Women are the biggest players: what you can learn from females

Women are the biggest players

Women are the biggest players

Women are the biggest players.  They talk to multiple men when they’re single and have plenty of back ups when in relationships.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not mad about it at all.  In fact I’ve learned a lot of my game from women.  Which sounds backwards  as hell.  As a man, we’re supposed to be masculine and be the opposite of women.  And while that’s true to a large extent, a lot of “game” is balancing your masculine energy with feminine manipulation tactics.

Because most manipulation and even communication is feminine in nature.  Even if you do deliver it in a masculine way, it’s part of the feminine feeling.

And as players and men who want to get ahead, we need to balance being masculine while also learning how to deal with women and men.  Navigating social, work, and relationship situations is a feminine thing to do.  But because we don’t live like cavemen, even the most masculine men – like Navy Seals, the Rock, or a rising businessman – needs to know when to be direct and when to be indirect (feminine).

That’s why this article is focused on some of the feminine-like things men can learn from women in order to get ahead in the dating game and in life.

What you can learn from women about the game

Because women don’t have the physical strength of men, they’ve had to harness other skills in order to get what they want throughout history.  And with as modern as society is now, brute force only works in certain situations.  You still want to have masculine energy and be a man.  But you also need to know how to navigate people.  That’s what we can learn from women in the dating game as well as dealing with people in general.

You can’t just be like Genghis Khan and be the most alpha by slaughtering people.  And even Khan was extremely tactical and was able to balance feminine ways of approaching things (like starving cities to weaken them) and then unleashing masculine energy (attacking),

You need to also be aware of what tactics people use and what you need to use as well.  This way you can have the dating / sex life you want, have the friendships you want, and have the success in business you want.

While there’s a lot we could focus on, 4 key things you can learn from females and how they play the game are as follows:

  1. Abundance mindset
  2. Text slow
  3. Social life
  4. Knowledge gathering

1.  Abundance mindset – talk to multiple people at once

how to make a girl like you over text

The first thing you can learn from women in the dating game is to have an abundance mindset.  The vast majority of decent looking girls have a huge abundance mindset mindset when it comes to their dating life.  They can get sex whenever they want, and always have tons of guys lined up.  That puts them in the position to always feel like they can hop from one guy to the next.

And this mindset allows women to be able to not be desperate which each individual guy.

Where women tend to mess up is even though they have a ton of men in at their finger tips, they always want the guys they feel are out of their league.  It’s part of female nature to want to best mate they can get so they can have the best kids.  So it’s really not their fault.

Smart women will use their abundance mindset so they don’t act needy around a guy they really like, although their interest eventually comes out.


As men, we can learn from women that talking to multiple people gives us more options, allows us not to be desperate, and helps us to ultimately do better with the girls we actually like.

It’s harder for men to have an abundance mindset due to the nature of the game.  A girl whose a 7 or 8 can be sad and post selfies on tinder, and go out once a week, and have tons of decent quality men chasing her.

A man needs to have high quality pictures, go out more often or have high status when he goes out, and generally needs to put in more work to achieve the abundance mindset.  However, once we get it, our confidence is much more unshakeable than a woman’s.  Women know that men only want them for sex, and when they give it up too much or too often, or they can’t get any real friends, they feel like shit.

Once a man has a few regular girls he sees for sex and builds his abundance mindset, the only thing stopping him is getting into a relationship or dealing with an ex.

2. Text slow

Another thing men can learn from women is to text slow.  Not all women text slow.  And when a girl likes you she’ll often times reply right away.  Especially if you’ve been fucking her well.

But even then, women will usually space out their texts.  The ideal texting situation with a girl is to wait a few hours, have her respond right away most of the time.

However don’t be surprised if it takes a while to get a text back.  Many times it’s on purpose, and many times it’s just because they’re busy or get texts from a ton of people.  I get a lot of questions from older men asking why women and even younger guys text slow.  That’s just the normal social norm.

Regardless, texting slow, or at least not texting back right away every single time, is something men can learn from women.

Don’t always be on your phone

Unless you’re meeting up with a girl or a friend, it doesn’t make sense to respond right away.  Girls lose interest with you and even your guy friends will eventually think you have nothing better to do.  Texting slow, like a few times a day to one person at most, is key for keeping someone engaged but not being desperate.

As men, we think the logical thing is just to text back right away.  That’s fine if you’re texting your mom, a client, or your best friend from growing up.  And of course logistics if you’re meeting up with someone.

But otherwise it’s just a needy behavior.  I text everyone back on my phone at certain times of the day.  In the morning, in the evening, and sometimes at lunch if it’s important.  I do this because I don’t want to be texting on my phone all day as I’m working on my purpose.

It’s better to actually be busy and text people at certain times rather than just ignore texts and play video games.  The lesson we can learn from females is still the same.  Slow down with your texting.  Eventually you’ll see that some girls will think about you more and actually text you first.

3. Social life

going out with friends - social proof

Creating perceived value through a powerful social life can do wonders for your game.  Women are the biggest players when it comes to this because they know how to create alliances, be polite, and build out a robust social circle.

Women are excellent at doing this because they don’t need to try and get sex, but they do need to try and build friendships.  Attractive women especially have a hard time forming real friendships because every guy wants to fuck them and most other girls are jealous.  So women work hard to build social circles and also perceived social value through social media.  And it’s ironic because in the sexual market place, men really still only value their looks.  Women like to pretend this isn’t true, but they know it to be so.

But as men, if we build our social life and show it off through social media, we can actually benefit much more.  A woman gets some validation but that’s it.   If she builds a following she can get paid for it.  But a better profile doesn’t make her more attractive.  Her increased status does nothing for her sexual market value.  It just lets more people see her.

But as men, we not only get validation, having a poppin Instagram can help us indirectly get laid a ton.

Difference between men and women

If a girl is hot, a man doesn’t really care if she has a cool social profile, even has one at all, or has a social life or not.  Because status doesn’t really matter to men when they’re looking to fuck a girl.  Any random guy would rather fuck a hot chick whose a nobody versus Amy Schumer or Adele.

But women care about social status, which is why they try to do it themselves.  And many are excellent at it.

As a man, we can learn from women and also create a perceived social life.  This image will help you to game women consistently with just posting pictures.  It will also make your male friends want to hang out with you more and more.  This a feminine thing to do in nature, yet it’s something you can learn from females that’s relatively easy to do.

Some of my pictures are just me, some are with bros, some are with girls, and some are in groups.  And there’s travel pics and other kinds of pictures too.

All of these together show off that I have male friends, females like me, and I live a fun life of social abundance.  This is something we can learn from women because creating this social status for ourselves will help us to game them.  Women are excellent at doing this, though ironically the only benefit they get is attention.  As men, this gets us attention (although not quite as much) and also helps us to get at women.

It’s a way to learn from females and play the social game to our advantage.

4. Get information from many sources women are players - two women talking

Perhaps the way in which women are the biggest players is how they play people in social groups.  Women are very good at asking different people different questions in order to gather information.  They quickly find out whose dating who, who broke up with you, how each person knows the other, and so on.  Women do this in social life extremely well.

As a man, you can also learn from females the way to navigate groups.  Although when it comes to social circles, I tend to avoid getting caught up in the drama.  I’ll let people tell me stuff they hear, but I don’t get into the gossip or drama.  You need to drive a fine line between using feminine techniques and becoming too feminine yourself.  In social situations, you still need to be masculine.

However, you can you can learn from women and apply this to business in a much kore powerful way.  The things I described above about how women get info through asking questions is exactly what a good salesman or entrepreneur does when he’s working a complex account.  This means there’s a company with multiple people in the deal and the sales guy figures out how to navigate the company.

Women are the biggest players

Women are the biggest players in the dating game and dealing with people.  It makes sense because they had to play people in order to survive.  As men, we evolved to be fight, hunt, and be direct.  But as society as progressed, the most successful men have seen that women are the biggest players and have adopted useful strategies.

You still need to be a masculine man and be focused on your purpose.  But realizing that naturally women are the biggest players can help you to become a bigger player yourself in the game of life.  Because when you deal with players like women, you always need to be ready to be one step ahead.

And they want you to be as well.  They want you to lead and be in charge.  They’ll regret when your game slips, you stop being a player, stop fucking them well, and start acting needy.  Don’t let that be you.  Learn from women what’s useful and apply it to your your game so you can navigate situations and get the result you want.

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