Why women love it when you don’t give a fuck

Why women love it when you don’t give a fuck

Why women love it when you don't give a fuck

Women love it when you don’t give a fuck, and they hate it when you care too much.  That’s how the game goes.  If you guys are dealing with women at any level, you know this to be true.  Yet I get questions from men all the time who are dealing with women, especially ones they just met, and they clearly care way too much.

When I not to give a fuck I mean it.  However I decided to do an article on this so you guys can understand the logic behind it and why you should stop giving a fuck.

Of course you’ll care a little bit when dealing with women.  But not giving a fuck means you just don’t care that much, or really at all.  Things can happen or they don’t, either way you’re chillen.  Let’s get into the game.

Most men care too much

Men in today’s society care too much about women.  That’s why there’s all of these feminine men doing nothing with their lives except trying to get a woman to love them.  It’s like the roles from all of history have been reversed.

Guys are giving way too many fucks when it comes to their interactions with women.  In general, some of the top things I see things men caring too much about are:

  1. getting laid
  2. receiving texts back or attention from the girl
  3. locking the girl down for a relationship
  4. keeping their girlfriends happy at all costs

1 – Getting laid

date, girl looking away

Every guy wants to get laid.  So, you do give a little bit of a fuck about getting some fucks.  But it’s just way too much.  It’s to the point that guys are willing to be friends with a woman for 2 or 3 years to even have a chance at getting some pity pussy from a girl.  Or that a guy will be too nervous to talk to a girl at a bar who checked him out.

It’s ridiculous.  Some of you won’t even try to get any girls to come back to your place after a good first date.  Even when the girl is smiling at you the whole time, playing with her hair, asking if you if you live nearby.  Signs that she might be down to sleep with you and have fun.  But a lot of guys care so much about getting laid that they don’t want to “fuck things up” and therefore never make a move.

You can want to have sex, but when you make it too big of a deal, you give way too many fucks.  And women are turned off hard by this.

2 – Receiving texts back or attention from the girl

How do I hang out with her when she's always busy?

Although it’s frustrating to read stories about some of you that cockblock yourselves, it makes sense.  Maybe you’re new to the game or just got out of a relationship.  You want some sex and are nervous.  I’m not giving you an excuse, but it makes sense.

But what I don’t get is all of the remarks about attention.  Women need attention.  But apparently there’s a large group of beta males who also need it.

I get emails and comments from guys who are getting laid, yet complain about the women not texting them enough.

This is a problem.  If you’re getting the action in real life, then you’re good to go.  She’ll text you more over time.  But needing a woman to text you back so you feel good about getting notifications on your phone is weak.  It shows you give way too many fucks.  And this kind of behavior will maker you more desperate in real life and cause you to fuck up situations you would’ve otherwise been fine in.

3 – Locking the girl down for a relationship

Men pursue sex.  Women pursue relationships.  It’s your job to approach the girl, get her on a date, and sleep with her.  And also to fuck her well and lead the interaction.  Basically, you get things started.  But it’s her job to keep the interaction going.

It’s like the penis and vagina.  The penis gets hard right away.  It’s pursing.   the vagina takes some time to warm up and get wet.  Then it lets the penis in and keeps the environment suitable for sex.

The penis gets things started and is the force to enter.  But the vagina nurtures and keeps things alive.

When you try to lock down a girl for a relationship, you’re taking away the job she wanted.  She wants to chase the high value man and get him to commit.  When the man is trying to get the woman to commit, he’s reversing the roles.  He goes into his feminine energy.

This happens when men give a fuck too much and too early on.  They care more than the women, which is going to lead to a rejection by her of the relationship, or a dynamic where she’s the boss.

4 – Keeping their girlfriends happy at all costs

she said she needs space

As a boyfriend, it’s not your job to keep your girlfriend happy at all costs.  If you watched mainstream movies or grew up with the blue pill conditioning then you’d believe that.  But that will cause you to put her on a fat pedestal.  She’ll end up taking advantage of your weakness, even if she’s a decent girl.

It’s your job to be a man in her life.  You can have great times together.  But if the relationship is just about making her happy, that will mean giving her the power, doing whatever she wants to do, and ultimately selling your manhood.  You’ll apologize for things you shouldn’t and you’ll sacrifice your values to appease her.

Ironically, giving this much of a fuck won’t make her happy.  It’ll make her frustrated and sad to see a man she once really loved or liked belittle himself to make her happy.  She’ll be unhappy and unattracted to you if your goal is to bend backwards for her all the time.

Yea, you can make your girl happy if you’re in a relationship.  But you can’t care more than her.  You must be willing to lead the relationship, stay focused on your goals, and be willing to make her unhappy when you can’t do everything she wants.  She needs to enter your world, not the other way around.

Caring more than a women leads to

You’ll either become obsessed with a girl, become weak in your interactions, or just lose the girl all together.  Not giving a fuck with women will let you do better with them in all aspects.  Whether you’re trying to get laid on the first date, maintain a fuckbuddy, or have a girlfriend – women love it when you don’t give a fuck.

They don’t want you to need them.  They want you to want them, and for them to be the ones who need you.

Women want men who don’t need them

respect is necessary for attraction - the rock

Women want men who don’t need them, that’s the game in a nutshell.

Does this mean you never crack a smile or enjoy their company on a date?  No.  Of course you can have a good time.  If you’re a complete robot then you’re just a weird motherfucker.  But you can also avoid being a goofy motherfucker and talking your way out of the pussy.  You can let them talk most of the time, but ask questions, have some banter back and forth, and enjoy the moment.

You can be interested in a woman, but you can’t need her.  Women like it when alpha males show interest in them.  If an alpha, or a guy she likes, never showed interest, then he would never talk to her.

However, the alpha isn’t needy.  He wants to sleep with the woman, or ask her out, or date her, etc.  But his happiness doesn’t depend on it.  He can go up and talk to her, and if she’s actually not interested or won’t go home with him, it’s still all good.

The same energy applies to relationships.  Of course in a relationship it’s hard to ever not give a fuck.  But the less fucks you give, the better you’ll be.

It’s about not placing your happiness in women.  They can add some value to your life, especially if you have high quality women around you.  But you don’t place your hopes and dreams in a woman or in women in general.  Your whole self esteem isn’t based on whether you get laid this weekend or if your girlfriend is happy with you.

With or without

You don’t give a fuck.  You’re good with or without.

The newer your relationship is – like let’s say the night you meet a woman – the more important this attitude is.  It’s also the easiest time to not give a fuck.  If you’re meeting up with a girl from hinge or a girl you met earlier in the week, it’s easy not to give a fuck.

You’re busy on your purpose.  You either make 6-figures or you’re working towards that.  Whether it’s your job you work, your business, or a combination or a job and a side business.  There also could be other women in your life.  And you might even have a hobby like lifting weights, martial arts, working on cars, dancing, whatever.

The point is that women aren’t the focal point of your life.  You enjoy women, or the one woman you’re with.  But you don’t place all of your fucks in them.  If you place no fucks with them, then you’ll be aloof to them, yet your “game” would sore.  Granted you’re still doing things like fucking them right and letting them pursue things once you get the ball rolling.

Stop giving a fuck

alpha fucks vs beta bucks

Women love it when you don’t give a fuck.  It’s why they always complain about the guys who don’t care.  These are the guys they care about.

Your girlfriend wants you to care less than her.  She doesn’t want you to not give any fucks about her.  But she doesn’t want you to put her on a pedestal.

Women you just meet definitely want you to not give a fuck about how things work out between you and them.  This gives them the ability to chase you and want to nail you down.  In doing so, they invest more energy, see your value, and ultimately end up having stronger feelings for you.

Women are always surrounded by guys who just give way too many fucks about them.  These guys throw away their lives and do whatever they can to please women.  And guess what – women hate it.  They just want a man whose focused on accomplishing things and enjoying life.  They want to meet a high value man whose busy, but cool and fun to be around when he does have a few moments of time to give.  That’s why they’ll chase the high value men when they meet them, because there’s just not that many.  It’s refreshing for her to meet a man who can be confident and charismatic and not become desperate right off the bat.

If you want to do well with women, stop giving a fuck about the outcome.  You still need to have high sexual market value and know how to talk to girls.  But when you stop caring so much about doing well with women and just become the man they want to be with, then you’ll have plenty of great women who will want to get at you.

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Hey brother, thumbs up for the solid advice you’ve been giving. I’ve been following your tips lately and they’ve been effective, I go out with my girlfriend a lot and have fun a lot with her only when we’re together. Recently we haven’t been having much sex due to our university studies (for at least over a month now), so I’ve set up a date to get on it in a hotel with her this weekend. (It’s the only way we can have sex, can’t do it at home due to conservative family reasons) We last met on Friday and… Read more »