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5 Benefits of Lifting Weights: Why you need to pump the iron


Benefits of lifting weights

benefits of lifting weights

There’s so many benefits of lifting weights that you need to be doing it.

In case you need some extra motivation, I’ve highlighted 5 of the tops benefits that pumping the iron can give you.

More energy

Energy is essential to getting more accomplished throughout your day.

Lifting weights will take some effort when you’re under the iron, but the benefits of lifting weights will show later in the day.

Your energy levels will increase and you’ll feel more powerful.

This is why it’s best to lift in the morning before you go to work or start grinding on your own business.

In fact working out in the morning is one of the best things you can do to increase your energy levels period.

But lifting on a consistent basis, even if you can’t do it in the morning is still good.

However, I can’t stress how great it feels to lift some weights in the morning before your day, and then have the rest of the day feeling great.

You’ll be pumped up and feel like more of a beast when you’re doing your work.


If you’re lifting pretty consistently, then doing a full body workout about 3 times a week, with cardio on the other mornings is a great program.

If you’re not lifting as much due to other activities, like you do a martial art in the afternoons, then lifting twice a week, one time lower body and another time upper body, is another good alternative.

I’m not big on full split routines for naturals, but if that’s your preference, then you can get up everyday and lift 5-6 times a week.

Lifting weights, especially in the morning, will give you energy for the rest of the day.

In addition to lifting weights, ending your showers with cold water, caffeine spread throughout your late morning / early afternoon, eating real food, and not ejaculating are keys to having a ton of energy.

And following your meaning in life is also a huge factor as well.

More focus

more focus

In addition to more energy, on of the other great benefits of lifting weights is more focus.

Having the drive to accomplish things throughout your day is very important, but so is having the right focus.

Getting up early and working out will do just that for you.

It will give you energy in a way that’s not distracting.

If you’ve ever had too much coffee at once, or downed a few energy drinks too quickly, or have played around with stimulants in general, you know that lots of energy doesn’t mean lots of focus.

Pushing those weights will give you that natural boost without taking away from the tasks you have to accomplish.

Getting your workout done in the morning gives a feeling of accomplishment early on in the day.

Giving yourself wins, like taking care of your workout in the day, will give you more focus because you already feel like you’ve accomplished something.

The more things you accomplish, the more momentum you create and the more you can get done.

Have you ever had days where you just get so much shit done and have hyper focus?

This is because you felt good by accomplishing whatever the original task was. You then built momentum.

Building momentum is an absolute, essential key in order to become a producer and crush your goals.

Starting your day by lifting weights will make you feel good because you’re starting the day off as a winner.

By the time work comes around you’ve already built up your muscles.

Even if you fuck up at work, at least you’ve already worked out.

With that mindset, you’ll be less afraid to take necessary risks and you’ll preform better at your job. Or better yet your own business if you have one.

Increased Strength

increased strength

Increased strength is about as obvious at it gets when talking about the benefits of lifting weights.

Picking up heavy shit and putting it back down again will result in stronger muscles.

As a man, you always want to become stronger and better.

Lifting weights is one of the easiest ways to see yourself become stronger.

And it simply feels good to become stronger.

Maybe it’s a survival instinct, but increasing your strength will simply make you feel like you have more control and more power.

You’ll be more confident knowing you’re in shape and work harder each week to get stronger and stronger.

Human beings as a species are always focused on progression.  Unfortunately it doesn’t always seem like some individuals are progress-focused.

But as a man looking to improve his life, and always progress, lifting weights is one the best ways to see this.

You can literally see yourself as the weeks go by lift more weight and gain larger muscles.

This will do a lot for your overall confidence.

Your ability to create and produce will increase.  Which also means you’re less likely to consume and waste.

Your increased strength will also help you be an alpha male in physical situations.

Mental Toughness

In addition to the increased physical strength, another overlooked benefit of lifting weights is becoming tougher mentally.

A guy whose up early, in the gym, and under the iron is simply going to become tougher than a guy who sleeps in and forces himself to barely to make it to work on time.

This mental toughness will aid you in so many areas of your life.

Whether it’s with women or with starting your own business, becoming tough is always an adavtnage.

Higher SMV

higher sexual market value

Last, but not the least, is your increase in sexual market value.

One of the greatest benefits of lifting weights to many guys 18-40 is that is makes them more attractive to women.

Just like you like a big ass, nice tits, and a small waist, women like a man with a six pack and muscles.

Lifting weights will make your physically more attractive and women will love this.

If you’re a 7, packing on some muscle can make you an 8 or 8.5.  If you’re a 5, if might even make you a 6, 6.5, or a 7.

Combined with a healthy diet to stay lean, and good style, the gym can turn you into a stud.

Get to it

So you have 5 solid benefits of lifting weights.

Whether you’re an iron addict or just hitting it twice a week, there’s too many upsides to not lift weights.

Make some time for the gym and learn to love the gains.


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