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3 things money does for you


3 Things money does for you

3 Things money does for you - cash

Money does many things for you.  If you’re a reader of Rebellious Development, or any content that is serious about leveling up your life, then you know that you need to get your money up if you’re broke.   Money isn’t the key to ultimate happiness.  And it’s still not as important as your health.  But money does a lot of good for you and it’s much better to have money then to not have it.

3 things money does for you change your life

  1. Gives you freedom
  2. Remove problems that make you unhappy
  3. Amplifies you, doesn’t make you more evil or more good

1. Gives you freedom

Financial Freedom: 4 Phases of Becoming Financially Free

Money does one thing that nothing else can’t in the modern era.  It gives you true freedom.  When you have financial independence, you can travel where you want and do what you want.  When you achieve true financial freedom, you have as much freedom over your life as possible.  You can live where you want.  You can work doing what you love or not work at all.  Money is all about options.

When you have more money, you can do more things.

Traveling the world or going on expensive vacation takes money.  Buying the house you want or living in the city you want takes money.  Doing martial arts takes money.  Getting the car you want takes money.  Having a gym membership takes money.  Going out on a nice date to get an expensive meal takes money.  Being able to skip a day of work takes money.

Everything in this world takes money.  If you’re able to make money or acquire enough of it, money does wonders in your life.  Living in an economic world where money isn’t as issue means you have the freedom to do what you please and enjoy the experiences you pursue.

2. Remove problems that make you unhappy

One of the most underrated reasons to make money is that it can remove problems.  Debt is the killer of all dreams.  Mortgages, car payments, student loans, and even credit card debt can destroy a person’s life.

Money takes these problems away.

It can’t solve every single problem.  There are diseases or conditions that can kill you no matter how much money you have.  But at the same time, it does give you the best chance at overcoming these obstacles.  Magic Johnson has had HIV for years.  Why’s that?  It’s partly because technology is getting better.  But he’s had the money to pay for the best medical attention for all of the years he’s had it.

If you got a disease, happened to be in a bad accident, having money would give you the best chance at recovering faster or surviving.  It’s sad but it’s true.

This applies to your family or loved ones as well.  A richer man has a much better shot at providing for those he cares about in medical emergencies.

Even in life in general.  A rich man can send his kids to the best schools in the best neighborhoods, pay for their college with no debt, and allow his kids to pursue what they want.  He can spend time with his kids if he’s a business owner and sets his life up that way.

Money does not make you happy on it’s own.  But money takes away many problems we have in life and can make it much easier for us to be happy.

3.  Amplifies you, doesn’t make you more evil or more good

dodge divorce rape by making money

Money doesn’t make you evil and doesn’t make you good.  It’s simply access to resources.  A bad man with lots of capital can do more harm.  And a good man with a high net worth can make great change.  It’s not isn’t a moral thing.  I bring this up because too many people are scared of making money and becoming evil.

There are many wealthy people who got where they are today by being corrupt or being ruthless with their pursuit of dinero.  There’s also people who chased the dollar and still kept a sound moral compass.  Although it does take some extreme confidence and bit of an ego to make money, you can still be a good person and kind to people in general.  As a businessman, you’ll need to understand people and not get taken advantage of.

But to say that money is going to make you evil or even make you good isn’t true.  You have the daily choice to make decisions within your moral compass.  Money gives you the ability to have more power in those decisions.

Downfalls of not making money

man hating job

Some of you  are  on the right path and working to build wealth early on in life.  But what happens when you don’t take your money seriously?  The lack of cash – aka access to resources takes a serious toll on your quality of life.  You can be forced to:

  • work a job you hate
  • live in a dangerous neighborhood
  • not living the life you want

Work a job you hate

When you have no cash you’re forced to work a job you hate.  This means having a boss, or bosses, or control your life.  If you don’t suck up to them you’ll be fired.  And you lose respect for yourself as a man when you’re required to bow down to another man.  Not everyone as a terrible boss situation.  But even if you like your boss, you still are subject to their will or the will of the company.  You don’t have control.  And as alpha male, you want to control your own livelihood.

It also just sucks working a job that you despise.  Clocking in and out 8-5 everyday takes a toll.  Is entrepreneurship easy?  Hell no, in fact it takes a lot more work.  But if you’re doing what you love, then you’ll be able to put in more hours on your own business then 40-50 hours a week on someone else’s business.  You’ll also have the option of working less in the future and having a much larger income than you would from working a job.

Live in a dangerous neighborhood

When you have no control of your finances, you’re not going to be able to afford to live in a safe neighborhood.  This means you’re going to be surrounded by people who are desperate for money and respect.  Which will lead to a much higher chance of you ending up dead, robbed, or in jail for defending yourself.

Downsizing your lifestyle when you’re starting a business is one thing.  But when you live in a tough neighborhood because you can’t afford to live in a nicer area, you’re putting yourself in a bad situation.  The lack of money takes its toll on you if it’s affecting your ability to live in a decent part of town.  There’s too many men in dead or prison because they had to defend themselves from other guys trying to rob or attack them.  Even if you don’t resort to bad shit yourself, living in a dangerous neighborhood puts you at a much greater risk of that affecting your life.

Not living the life you want


The main thing a big bank account does for you is allow you to live the life you want to live.  It let’s you take care of your family, explore the world, have a social life, and prevents you from being a wage slave.

For most of civilization where we’ve had currency, the masses have been slaves to the few elites.  And while not much has changed, the upward mobility we now have is insane.  It’s not easy to jump classes.  But you don’t need  to become an elite anymore to have a great life.  You can get a few 100k in the bank and have income coming in with a business you love and still have all the freedom you want.  Maybe buying lambo’s and mansions will still be out of your league, but you can do the basic things you like, and do them when you like.

All of the things money does for you – boils down to freedom

freedom is amazing

It’s simple resources.  A good man with more resources can do more good, a bad man with resources can do more bad.  It’s not usually that black and white, but you get the idea.

It boils down to choices.  If you want to be able to provide for yourself, family, and stay out of wage slavery, then you need to have money.  It’s not evil, it’s not good, it’s just part of life.  Money does a lot of good for you if you can acquire enough of it to not be subject to anyone.

It’s not the meaning of life.  But when you have cash,  you have way less problems and a much greater quality of your life.  Don’t be afraid to go after money.  If you don’t control your money and don’t have financial freedom, then you’re a slave to somebody else’s will.


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