What do women want in a man? 9 attractive traits

What do women want in a man?

women want an attractive man

There are things that most women want in a man.

Whether they’re looking to settle down, or looking to be a player or playboy, there are many traits that women want and look for.

And it isn’t always so easy to tell.

If you ask a woman what she wants in a man, you may hear some of these, or none at all.

But what a girl says she wants and what women want in real life are not always the same.

If you have these traits, then you’ll become more attractive to women.

And quite simply, more women will want you.

Which is what we all want.

1. Good looks

what women want - good looks

Women want a man that looks good.

Having a good looking face and decent style will go a long way.

You can’t do anything about your natural facial structure.  Some women will like the way you look and others won’t.

But you can lock down your style and elevate your overall presentation though.

Dressing well, having nice shoes, a clean haircut, and being well groomed can easily boost you up a point or 2 on the looks scale.

And if you go after the women who like how you look, you’ll find out just how easy the game can be.

2. Hot Body

women like a hot body

You get a hot body with a good diet and lifting weights.

Lift weights 3-4 times, or even 2-3 times a week, and will reap tremendous rewards.

Women want a man with a hot body just like we want a women with a hot body.

Guys complain that they’re not 7 feet tall and don’t have the jawline of superman.

But if you life weights and stay lean by eating clean, you’ll have plenty of women who will want you for your body.

3. Money / Resources

wealth and true financial independence

Financial independence should be your number 1 goal if you’re not financially free yet.

It’s also not secret that women want a man with resources.

On the extreme end, you have prostitutes and gold diggers who want money for sex.

Don’t worry, most women aren’t this extreme about it.

And you can get beautiful women without being rich if you have good looks and are still young.


But if you’re ugly, or just a little bit older, then money is the great equalizer.  Like Gucci Mane says, money makes you handsome.

Even regular women who aren’t gold diggers still want a man who can afford his own apartment, have a car, and other things in life.

I advise you not to spend lots of money on women.

That being said, it’s the fact that you have money/resources that make women want you.

You don’t actually have to give that money up to get with most women.

Showing that you can take care of yourself, and potentially her if she got involved with you, is enough to make you more attractive to her.

It’s the potential that you could take care of her that can help you get a girlfriend or get laid for the night.

That’s why building your wealth in your 20’s can help you get ahead and continue fucking hot women into your 30s and 40s.

You’ll never regret the money you make.

However, money without a decent level of game will turn you into a beta bucks bitch.  Make sure to combine the other traits on here as well.

4. Conversation skills

sexual strategies

Women love conversation.

They love to talk.

And women want a guy who’s a good conversationalist.

It’s surprisingly easy to be good at talking with women.

The secret is to just let them talk.

Don’t worry about what to say or stories to tell them.

Just ask them about their day and their life in general.

If they have any interest in you, they’ll talk and open up more and more.  If a girl doesn’t want to talk to you, then she’s not interested.

Learn to ask women questions, be more cool, and let them talk.

They’ll be more attracted to you and you’ll come off as cooler to them.

5. Amazing sex

amazing sex

Most people love sex.

And that includes females.

Women want amazing sex.  They want a guy who can fuck the shit out of here and blow her mind.

This doesn’t mean you just put it in and fuck like a rabbit right away.

Good sex is about foreplay, anticipation, rhythm, connection, getting the right angles, eye contact, making her cum, and getting her completely addicted to you.

Women can get sex anytime they want.

Even an ugly women can get sex easily.

But they can’t get good sex easily.

It’s tough to come by.

That’s why they will do a lot for a guy who can preform in the bedroom.

6. Status

women want a man with status

Women like a guy with status.

Any man who’s taken the red pill can see this clearly.

CEO, doctor, head instructor of a class, coolest guy on the college campus, and so on.

Having status will make you more attractive to most women.

Many women are upfront about wanting a cool guy, some will lie and say they don’t like the high status man.

But guys, I’m here to tell you even hippie bitches are quick to change their minds when a CEO type guy looks their way.

What women want and what they say they want aren’t always the same.

When in doubt, increasing your status will make you more attractive.

High status 

The higher status, the better.

Any guy who’s working on his manhood learns that respect from others, aka status, will help you in all areas with people, with women, in business, and social situations.

Of course, an 80 year old man with status is still ugly to a 21 year old chick.

But as long as you’re within 10-15 years of a girls age, you should be fine.

Status can turns on some kind of reproductive mega gene in women.

And even just dressing better can raise your status.

Better yet, become an entrepreneur and start a business.

Even if it’s just you in the company, you’ll still gain status in her eyes when you tell her you own a business.  And you have no boss.

7. Emotional Rollercoaster

wide range of emotions

Women want a man who has the ability to make her feel a wide range of emotions.

This comes into play a little bit before you fuck a girl, but mostly afterwards.

Before you fuck, it’s mostly about being cool and making her feel good.  But even then, girls have to feel a little desperate to get you.

You have to make them feel good, yet create a little bit of insecurity in that she might not be good enough to get you.

They can get every guy so easily, so when you’re interested but not too thirsty, you already stand out.

After you’ve already fucked, you can in fact become more attractive to a women.

Emotional muscles

A guy who can stretch the emotional muscles of a girl can get her completely addicted to him.

She will become very attracted to a man who makes her feel happy, blissful, safe, and at other times angry, jealous, and insecure.

Only beta bitches try to please a women and make her feel good all the time.

A player, a man who knows what women want, knows they need to feel.

They can’t just feel good, they need to feel everything.

Understand, master this, and even some girls who haven’t fucked you will sense your aura and will want you.

8. Confidence

create new positive beliefs

You’ve heard it said over and over and over again.

Women want a confident man.

It’s true.

Confidence is attractive.

There’s no debate.

It’s just that people confuse confidence with positive affirmations.  I love positive affirmations, but they aren’t confidence alone, they’re a tool.

If a guy goes out and says he’s confident, but women still don’t like him, he’s probably not that actually that confident, completely oblivious to women who like him, or going for women way out of his league.

Experience breeds confidence 

Confidence also comes from experience.

I’m confident with women because I’ve been with a lot of women, so I know I can get more.

I’m confident that I can lift a certain amount of weight because I’ve done it before.

To leverage confidence, you need to build some base level confidence.

Destroy your negative beliefs that you’re not good with women.

Create positive new ones and use visualization to imagine your success.  And then get some easy wins.

Fuck some girls your level or below to build up your “flow” and confidence with sex.

Then when you’re talking to more beautiful women, you’ll have the confidence that you can fuck them well given the opportunity.

Eventually, you’ll luck up on some better looking girls, fuck them well, and your confidence will grow.

It takes some to build some.

But women want confident men.

Growing your confidence with women, and every area of your life, is a worthwhile investment.

9. Leader

women want a leader

Women want a leader in their life.  They like dominant men.

Not controlling men.

But men who are dominant sexually, physically, and in the relationship.

Whether you have a girlfriend or just a fuck buddy relationship, women want a man who leads the way for them.

This is why I recommend dancing so much.

Partner dancing like salsa.

Not only is this a great way to meet and eventually fuck a lot of attractive women… but it will teach you how to be a leader.

You’ll have to learn the subtle body queues to lead the women you dance with.

You’ll also have to establish eye contact and communicate this way.

But whether you’re dancing, fucking, or going to the movies, women want a leader.

A guy who will make the decisions.

Don’t try to be cute with a girl by matching her indecisiveness.

Be the leader she wants, and you’ll become a lot more attractive in her eyes.

What women want

To summarize, women want is

  1. Good looks
  2. Hot Body
  3. Money / Resources
  4. Conversation Skills
  5. Amazing Sex
  6. Status
  7. Emotional Rollercoaster
  8. Confidence
  9. Leader

Some of these, like natural good looks (and age), are things you can’t age too much.

Although style will go a long way.

And yes looks are very important.

But the rest of these can be maxed out.

You can get a hot body, get more money, become better at conversation, learn how to give amazing sex, increase your status, give women an emotional roller coaster, build your confidence, and become a leader.

There’s so much you can do to increase your conventional attractiveness if you put in the work.

Pick a few to focus on and build those up.

For example, create your purpose and become a producer.

Workout in the mornings before your daily grind.  Use a tad bit of the money you make to invest in better clothes.

Your money will grow, along with your status, body, and style.

Watch as you become the man women want.

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