Is Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus worth it?  Only if you use these 2 features

Is Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus worth it?

Is Tinder Gold worth it?  

Is tinder gold or tinder plus worth it?  While paying for online dating may seem lame, it can definitely help you get laid and meet more women.  But is the juice worth the squeeze for tinder’s premium offerings?  Let’s discuss.

The state of Tinder

how to get laid on tinder - swipe right

With tinder gold or tinder plus, you’re still using tinder and applying the same concepts you’d use for regular tinder.  It’s just that tinder gold or tinder plus gives you an advantage over regular tinder users.

You can still do well with regular tinder.  And the higher your sexual market value is in the sexual market place you live in, the less you’ll need it.  However, times have also changed.  In the west, tinder has become more flooded with desperate guys in 2019 than ever before.  Which means that tinder isn’t as effective as it once was.  Worse ratios and women used to being on tinder for years means they have infinite options.  All the guys who don’t have the balls to approach these girls in real life can just message them on tinder.

That translates to tinder being a massive numbers game.  Even more so than real life.  You also need dope pictures and a simple but solid strategy to escalate to a hang out quickly.  However, the advantage is that you also can message and match with way more girls than you could in real life, it’s easy to mass message them, and a tinder rejection is painless.

What is Tinder Gold?

Tinder gold is tinder’s premium service.  You can choose to just have free tinder and swipe aright or message girls.  But tinder gold gives you a bunch of extra features that you can use to meet more women.

What is Tinder Plus?

Tinder plus is the second tier service.  It gives you almost everything tinder gold has except you don’t see girls you like you first.

What’s the difference between Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus?

tinder gold vs tinder plus

As you can see, tinder gold gives you the extra feature of seeing who likes you before you like them.  And while that’s cool, it’s not the most valuable feature.

Tinder Gold / Tinder Plus Vs Tinder

This is where tinder gold  and tinder plus comes into play.  As tinder isn’t amazing, but still the best online dating app, you don’t want to depend on it solely.  But it can still be a solid way for you to build your pipeline of women you meet.  And tinder gold or tinder plus will help you stand out from the pack and give you some major advantages.  Granted, these only work when you still have amazing pictures (get the hint) and also know how to message girls on tinder.

But the extra features of tinder gold / tinder plus can help to make tinder a lot more productive for you.  And if getting an extra few lays or even one a month is only $10, then that’s a lot less than a date.  The features tinder gold and plus give you are:

  • Unlimited right swipes
  • Tinder boost
  • See you likes you first (Tinder gold only)
  • Control who you see
  • Control who sees you
  • Passport
  • Hide age / distance
  • 5 extra super likes
  • Rewind your last swipe

Unlimited right swipes

Unlimited swipes means you can swipe as much as you want.  This is very useful when you’re new to tinder.  Tinder gold and tinder plus let you catch up with unlimited swipes and this can let you build up a solid match list.  You want to match with as many decent looking girls as possible.  No need to swipe right one very girl, as this will actually hurt you tinder views your attractiveness.  But the unlimited right swipes can help you to see results quickly when you first start out.

Regular tinder right now limits you to 100 right swipes a day.  Which is a fair amount and is good once you already have a lot of matches.  But for that first month or two where you’re new, having tinder gold really helps.

Tinder boost

The boost features exposes your profile to more girls than usual.  Tinder gold gives you 1 free boost a month.  I’d say this is a cool feature and gets some extra matches, but nothing that incredible.  It may gives you another 10-20 matches.

See you likes you first (Tinder Gold has, Tinder Plus does not)

tinder gold extra feature

This feature let’s you see girls who like you before you like them.  In theory, it allows for you to match with more girls.  But it reality, I didn’t think it made much of a difference.  The vast majority of my matches came from me liking a girl first.  Unless of course you set a location, didn’t swipe for a long time and just let your profile get viewed.  But that would be dumb when you can swipe on lots of girls and get way more matches.

Out of my 1000+ matches, a very small percentage were from the “gold” icon of girls who liked me first.  It’s not a detractor from tinder gold, it just isn’t that great.

So I don’t think tinder gold is necessary, because tinder plus is more than enough.

Control who you see

Tinder gold and tinder plus both allow you to control who you see.  You can choose balanced – which is the default setting – or see recently active.  In theory, recently active seems like it’d get you more engaged women.  But I’ve still gotten more matches and have had better results with the default balanced setting.  So this feature isn’t really something to write home about.

Control who sees you

This option can be useful if you’re doing things on the low.  Standard is the default, meaning girls can see you like you see them.  However, tinder gold / tinder plus also gives you the option to allow only people you’ve liked to see you.  This gives you less matches but not everyone can see your profile.  If you wanted to be sneaky on tinder and make sure people didn’t find out you were on, then this feature could be very useful.  That being said, I think cheating or trying to be on tinder in a low profile way doesn’t make any sense.


tinder passport

The passport feature on tinder gold and tinder plus allows you to change your location.  This can be very useful in tow ways.  The first is if you stay in a metro area / city, but travel within it a lot.

Since tinder is based off your location, this can cause you to match with girls farther and farther away from where you actually live.  It’s ideal to have them live within 10 miles from you, but 15 or 20 at the most.  With the passport feature, you can keep your current location to your home address.  Which means you can be a t work 20 miles away, or doing things with friends, and still match with girls who are logistically close to your place.

And of course, the passport feature is worth the price for tinder gold and tinder plus alone if you plan on traveling.  You can set your location to the place you’re traveling a few weeks before and begin to pipeline for girls there.  This can make your traveling a lot more fun when you already have dates lined up.  Plus if you’re traveling to an area where you have much higher smv, then you’ll get to have a lot more fun with tinder.

Hide age / distance

Hiding your age or distance is another feature tinder gold and tinder plus offers.  However, I don’t see it being of much use.  By hiding your age or distance, it clearly shows that you have a premium account to girls who view your profile, which is a negative.  But if you’re 40+ or 30+ and want to match with younger girls, then this could come in handy.  However, tinder will also show your profile to less young girls, so you’re still at a huge disadvantage online.

I don’t view this as that good of a feature.

5 extra super likes

tinder plus - superlikes

The 5 extra super likes may be the best feature tinder gold and tinder plus has to offer, maybe second to passport if you’re a traveling man.

With regular tinder you get 1 super like a day.  A super like gets you to the front of someone’s match que.  So if you super like a girl, the next time she goes on tinder, you’ll show up immediately as her first option to swipe right or left on.  And it also gives you a blue star next to your name o you stand out.

It may seem like super likes are counter intuitive and that you’re validating women.  But as ling as you message once a day or hours in between like usual, super likes are incredible.  Maybe it’s because the blue star next to your profile helps you stand out, or she’s curious why you super liked her.  But it really helps.

Out of all of my matches, 5% or so who girls I superliked.  Yet more than half of my fucks were girls I superliked.  The ratio is much higher.  I would super like on girls that I wanted to fuck and were within my range to get, but maybe just a little too hot for me to stand out on tinder.  But because tinder gold let’s me super like 5 girls a day, I can super like 5 of these girls instead of 1.  Which means a lot more qualified matches.

This is by far the best feature and fuck people who theorize if super likes work or not.  They greatly increase your chances of getting at the girls you super like.  Tinder gold / tinder plus are worth it alone because of the 5 super likes.

Rewind your last swipe

Rewinding your last swipe is icing on the cake.  There will be times you swipe left on a hot girl and you’re like “wait oh shit no”.  But if you have tinder gold you can rewind and then like her.  Conversely, you may swipe right on a girl you would never be seen with and want to correct that mistake.

Rewinding the last swipe, whether it was to the right or left, is a cool little feature that makes tinder a lot less annoying.  It’s not worth the price for this feature alone, but it’s nice to have and a solid addition.  It’s one of those things you get used to and take for granted when you have it.

Best features

The two best features are the

  1. 5 super likes
  2. passport

These features alone make tinder plus easily worth the $10 a month.  If you’re a traveling man than no doubt passport will be useful.  And if you just want to stand out and actually meet up with decent looking girls on tinder, then the 5 super likes a day are going to help you out a shit ton with that.

Is tinder gold / tinder plus worth it?

Tinder plus is definitely worth it.  At just $10 a month, you get the 5 super likes a day and passport features.

Tinder gold however is $30 a month.  For the extra feature of seeing girls you like you first, who you’d likely match with anyways, I’d say it’s not worth it.

If you’re not in the top 5% of men, online dating is a huge numbers game and is extremely competitive.  Especially since tinder isn’t as good as it once was.  However, tinder gold or tinder plus can make your time much easier.  More than half of my fucks came from girls I super liked.  This allowed me to get better quality women compared to not super liking.  For that feature alone, paying for tinder is worth it.  At least for the first month or two of building your tinder pipeline.  After that you can choose not to if you don’t want to.

A lot of guys may give shit for paying for tinder.  But for $10 a month, which is less than a meal in a US city, it can dramatically increase your efforts.  If paying $10 a month for tinder plus can help you sleep with an extra few girls or an extra girl that’s hotter than what you normally get on tinder, I think that’s a low investment.  Especially when many of these girls will come over to your place right away.  Or to a nearby bar if you live in a city and then still an easy first date lay.

And if you’re traveling, then tinder plus for that month or two is also a low  investment.


Tinder plus is worth it.

Tinder gold is not.

Another way to meet girls

How to use Tinder to get Laid

Tinder isn’t my favorite method of meeting girls, as I tend to get the best quality girls in real life.  However, if you’re going to use tinder to get laid or meet women, tinder gold is definitely worth the investment.

It’s the cost of one drink or  less in a city like NYC or LA, and it will help you match and get with more of the girls you like.  If anything, try it for a month or two.  The 5 super likes a day adds up to around 150 (5 x 30 days) super likes a month, which is way more than 30 in a month.  The super likes will match you with a lot more girls that you like and will give you a better chance at getting at those girls.  That alone is worth the $10 a month.

I spend less time on tinder now, use my super likes and some regular likes, get off, and then I’ll mass message a bunch of my new matches.  Of course you need to use high quality pictures of you looking good, having a social life, with cute animals, etc. for it to be worth it.  But if you are going to use tinder as a tool in your player arsenal, tinder plus is a small investment that is worth it.  If you want to try out tinder gold you can, and maybe you’ll also find it useful.  But if you’re trying to minimize your monetary investment and get the best bang for your buck, tinder plus is the way to go.

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