How to do foreplay with women: Don’t be so desperate to shove it in

How to do foreplay with women: Don’t be so desperate to shove it in

How to do foreplay with women

Knowing how to do foreplay will make your sex life a lot better.  Women love foreplay, so don’t be so desperate to shove your dick in.  A large majority of guys want to be able to fuck well.  Whether you’re a player and want to keep the women you see addicted to you, or you have a girlfriend that you want to be in love with you, good sex is an essential skill for all men.

And a huge part of sex for women is foreplay.  As men, we naturally just want to shove our dick and and start fucking.  But this is not optimal for most women.  Taking things slower will put less pressure on you to preform as you can make her bust before you even fuck.  Which by the way, will make it that much easier to make her cum with your dick.

Learning how to do foreplay correctly will result in you being a better lover.  Where as men generally just care about penetration, women associate foreplay with the overall sexual experience.  If you want to be good at sex, you need to spend time warming her up.

Women love foreplay for a few key reasons

Women love foreplay for a variety of reasons.  Yes, there will be times when you rip off your clothes and get to fucking right away.  But 90% of the time, women want foreplay, and more than you think.  Women love foreplay because they:

  • take longer to warm up than men
  • can cum easily from foreplay
  • build up the thought of you fucking them

Women use foreplay to warm up

Women take longer to warm up then men.  If she’s been thinking about fucking you all day or you just have that raw sex appeal, then she may be wet the second you touch her.  But even then, women still take longer to get ready.  We can get hard dicks rather quickly.  But women, even if they’re wet, take longer.  Little things we don’t care about can turn them on or turn them off.

Spend more time flirting with her and giving her the “I’m gonna fuck you” eyes and overall vibe before hand.  If she likes you then this is going to turn her on before you even touch her.  For women, it’s not just the physical part.  You can argue that foreplay can even be had beforehand just with conversation and your energy.  If you’re having a drink with the girl, giving her a touch on the leg and saying she smells good can be a huge turn on to her.

This works especially well with girls you’re already fucking – like fuckbuddies or girlfriends – as you already have a level of familiarity.  However, doing something like this is miles above most men who just want to shove it in.

Foreplay makes women want to fuck you

foreplay with a woman

By taking is slower with women who are already in your life, they’ll be way less likely to push back on sex.  And in fact, they might even think the sex is their idea.  When men with girlfriends or wives ask me about getting more sex, I’ll tell them things like to implement dread game and stop being such a push over.  However, I also tell them to take things slower with their wives or girlfriends.  Use foreplay and flirting before clothes even come off.  Most men in relationships stop doing this, and therefore their girlfriends or wives start to view sex as a chore.

But when you make a woman feel sexy by giving her time to warm up and get thinking about sex before you’re pushing hard for it, you give her time to build it up in her head.  Sex is extremely mental for both men and women.  If it wasn’t, we’d just masturbate and not deal with women at all.  For women, they want to fantasize.

Take things slow will do wonders for men in relationships.  And of course single men trying to sleep with a girl for the first time will benefit from this as well.  Taking things slow, and getting into a sexy, seductive vibe will get the girl to think about you fucking her.  This makes sex that much hotter, easier to get, and that much better.

How to do foreplay

I have a whole article on not just how to fuck a girl the right way, but also how to turn her on.  Those two articles should have plenty of content to get you started.  I’ll summarize some main points here.

Don’t rush

Don’t rush into everything.  Even with the foreplay itself, slower is always better.

It’s much better for a girl to want you to move faster than to her to want you to move slower.  Trust me on that.  When she is so turned on that she wants the clothes off faster and wants you inside of her, you feel way better and things are smoother.  Rather than the opposite when you’re going too fast and she is trying to get you to slow down, potentially not wanting to have sex at all if you’re too pushy.

So slow down and enjoy the foreplay.  Start out with kissing and touching her body.  You can put your hand on her chin or face as you kiss to show some affection.  I like to put my hand on a woman’s throat to show my dominance and turn her on. The vast majority of women like this, however there are some who don’t and they’ll let you know.  It’s important to note I’m not choking them or anything.  Just putting my hand there for now.

Move on from kissing her mouth to kissing her neck, ears, back, etc.  Experiment and see what turns her on.

See what gets her wet

dirty talk during sex

Most girls have a preference in what gets them really wet, besides obviously touching the pussy.  A lot of girls love it when you kiss or bite their neck.  Others like it when you talk dirty in their ear or even just lightly bite it.  Some go crazy when you start to kiss their breasts or even just near their breasts.

As you do this, experiment with putting your hands in different places.  Especially the lower back, this will turn a lot of girls on.  Combine that with sucking on one of her tits or kissing/biting her throat and it’s game over.

Don’t expect every girl to be the same, try different things slowly and see how she reacts.  Learning how to do foreplay with women requires that you’re attentive to the woman in the moment.

Clothes off

Eventually you want to start taking her clothes off.  If she’s really turned on, she might just start taking her own clothes off.  Sometimes I like to “tug” on a piece of clothing I want her to take off.  This saves me the work from having to do it, plus something about a girl taking her clothes off is hot for me.

It also reduces any resistance with new girls, as since she’s taking her own clothes off, she doesn’t feel like you’re being pushy.

I’ll generally undo the bra strap of girls and then tug at them to take off their shirt / bra.

Get her hot and bothered

slow sex to make her cum hard

Anyways, don’t rush the clothes off easier.  Take some of hers off, take some of your own off.  Get your skin on hers.  Kiss her body, and then get back to kissing / sucking on her breasts, or her neck.  Whichever turns her on more.  Start to rub her legs and just miss her pussy.  What you want is to get her to hot and bothered that she can’t take it anymore.   Eventually you can put your hand on her pussy and begin to slowly rub.

Once her pants and panties come off, still continue to kiss her breasts  or neck area, while also rubbing her clit with your dominant hand.  This will turn her on like crazy.  Most guys just try to shove it in at this point.  Don’t be like them.  Take your time and rub her clit slowly.  You can even out your fingers her in her mouth so she sucks on them.  Then with your wet fingers, put them back down her pussy and continue to rub her clit.  Do this slowly at first and build up over time.

The goal here is to make her cum before ever fucking.  If you can learn how to do foreplay the right way, with orgasms before you even fuck, then this girl is going to come back for more.

After making her cum at least once, ideally 2 or 3 times, you can put your dick in.  Don’t jam it in there, put it in slowly.  From there you can have sex and give her the time of your life.

Foreplay is a powerful tool in your sex arsenal 

Foreplay is a beautiful tool to get her all excited.  When done properly, it makes sex 10x better for her.  And when it’s better for her, she’ll be addicted to you.  Which means you get more sex in the future, as well as more affection and love from her.  All men, whether players wanting to keep hot girls around or boyfriends wanting to keep their girlfriend addicted, will benefit from spending more time with foreplay.

You make sex physically and mentally better for her.  You let her desire you and build up the fantasy in her head as it’s happening.

Make her want it

sex tips for men

Women love foreplay and you should too.  It gives you a chance to reverse things and make her want it even more than you.  Don’t be so quick to stick your dick in every time.  If you have a girlfriend or a fuckbuddy who wants to get right to it then yea go for it.  But with new girls and with girlfriends / fuckbuddies, you should focus on the foreplay.  This is how you get her to want to come back for more.  You can make her cum easily during foreplay, which then makes fucking her right that much easier.

Use foreplay as a tool to get her excited, make the sex better, and keep women wanting to see you for a good time.

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