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4 Texting Signs she doesn’t like you


4 Texting Signs she doesn’t like you

4 Texting Signs she doesn't like you

With our phones being the main way we coordinate with people, it makes sense that I get a lot of guys asking me about what certain texting signs mean when it comes to women.  And most of the texting signs guys are bad ones.  If a girl is texting you back right away or trying to meet up then you probably aren’t writing asking for advise.

If I was you I’d be working on making those positive texting signs into something more.

But these 4 texting signs are big clues that this girl isn’t into you.  This doesn’t mean that she won’t ever sleep with you.  However it’s a low chance she will – or if it’s a current girlfriend, then she’s not that into you.  While texting with girlfriends isn’t as important as long as you’re meeting up, having good sex, and getting energy from her, a girl whose in love with you is going to text you a fair amount.

For all of you guys texting with girls you haven’t fucked yet and you’re seeing these signs, it’s an uphill battle.  You need to reverse the situation by learning some text game.  If you keep getting these kind of reactions or just move on to other girls.

1. Always takes long to text back

Girls will text you back right away when they like you.  They’ll take forever to respond when you’re not much of a priority.

She can take long to text you back sometimes.  We all of our own lives.  She has work, school, hobbies, sleep, all of that.  So if this girl texts long to text back sometimes then that’s fine.  Especially if you always take long to text back, she’ll try to match you.  But if she really likes you she won’t help but need to text back right away.

But if a woman always takes forever to respond then this a a huge texting sign that she doesn’t like you.  Even the busiest women with the slickest game will slip up and text back fast to a guy they really like.

If this is a girl from tinder or online dating then you should expect for her to take long to get back to you a fair amount of the time.  But if these are women you have met in real life, and she always takes hours to text you back, then she’s not that into you.  Even women from online dating will still text you back quickly here and there if there’s any real interest.

2. Short answers

How do I hang out with her when she's always busy?

You don’t need paragraphs from the girl.  But the only time where short answers are good is when she is regularly meeting up with you.  I’ve had many women give me short answers but are down to meet up.  Those are some down women who are trying to get to the point.  If that’s the case then don’t stress.

But when a women isn’t meeting up and just giving you short answers, then she’s not that into you.  She’s giving you something to keep you in line so you give her attention.  But she’s not making any real effort.

Now if you follow my advise on texting, then you know you shouldn’t be texting forever with these women.  Your main goal is to meet up, and you can use some casual flirting.

The only time you should be texting girls in longer conversation is if she’s your girlfriend or a girl you’ve been sleeping with for a while.  And even then, it’s for a reason.  To get her to feel a certain way, to dirty talk, get her to chase your attention, or for some other purpose.  Not just endless conversation because you want someone to talk to.

If you’re endlessly talking about nothing then you’re going to get short answers from women.

3. Doesn’t ever initiate the conversation

stop texting her first

You’re always texting her first?  Then this should be one of the clear texting signs she doesn’t like you.  At least not that much.  If she texts you back every time then she has some interest in keeping you around as a beta.  But you’re just there for attention.

Women text guys that they’re into.  It’s not that you can never initiate the conversation.  Because as a man you can go after what you want.  But always texting her first changes things from wanting her to needing her.  You can want a woman, but you can’t need her.  Otherwise she’ll run away and lose interest.

If she never initiate conversations then you need to leave her alone.  Let her contact you.  If she doesn’t then that means she doesn’t like you.  And you need to let her miss you or see that you’re a man of high value in order for her to like you.  And you do that by not talking to her.

That way if she had any kind of real interest in you, it will grow and she’ll initiate a conversation.  When you hear nothing from her, it’s an obvious texting sign that she’s not into you.  So stop hitting her up.

4. Won’t meet up

Out of all the texting signs that shows she doesn’t like you, this is the biggest.  Because if she won’t meet up with you, then what’s the point?

Generally a woman will text back quickly and with some energy to a guy she likes.  But if she texts short and takes a while but still meets up, isn’t that better than a girl who texts back fast and long but won’t ever hang out?

I’d rather have a girl who isn’t a great texter but actually comes through rather than a girl who texts all day long but won’t meet up.  You do see some of that with women who just want some male friends.

Overall, women who text back fast and show excitement are the same ones who meet up with you.

However, her willingness to actually meet up and then fuck are the biggest signs she likes you.  A girl who uses texting as a tool to meet up with you, just like you use it to meet up with her, is a girl who likes you.

A girl who texts you but won’t ever meet up is just a girl who is using you for attention.  She’s getting her masculine energy from another man or men.  So it’s best to leave her alone until she comes around.

Texting Signs

Most of these texting signs should be common sense, but it can be hard to see some of it the moment.  And if you like a girl, you might overanalyze the texts and little details about it.

My advice to you is to cut that shit out.  I’m assuming the guys reading this article are all single, because you should’t be trying to figure out if your girlfriend likes you or not through texting signs.  You should be able to tell by handling that in person.

For all my bachelors, stop worrying about if a girl is texting you.  Talk to more women so you don’t become dependent one girl texting you back or meeting up.  You should almost forget which girl is which.  Or better yet just be busy enough where you forget to text girls back sometimes.  You’re not even running game you’re just buys working on your purpose.  That purpose should be a business that will give you financial freedom.

Use texting as a tool, and when you see texting signs that a girl doesn’t like you, stop texting her.  Let her come to you.


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2 years ago

I have liked your advice. However I have a scenario and I need your help. There is a lady I asked to be my friend. I finally realised that She has boutique. I go there and support it by buying clothes. What confuses me is when I go there we talk she is just open but when I text her on my what’s up she is too reserved. I always initiate the conversation. I have tried a number of times to show her that I want to be a friend but she texts less and yet I text much. This… Read more »

2 years ago

Hey, there is this girl I met we chat very often sometimes she replies me very fast, and sometimes I see her online and she doesn’t reply for some hours. But she’s always telling me to take her out when ever I have time. She always ask me if I have a girlfriend or something. But she hardly message me first. When I ask her for her pictures she doesn’t send. But sometimes she just sends me her pictures when I don’t ask. And sometimes when we meet face to face she tries to tease me or something. And she… Read more »

1 year ago

So I like this girl, we texted a lot and send some funny stuff to get some laugh, I remember that she send me something, it said something about love and she just instantly deleted it, didn’t got to read all of it tho, when I ask her to send me a pic of her(kindly)she did send it me, I also send a pic of me to make it fair. We did have lots in common. So does she like me or that how she text to friends?

1 year ago

I’ve read your advice and it made very sense to me. So there’s this girl I recently just got caught up with because we used to know each other from way before because of this place we went to together. I hit her up and asked her if she remembered me and she said yea. So of course I asked her questions on how she was doing and what she’s doing now and she said she was doing great. After we got caught up she would text me first everyday and we would be on the phone talking, laughing, and… Read more »

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