What is the number one thing that attracts women?

What is the number one thing that attracts women?

what is the number one thing that attracts women

What is the number one thing that attracts women?  Beyond anything else.  We all know that money, looks, and status are the what attracts a woman to a man sexually.

And that your personality/charm can help to win over a woman or keep one attracted to you.  Along with game, which is just how you maintain relationships and interact with women.

The most important thing

But what is the number one thing that attracts women over everything else?

It’s status.  And mega status at that.  Also known as fame.  Famous just means that someone has status that is so high the majority of people know who that person is.

The one man who can come and steal your girl and there’s nothing you can do about it is a famous man.  He might be a good looking famous man like Chris Hemsworth or a young brad Pitt.  Or he can be an an average looking or ugly famous person like Jonah Hill.

But the mega status these men possess is without a doubt the number one thing that attracts women.  If you want to know how to attract a woman instantly then just imagine being famous.  That’s what large amounts of status can of for a man.  There are other attractive male characteristics other than status of course.  However, it’s able to make up for a lot of other areas if you have enough of it.

Status over looks

status over looks

On a small scale, some women prefer looks over status for sure.  Many women will choose the good looking guy with no job over the ugly doctor, who has both status and money.

I’m not downplaying the importance of looks.  You guys need to be lifting weights, dressing shape, eating healthy, and have great style.

But status is a very, very limited resource.  There can only be so many high status guys.  That’s what makes it special.  A woman can meet a good looking guy around any block in a city.  Sure, the majority of guys aren’t good looking, so a good looking guy is still valuable for good dick.  It’s still easy for him to get laid.

And you need to leverage whatever you can out of your looks.  Looks are still what attracts a woman to a man physically.

However, no good looking guy is going to be able to compete with Drake when he decides to come to your city.

Famous and good looking is always a bonus.  But any famous guy will crush the unknown stud no questions asked.

Status over money

Status in huge amounts is greater than money.  Now, money is also still a huge boost to your smv.  And overall in your life, you should chase money over status all day long.

But lots of status on its own will attract more women than money on its own.

While rich guys are limited, there’s still way less mega status dudes than rich dudes.  And most of the guys who have mega status can leverage their status to get them money if they don’t already have it.  Because attention is the key to money, and famous men be definition can generate lots of attention.

But their are plenty of rich guys walking around who have little status outside of their work environments and have no idea how to even use their money to their advantage.

Again, this isn’t to underestimate the importance of money.  If you’re a rich man, you can use your money to buy yourself a porsche, fancy clothes, and instantly up your status.

In fact, money and status are high correlated.  So enough money can definitely influence and raise your status if you flaunt it.  But on it’s own, status attracts more women than money.

Why is status so attractive?

dan bilzerian has status

In terms of what is the number one thing that attracts women on a primal level, status is king.  Because the man with the highest status has the best chance of surviving and giving his kids a chance for survival.

At least that’s what women’s biology tells them.  And that’s why status is the most attractive thing to them.  A man with high status is naturally seen as more valuable.

Think about it.  Women will shame men for being players, cheating on their girlfriends, and doing other things they wouldn’t want done to them.  But they’ll happily get fucked by Chris Brown, who abused Rihanna and has likely slept with hundreds if not thousands of women.  Or they’ll sleep with their favorite actor even though he’s married.

That’s because status is king.

I’m not saying you should become abusive or be a cruel person.  But you must understand that women will put up with more from a guy they see as more valuable.

Will your girlfriend be okay with you having a threesome behind her back?  Probably not.  She’ll most likely leave you.  But if you became a famous actor, comedian, or rockstar a year from now, you can be everything that she’ll forget about that.

And it’s because status trumps all.

What should you strive for?

bartender, status at bar

So you know what is the number one thing that attracts women, which is being famous.

How are you going to use this to your advantage?  Well, more than likely you’re not going to be able to become famous.  But you can still leverage the power of status in your life.

  • For example, working as the bartender or bouncer at a nightclub gives you an instant status bump compared to every other regular guy there.
  • Or if you want to take things to the next level, you can become an instructor of a class in something you’re good at.
  • If you become a dance or fitness instructor, you’ll have a huge amount of status in the classes you teach.

Not the same amount as a famous person, but you’ll still benefit from the big status boost.  Wherever you can become the leader, you become the person with the highest status.

Money, looks, and status

What traits attract a woman?  Women want many things.  But the main three are money, looks, and status.  You don’t need all three, but the more you have of each will help.  The best move you can make is to max out your money, looks, and status.

On a small scale, some women like all three in certain amounts, other prefer the looks, others the money, and others the status.  On the big scale, the status is the biggest thing.  Among equally high status men, looks, money, and personality can make a difference.  But compared to regular guys, status is by far the biggest factor.

But you’re not going to become the next big famous person tomorrow.

So the best move is to increase your sexual market value as high as possible.

Focus on your purpose

man figuring out purpose

Work on your purpose, which will raise your money now and beyond.  Your purpose is something that you

  • love to do
  • are good at or can get good at
  • can make money with

It’s usually a business that you create.  You offer value to clients/customers doing what you’re good at and something you love.  And of course something that they’ll want to buy.  In return, you’ll enjoy your work and you’ll make money on your own.

Even though I just told you status is the number one thing to attract women, don’t make it your #1 priority.  You’ll always be chasing the next thing and you’ll lead an unfulfilling life.  The best way to actually achieve high status is to work kore than anyone else doing what you love.

The actors, rockstars, pro athletes, and elite business men all enjoy the status they’ve gotten.  But if they do what they do because they love it.  If they didn’t love building businesses or acting, they never would’ve stuck with it long enough to achieve the mega status.

Purpose will take your farther

financial independence - build your business

When you follow your purpose, you’ll gain money that will take care of you, your family, and generations to come.

You’ll also have something to look forward to besides just chasing women.  Even if you just chase status and somehow get it, then you’ll still wander around aimlessly after you’ve had your fun.  There are many musicians who get depressed and overdose on drugs.  It’s because they fall into the trap of looking to feel good with abusing drugs because they’ve forgotten their purpose.

A purpose will give you greater meaning.  And if you stick true to it, you’ll be able to generate not just money, but also status.

What is the number one thing that attracts women?  Looks can almost beat status with younger women.

And work on your body and your style to help your looks.  A good looking man will lose out to a celebrity.  But he still gets laid plenty and has fun.

Looks will only enhance any money and status that you’re able to build anyways.  Don’t underestimate the power of raw attraction found through looks.  Men value a woman’s looks ore than a woman value a man’s looks.  But as men, that’s by far the most important quality to us.  A woman still highly values a man’s looks, along with his money and status.

Especially with younger women 18-25.  When asking what is the number one thing that attracts women, especially young ones, looks is the almost the most important factor as long as there’s not a famous man in the room.  Mega status still wins out.  But the best looking guys will also get the benefit of having extra status due to their looks.

This changes to status as women start to age.  And some individual women are different.  But younger women are easier to impress with looks alone.  As women age and realize the importance of money, or struggle themselves financially, then money becomes more important.

So don’t neglect how you present yourself on your journey to success.

Chase money over status for the best quality of life

build wealth - start a business

With enough money, you can elevate your status to the point where you can get hot women easily.  You may not be Kevin Heart, but the rich guy with the lambo can always attract plenty of hot women.

That’s why you need to focus on building a business that will get you rich.  Become a player so you have experience with women on the side.  And by the time you get rich, you’ll have the game to leverage your money + status to get laid without getting used by women.

If you can use your purpose to boost your status, like teaching classes or becoming a public figure, then that will be a huge benefit.  But if not, then having good looks + money will still help attract a ton of high quality women into your life.

When asking what is the number one that that attracts women, you might be surprised that it’s status.  That doesn’t necessarily mean you should chase status first.  Status, especially without money, can come and go.  The best move is to create a purpose that will one day build your wealth and also give you status.

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