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7 Signs you’re a Beta Male: What is a beta male and how to change?


7 Signs you’re a Beta Male

7 Signs you're a Beta Male: What is a beta male and how to change?

I could come up with 100 signs you’re a beta male and then some.  There are numerous examples I see in real life, have made in my own younger life, and see from emails from guys.  It’s like guys are inventing new ways to be a beta male.  Getting really creative with this shit.

But anyways, knowing some common signs you’re a beta male can help you to realize your problem.  It’s important to not just avoid each of these signs you’re a beta male, and instead to become an alpha male.  That way you’re solving the underlying issue and not just the symptoms.  However, knowing the symptoms will help you realize you have a problem in the first place.

What is a beta male?


A beta male is a male who views women as better than himself.

Simple as that.  Every mistake you make with women will be a manifestation of this.

Some women will naturally view you as an alpha male or a beta male depending on their preference in men.  Women who like you view you as “alpha”, even though they don’t think that word in their head.

However, a real man will be alpha in the way he carries himself around women regardless of how they view him.  A woman may like a man because he’s her type.  but then when he acts lesser than her, she’ll be turned off and won’t know why.  The same is also true.  A woman might not like you a ton, but your alpha energy can rub off on her and she can all of a sudden think “there’s just something about him”.

If you want to be a beta male than you don’t need to read this article.  You just will get treated like shit from women.  Women might appreciate you do nice things for them, but they’ll talk shit behind your back, you’ll get no respect or sex from them, and they’ll just feel bad for you.  If that.  Those are the really really nice women.  Most women laugh at the beta males and feel no mercy for them.

If you want respect, sex, and love from women, then you need to destroy the beta.  I talk about that in other articles.  But for now, let’s look at some common signs you’re a beta male to see if you’re unnecessarily ruining your dating life.

The Signs you’re a Beta Male

  1. Double text women
  2. Never go for sex on the first date
  3. Willing to be friends with a girl to try and get at her
  4. Let the woman lead
  5. Get bossed around in relationships
  6. Can only get sex in relationships
  7. Never get head

1. Double text women

man texting a girl first

Double texting women is one of the most beta male things you can do.  And the good part about this is that it’s clear as daylight.  This is one of the signs you’re a beta male that you can clearly address asap.

Don’t double text women.  It’s that simple.  Double texting women is when she doesn’t respond to a text so you text her again within the next day or two.  It’s weak as fuck, and it just turns women off.  Double texting women shows that you care too much.  If she never got back to you, you weren’t okay with that.  So you’re reaching out to “make sure she saw your text” or some bullshit.  Fuck that.  Eliminate double texting a woman.

If she stopped responding, can you send a text a few weeks later?  Well in this case, you can.  It’s still not the alpha thing to do, but it can lead to you getting some ass.  I’ve had success with this in the past and even cover how to this the right way.  However I actually wait a few weeks, and then send a very minimal text.  Even then, this isn’t optimal to do.

2. Never go for sex on the first date

Beta males never go for sex on the first date.  In fact they barely go at sex at all.  If they do, they wait many dates or after they know a girl for months.  Then maybe the girl gives them some pity sex so the beta male will stay around giving her attention.

You don’t need to get sex on the first date to be an alpha male.  What the girl decides to do is up to her, you can only steer her in that direction.  But alpha males tend to get sex on the first date more likely than not.  If a woman views you as an alpha male, then she likes you.  And if you view yourself as one, you’re going to pursue sex on the first date.

If you’re smart you set up the date close to your place and then bring her back

And if your game is elevated to another level, you’ll just invite girls straight to your place.

Girls will come to your place directly if they really think you’re an alpha male.  Some will want to meet nearby in public first if she’s unsure if she wants to fuck you and wants to feel you out, wants to make sure you’re safe (if it’s from online dating), or just doesn’t want to seem that easy.  That’s fine, you can meet her nearby and bring her back to your place easily.  And even then, most of the time you can get the girl back to your place directly if you’re really about it.  Especially if you only want to deal with women who already see you as alpha.

But in order to do that, you need to have high smv and be grounded in your masculinity.

But whether or not the girls see you as this huge alpha male or she’s unsure, a man who knows he’s a leader knows that he is.  He’s going to go for sex on the first date.  If you’re too nervous to go for sex on the first date, you’re putting the pussy on a pedestal.  It’s a big sign you’re a beta male with women and it’s something you need to address.

3. Willing to be friends with a girl to try and get at her

Stuck in my Wife's Friendzone: Becoming a beta in marriage

So many beta males are willing to be friends with a girl to try and get some ass.  Most don’t, and just get used for attention.  The good news for the beta males reading this is that isn’t not impossible to get laid this way.  Women will make you wait when they date and fuck the alpha males.  But if you play you’re good beta male role for 6 months to a year, you might get some ass eventually.

It’s one of the most obvious signs you’re a beta male.  At least looking from the outside.  To the beta, he thinks he’s “winning the girl over”.  But he’s really just waiting for her to be so hurt by the alphas that she wants to take a break from the heartbreak and settle with a beta for a while.

Generally girls will get into relationships with a beta after a bad experience with an alpha.  What the beta male thought was finally his turn ends up being his worse nightmare.  Not right away.  He’s generally ecstatic to finally get some sex with a girl that’s out of his league.  Little does he know that girl will end up dominating the relationship and treat him terrible.  The beta male has no balls and will never stand up for himself.  Ultimately the girl will leave him or cheat on him.

If you’re friends with a girl in the hopes to get some ass, you’re a motherfucking beta male.  An alpha male would never, ever, ever, do that shit.

4. Let the woman lead

As a man, it’s your job to lead the relationships with women.  That goes for the first date, to fuckbuddies, to girlfriends.  A man leads his interactions with women.  Women do the choosing initially, she has to like the guy.  But men lead the relationships.

At least alpha men do.  We provide direction to a woman’s life.  That’s what women want.  They want a strong man with a purpose in his life.  They want a man doing something.  A man going somewhere.  And not only that, but they want this man to be able to provide direction for her in her life.

One of the biggest signs you’re a beta male is that you let the woman lead.  This is beta as fuck.  Women will lead if you let them.  But they’ll hate you for it.  In their masculine energy, they’re destructive and will devour the beta and spit him back out.  This leads to break ups where beta males feel depressed and even commit suicide sometimes.  This is why it’s so important not to fall into being a weak beta.

As the man, you need to lead your relationships and guide the women.

5. Get bossed around in relationships

shit test 101

Betas get bossed around in relationships.  I could really make this apart of the previous sign you’re a beta male.  Because if you don’t lead, she’ll regret dating you and boss you around.

However I wanted to make it clear to the betas as they may not see the relation.  Betas get treated badly by women.  Women don’t respect the beta male.  Which is why they always get yelled at, ignored, and left on read by their girlfriends.

6. Can only get sex in relationships

Another sign that you’re a beta male is that you can only get sex inside a committed relationship.  Alpha males can sex regardless of being single and seeing many women or dating one woman.  Even if the girls want to lock him down, they’ll still give sex to him.  If they don’t, they know he won’t give them any attention.  Such is the way of the true alpha male.

Beta males just can’t do that.   Many don’t have sex at all.  And most must resort to a relationship to get sex ever.

They don’t have the sex appeal, confidence, or balls to go for sex outside of a relationship.  Some are dumb enough to think that women don’t have sex outside of committed relationships.  And others can tell that they are just too beta to get the girls in the bedroom without locking them down.

That’s why beta males always push for a relationship.  Which is so weak.  as the man, it’s your job to get the job rolling when you meet a woman.  You approach her, convince her to meet up with you, and pursue sex.  But once you fuck her and fuck her well, you back off.  You let her pursue you.

Beta males simply don’t have the masculinity to this.  They still want to fuck.  But they know they can’t get any sex unless they’re in a relationship.  It’s because their value is too low.  An alpha male has such high value that a woman is willing to sleep with him outside of a relationship.  A beta male’s value is so low that he can only get sex inside a relationship, and sparingly at that.

7. Never get head

Beta males never get head.  Okay, maybe once in a while they will.  There are some girls that love to give head and will blow any man.  But the majority of women won’t blow a beta male.  They’ll have sex with him in a relationship from time to time.  However they won’t give him head.  If they do they don’t shove the whole dick in and put real effort into it. They won’t suck on his balls.

Why not?  Simply because women don’t want to submit to a beta male.  They either won’t give him head, or they’ll give him shitty head.  They’ll put the tip in the mouth but won’t really try to put the whole thing in there.  When a woman sees you as an alpha male, she does her best to give you the best head.

Some women can give great head and others not so much.  Even the ones who suck will at least be trying hard and gagging in an effort to impress you and pleasure you.  You can tell when a woman is putting in effort to give you good head and when she’s giving you the beta male maintenance blow job.

Stop being a beta male

alpha male definition

If you’re experiencing any of these signs that you’re a beta male, it’s time to slap yourself in the face.  What the fuck are you doing and why are you doing it?  You’re not getting the respect and compliance from women.  Which means you need to work not just on your game.  You can avoid or see the signs above.

What you really need to do is work on your masculinity.  When you become a real man, you’ll be the alpha male women want.  How long does it take to become an alpha male?  That depends.  No man is perfect, but in order to generally become a masculine man, it’s going to take a least a year of work.  Maybe even 2 or 2 years if you’re that much of a beta.  If you can recognize the signs you’re a beta male and see your mistakes, you can at least begin to make progress and change your ways.


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Hey, I just came across this and your site. Interesting. Is it okay to be a bit of both, though? I have some issues like a bad stuttering problem and a learning disability that made me miss out on a lot in life, I’m finally getting an apartment , but I think that I have some good qualities . Also, do you do coaching or counseling?

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