The Brad Pitt Rule: Women will do anything for a high value man

The Brad Pitt Rule: Women will do anything for a high value man

When dealing with women and being involved in the dating game, it can be beneficial to follow the Brad Pitt rule.  This is a method you can utilize in your life to see how much a woman really values you.

What is the Brad Pitt rule?

The Brad Pitt rule simply states women will go out of their way for a guy they consider a 10/10… or who they find extremely valuable.  If a girl really thought you were that amazing, she’d go out of her way to make plans with you, meet up with you, talk with you, suck your dick, make sure you feel good, and so forth.

Essentially, if you were like Brad Pitt or some other good looking, high status,  rich, or charismatic celebrity, she’d treat you like you’re the biggest prize on earth.  No shit right?

That’s not the case for most of you reading this, myself included.  We’re far from A-list celebrities, even if some of us manage to get some decent local status or exposure.  But the concept can be used as a point of reference.  If we’re high value to a person, in this case a woman, then she will treat us like we’re that valuable.  There are some women who are just so into you off of the bat that treat you this way.  These women are the ones who pursue you from the get go, make it easy to hang out, are happy to talk with you, have sex with you, and do whatever you want.

Most women won’t feel this way about you at first, even if they have decent interest in you.  Because you’re not as valuable as a Brad Pitt or someone else.  They’ll feel the need to test your value and see what you’re really made of.  That’s fine, that’s part of the game.

If a girl doesn’t treat you like Brad Pitt, should you toss her to the side?

Well if you have enough women who do treat you like Brad, then you could.  But that’s not the case for most of us.  You’d lose out on too many women.  If you do raise your value to that high of a level, or you go somewhere where your value is that high, then you can afford to do that.

But even if you’re not that high value to most women, leveraging this concept can help you understand the game.  The Brad Pitt rule makes us realize a few things about how women work.

How to apply it

So how do you apply the Brad Pitt rule to benefit your life?  First realize this.  Women will go out of their way to be with a guy they consider alpha.  Meaning if you either want to get laid a lot with beautiful women, or want to have access to the best girls for girlfriends, then you need to become the man women want.  Whether you’re a player or a dater is up to you.  However, there’s no debate in that a high value man gets the dating life he wants.

He still needs to be able t0 maintain a relationship or fuckbuddies, be great at sex, know how to handle drama, set terms, and check a girl when needed. These are all skills any man dealing with women needs, whether he’s a high value man or just a regular dude.

But… the high value man has the ability in the first place to consistently have women in his life.

Avoid oneitis and getting attached to a girl

If you want to apply the Brad Pitt rule, you need to avoid oneitis at all costs.  While Brad Pitt and other high value men can get oneitis, they can also get out of it much easier.  Because even if they end up liking a girl too much and show weakness, because their value is so high, they can get another woman easily.  So even if they show scarcity for a few moments, they can still quickly get back to a state of abundance in their minds and in their reality.  They can afford to have some slips in their game from time to time.

For the regular men out there, this can’t be done.  Getting oneitis or getting too attached can fuck you up.  Once you become a truly valuable man, the chance of you getting oneitis will lower dramatically.  You’ll simply have real options in life and therefore will be able to get multiple women.  Even if you get a girlfriend or wife, your ability to get women if things go south will help you to avoid getting too attached.

But if you get too attached to a woman before you really become a man worth something, then you’re fucked.  Because you’ll probably fuck up that relationship.  And then after a rough break up, you’ll be alone, negative, and you’ll start from ground 0.  Where if you raised your value before, then you’d already be able to get other women in your life even if you were going through a hard time.

Leverage hypergamy

Once you realize you need to raise your value and avoid oneitis, at all times but especially when you’re a regular dude, then you can really get to work.  You apply the Brad Pitt rule by becoming a boss.

Become a Brad Pitt.  Get better looking, develop your sex appeal, work on your money, and gain status.  Essentially skyrocketing your smv.  With looks and status being at the top.  You want to have money to have financial freedom and control of your life.  And if you follow your purpose, you should be able to gain both money and status.  From there, just combine your life’s work (which gets you money + status) with a strong body, good style, and a dose of confidence, and you’ll be good to go.

In today’s social media age, you can leverage women’s addiction to their phones.  Don’t complain about them being on their phones.  Become the guy they keep on looking at on their phones.  Become a producer, both in the work world and in the social / dating world.

Brad Pitt can get dumped

Even a man like Brad Pitt can be dumped or divorced.  No matter how much a girl loves you or wants to fuck you, slipping in your game will eventually cause her to run.  That’s a fact of life.  even the women who don’t test you that much at first will start to test your value over time to see what you’re made of.  If you have a true masculine frame you’ll pass these tests without thinking about it and you’ll keep these women into you.

Your value is what attracts women to you, what can re-attract former women back to you, and what keeps women wanting to impress you.  But you still need to maintain your leadership role in any sexual relationship with a woman.  Without it, you’re going to eventually have her take over and get bored of you.

Become a valuable man, deal with women who like you, and don’t sacrifice your manhood

We see this with Brad Pitt.  He’s a stud, famous, and charismatic, and can attract tons of women in his prime.  However, a woman whose with him for years, and one that’s toxic as fuck at that, will still dump / divorce him.

Does this mean don’t date women?  No.  This article isn’t to diss Brad Pitt himself.  He could’ve beeb masculine but just had to get out of a relationship with a crazy woman.  Choosing the right woman is critical for any relationship, especially a marriage.

So what does this mean?

It means to raise your value which will help you get laid more and get what you want from women more often.  But it also means that there’s an expiration on how long your turn is.  If your woman starts to test your value, you either need to pass the test or break up with her.  Repeatedly failing shit tests will result in women losing attraction and you losing power.  It’s better to walk away and have her wanting you.  That way she sees the true value she saw in you originally.

The Brad Pitt rule means women like the best men.  So become that.  You’ll benefit yourself in your own life and you’ll get more or better women.  Become high value, but still understand that any woman can and will test your strength at some point.  Enjoy the dating game and don’t take it too seriously.

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