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5 Athletic Benefits of Semen Retention + NoFap: Reach Higher Levels


5 Athletic Benefits of Semen Retention

The 5 athletic benefits of semen retention as are follows:

  1. Strength
  2. Stamina
  3. Coordination
  4. Recovery
  5. Aggression

1.  Strength

This may be the most obvious athletic benefit of semen retention.  Studies have shown that just after 1 week of doing nofap / retaining, your testosterone is already increased.  Furthermore, other studies have shown that testosterone increases for a man after 3 weeks of no sexual release.
While this is clear as day for any of us who’ve practiced semen retention, it’s great to even some scientific evidence to back this up.  As it’s unlikely that there will be much more effort to produce scientific evidence for this, because an increase in testosterone across men is bad for the current system.
However, this doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of what retention has to offer you.  Increasing testosterone in a natural way one of the best things you can do as a man.  This will give you more drive, confidence, ambition, hope, happiness, and masculinity.
And on a practical level, you’ll have more strength in the gym or in your physical endeavors.

2.  Stamina

When you’re retaining, you have more of your life force, and this translates into your cardio.
This is something I’ve experienced myself with running and sports that require stamina.  It’s not that you don’t get tired.  But that second wind, and even a third wind, becomes available to you when you push your limits.
Practicing semen retention will give you a greater gas tank as have plenty of fuel to draw from.
Even when it comes to sleep.  Of course you should be getting optimal sleep every night for the best performance and health.  But on nights when you can’t get your full quota of sleep, you’ll still be able to make it through the next day easier than it would’ve been for the drained man.
The stamina retention gives you is not only one of the great athletic benefits of semen retention, but one of the overall lifestyle benefits as well.

3.  Coordination

Retaining allows to you access a greater portion of your brain.  Many of us who’ve been doing nofap or retention have noticed drastically less brain fog and increased ability to focus.
As humans, and especially as men, our ability to focus is what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom.  We can solve complex problems because of our attention span.  But this is much harder to do when you’re constantly draining yourself.
By minimizing ejaculations or by even retaining for longer amounts of time, you increase your ability to access more of your brain.
And one of the athletic benefits of semen retention makes itself clear when your coordination is increased.  Your ability to throw a punch, maneuver around an opponent, or move your body in whatever way you desire is enhanced while you’re retaining.
You’ll have more awareness of your environment.  And you’ll be quicker to notice the environment around you.  All of this is due to the increased coordination you’ll benefit from while retaining.
Your brain is like a radio to the universe.  When you retain your seed, you give yourself the ability to power your radio to a much greater degree.  In the workplace, a stronger signal translates into more innovative ideas to solve problems and generate more wealth.
In the athletic realm, this will give you an edge because you’ll be more connected with the earth + world around you.
Even when training, your increased coordination will allow you to pick up a new skill at a faster pace than compared to the drained version of yourself.  That’s why a man who retains can make faster progress in a sport.  The increased coordination allows him to excel and propel to the next level.

4.  Recovery

Practicing semen retention doesn’t mean you don’t need time to recover.  You still need your sleep and proper nutrition.  However, you’ll notice that your recovery time is reduced while retaining your life force.
This applies to
  • muscles from lifting weights
  • nervous system from weights or intense movements (fights, deadlifts, marathon, etc.)
  • bruises or other injuries

You should always take the precautions necessary when recovering from a tough workout, sparring / martial arts, or getting any kind of injury.

But while you’re doing what’s necessary to give your body the time it needs, be observant.  If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that you recover better than you ever did before you started retaining.

Semen takes tons of energy to produce

1 drop of semen is manufactured by around 40 drops of blood.

The average man is constantly releasing his seed, and therefore his body is working hard to always produce more sperm to make up for this.  But the man who retains doesn’t overwork his body like this.  When you retain your seed, your body can naturally focus on the recovery needed towards your muscles, nervous system, joints, bones, skin, etc. at a much more efficient rate.  It’s not having to multi-task and split its nutrients up between creating new semen and healing yourself.

This makes recovery possibly one of the most underrated athletic benefits of semen retention.

Whenever you release your seed, you become instantly tired.  Your body now has to go in overdrive to refuel your sperm.  After all, this is “worth it” to your body because it thinks you just successfully reproduced.

Even though you did nothing but waste your most precious resource.  Doing this everyday, or even every other day, is simply like throwing away a full gas tank.  It’s a waste of time and energy.

But when you retain, your body re-absorbs the nutrients.  It doesn’t have to work so hard because it’s not always trying to keep up with what it thinks of as the second coming of Genghis Khan.  It can now focus on healing you from whatever athletic direction you’ve taken it in.

5.  Aggression

Last, but certainly not least, is the aggression.  This is the athletic benefit of semen retention that has been known in the circles of fighters for years.  Boxers would avoid sex a month or two before a fight in order to have more aggression for the big night.   Although in reality, they could’ve had sex if they know how to master their sexual energy and not release.
But playing it safe to have the aggressive energy is more than worth it if that’s how you’re making your money.
While you’re likely not a professional athlete, you’ll still have more aggression while on semen retention.  This can be a bad thing if you let it control you.  That’s why I recommend also incorporating some kind of meditation or yoga into your daily routine.
Aggression is a powerful tool and can be difficult to control.  The man who learns to control the extra surge of aggression that’s granted while on retention will have a massive advantage in athletic performance.

Retention is the Fuel Source

Retaining your seed doesn’t just make your more attractive.  It allows you to have more of the natural energy that was bestowed to you at birth, and activate in once you reach manhood.  It’s nature’s way of pushing you towards success.  The most primal arena of success is the physical realm.  Retain your seed and enjoy the athletic benefits of semen retention that are available to you.


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