame.  But the fame is a big boost to his smv.  Jonah hill, whose a 4 or 5 at best (could be better if he lost weight), can steal any girl I or you have because of his status.

Large status will have you swimming in pussy.

The thing is that most of us won’t reach high levels of fame and mega status.  That being said, you can still can status on a smaller level to increase your smv.

Things like being an instructor in a class, doing public speaking, having a high status title like CEO, doctor, etc., all communicate high status.

Do something you love and gain status in it

Ideally, you gain status by doing something you love and making it into your purpose.  Doing any og these high status things just to get girls is dumb.

But if you love to dance and become a dance instructor, then boom your status in that class is super high.  If you start a business doing something love, then girls in your city will likely hear about you.

Even just in conversation girls can pick up on your status by what you do.  No need to brag about your job title and be beta bucks.  But if you run a company or have some high status profession, more than likely that will come across in the conversation and just your demeanor.

Combining status with decent looks and a cool personality will take you very far.

Overall SMV

value - ceo - businessman

Your overall sexual market value is the combination of your looks, money, and status.

If you max out all three as much as possible, then you’ll have more dating options.  Again, your specific smv will depend on the preferences of the specific girls.  Some will see you as a 7, some an 8, and others might see you as a 9.  But what you’re doing is making yourself more attractive so more women see you as a man with a higher smv.

Increasing your overall smv will result with more girls being interested in you.  I don’t care if a girl likes me because of my looks, money, or status.  As long as it gets her into me, it works.

sexual market value chart

Sexual market value chart

Here we can see that the majority of people, men or women, are average.  20% are 5’s, 20% are 6’s, and that’s be generous.

There’s a solid amount of 8’s, a few 9’s and the top 1% in your city are the 10’s.  Now, you can be a 10 to a certain girl.  Likewise,  certain girls may be 9’s and 10’s to you, and they may be an 8 to your bro.

But overall, unless you love average women, there are only a handful of attractive women in a given area.  Same goes for men.

If you’re a 5 or 6, or below, then you’re not going to have many options.

But if you’re an 8 or above to most women, then you’ll have lots of options.  Only 15% of men are 8’s and above (same as women), which means top tier men have their pickings.  That’s why it’s so important for you to increase your sexual market value if you want to have options.

Age differences and increasing your value over time

men smv increasing over time

If you’re a younger guy, like 18-25, women are going after you for your looks.  As you get older, your looks aren’t as strong but your money and status goes up.  Given that you’re working on this of course.

So your overall sexual market value can increase over time.  That’s why the good looking guys have their peak smv when they’re young, and the average beta has their peak in their 30’s.

smv chart - age

In this chart, men are red and women are blue.  Most men’s value increases over time, and then begins to drop slowly.  But women have their prime in their 20’s, and then it steeply declines.

And since most men aren’t complete studs, your prime is typically in your 30’s.  You’re usually still decent looking if you stay in shape, can dress well, have experience, have money and status, yet you’re not too old where you’re gross.

I’m all about balance and maxing out as much as possible.  Ideally you work on your looks, your money, and status so your overall sexual market value is high and you can have an easier time meeting new women.

Variable sexual market value

Just like business, your value is different depending on the customer.  Some customers will find your product really valuable from the get go.  They’ll pay full price, buy it quickly, and have no hassles.  Others will take linger to buy and need more selling.

Even though it’s the same product.

That’s why your sexual market value will vary depending on the specific girl you talk to.  You still have an overall smv score.  But your smv can go up or down depending on the girls preferences or the situation.

Understanding this can help you to win when it comes to going after the girls who find you to have a higher smv or situations where your smv is naturally higher.

A few variables that can affect your smv

  • Height relative to girls you chase
  • Competition + Gender ratio’s
  • Ethnicity
  • Social authority

Height relative to girls you chase

Your height can have an impact on your smv.  For example, if you’re 6’4”, then you’re going to be taller than every girl you talk to.  Your smv will naturally be higher and don’t have to worry about the women’s height.  Keep in mind if this a positive, and use it as a confidence boost.

If you’re shorter, then you’re going to have more luck talking to shorter girls.  Yes, some girls your height will still find you attractive, especially if you have a good looking face + body.

But your best bet is to go after shorter girls.  A girl whose 5’7” might think a 5’8” guy is a 5, maybe a 6.  But the 5’1” or 5’2” girl might think you’re a 7 or 8.

Competition + Gender ratio’s

nightlife club, being in the market

Competition, especially with gender ratio’s, makes a big difference with your sexual market value.  If you’re in an area with way more men than women, your smv is going to be lower.  It’s a tougher market and you’re going to have to have tighter game and lower standards.

But on the flip side, if you’re in an area with more girls than guys, your smv is higher than usual.

This us why location is important.  You may feel like you’re a 6 in San Francisco.  But then you move to New York City and you feel like an 8 or 9.

Having gender ratio’s that are in your favor makes the dating game much better for you.  And naturally, your sexual market value will be higher simply because of supply and demand.


Like it or not, your ethnicity, and nationality, can play a role in how you do.  For example, if you’re a white guy in the US, you’re generally going to have an easier time than indian or asian dudes.  I’m not saying it’s fair, because it’s not, but it’s just how it is.

But you can use this to your advantage.  Going to an area where there’s less of your ethnicity or nationality will generally raise your sexual market value because of your exotic-ness factor.  Not every girl will like you, but the ones who do will make moves because there’s not many guys who look like you.

For example, black guys in Sweden or white guys in southeast asia or asian guys in Colombia.

If you go where you’re exotic, then you’ll feel like you have tons of options.  This can even come down to venues in your local city on a smaller scale.

Social authority

If you’re an instructor – for example a dance, yoga, or even a ski instructor, or sexual market value in the class is dramatically higher.  This can add 2 points to whatever your rating is… which is a lot.

If you’re in a class or you’re dancing, and you’re one of the better dancers, this raises your smv at least 1/2 a point or even a full point if you’re good enough.

How to calculate your sexual market value

There’s no exact why to calculate your smv.  If someone gives you a formula it’s wrong.  Because preferences are different.

But you can give yourself an overall estimated rating.  What are your looks, money, and status at.

We’re talking relative to most guys.  For example, if you make a solid six figures, your money is at least an 8 or 9 out of 10… as long as you’re not standing next to a billionaire.  If you’re one of the better looking guys in a club, you’re also an 8 or 9, except when the drop dead gorgeous playboys come in and you’re like a 5.

If you have high looks but low status, you’ll have some girls who think you’re really high and others who think you’re low on the smv scale.  Same goes for high money, low looks, etc.

Ideally, you can max out all of the areas.  This will lead to the highest amount of girls thinking of you have high smv.  And this means you have way more options.  Of course you have to play to your strengths.  If you’re an 19 year old stud, then you’re not going to need to worry about money for a while.  And if you’re a 40 year old doctor, you’re better off playing that card rather then compete with young guys on just looks.

Raising your value

Raise your smv by

  • going after girls who like you
  • work on your body and style
  • focus on your purpose

Mess with girls who pedestalize you

how to flirt with women

Go after girls that think you have a higher SMV than the average girl does.  Let’s say there are two girls you consider to be 8’s.  One treats you like an 8 or 9, and the other treats you like a 6.  You should pursue both, but make more time for the one that thinks you have a higher smv.

Reasoning is she’ll be easier to fuck, but also better to be around.  She’ll think higher of you.  Therefore she’ll be less likely to flake and give you bad behavior.

And she’ll be more pleasant to spend time with.  It will straight up just be easier.

Then when you also are talking to the 8 who thinks you’re a 6 or so, you’ll have a stronger sense of abundance.  Since the other 8 thinks you’re amazing and you’re getting good pussy from her, you won’t be as desperate with the one who thinks of you with a lower sexual market value.

And your non-desperateness will raise your smv for the other girl.  In the end, you’ll do better with both girls.

Work on your body and style

Other than becoming mega rich or famous, lifting weights and not being fat are the biggest factors that will elevate your sexual market value.  It’s great to be lean and have a 6-pack.  But at the very least, lose any chub and get in shape.  Lift weights a few times a week for additional muscle, and do cardio if needed.  My workout schedule involves lifting a few times a week paired with a martial art (like boxing or bjj).

I keep enough muscle on, stay lean, and learn a real skill.  I don’t do martial arts to impress women, but it definitely adds to my persona and makes me more interesting to them.

I’d recommend doing something similar, but at the very least, lift a few times a week and eat healthy.

Focus on your purpose

how to be confident - james bond

With the expectation of going from obese to fit, the best way to raise your smv is to focus on your purpose.

Focusing on your purpose will improve your money and status, and even your looks in terms of your style when you build the money up.

You’ll also feel better.  Accomplishing shit that matters to you and making money doing it will make you feel good.  You’ll be a busier, happier man.  As a producer, you’ll be getting shit done.

This will build a sense of real value in yourself.  And your smv will go up as a result of this.  There’s nothing in the world like making a purpose for yourself, working towards that, and finally make money and find fulfillment doing that.

Women love winners

You won’t be desperate for women.  Instead, you’ll be focused on success.  Women will find this more attractive, from a material standpoint with your money + status + style, but also from a swagger + confidence standpoint.  You’ll carry yourself in a powerful new way.  The ambition and drive coming from your aura will boost you up a 1/2 a point or maybe even a full point.

Get in where you can fit in

Too many men are depressed and lonely because they don’t get in where they can fit in.  If you’re smv attracts girl you consider 6s and 7s, and an occasional 8, then enjoy that.  It’s important to have standards.  But don’t make them too high.  Get in where you can fit in and enjoy feminine energy.

If you start fucking with women who are 6s and 7s, you’ll have a better chance of getting the 8s and 9s because you’ll have an abundance mentality.

You won’t always fuck the 9s and 10s.  But with enough experience, women on your team, and success, you might be able to get one occasionally.  That’s a lot more than the vast majority of men will ever see.  And if you become a high smv male after putting in the work, then you will be able to get hotter women.

Knowing how to increase smv isn’t hard.  But it requires you put in the work, which takes time.  That’s why a man’s dating value by age usually rises as get gets into his 30’s.

But you can rise up in the sexual market place at any age if you put the work in on your body and your purpose (money + status will rise).  Enjoy the journey, don’t stress about your exact sexual market value number.  It’s subjective to a degree.  Get in where you can fit in for now, put the work in, and you’ll eventually increase your smv.

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