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A Focused Man is Unstoppable


A Focused Man is Unstoppable

A focused man is unstoppable.  Especially with all of the distractions that plague men and constantly pull our attention away from our good work.

Modern distractions

Among these the worst are the matrix of porn, dating apps, and social media.  The average man is now a fraction of any of his ancestors due to the constant release of his life force energy.  By pulling his attention to the distraction, these matrixes put the man in a trance.  This trance weakens his will power by giving him overloading stimuli.  Not only does the stimuli waste his time for hours on end, but they also ruin his focus. It’s not like the average guy watches porn for an hour, and then goes on to do 8 hours of work.

He watches porn, feels like shit, and then might get a half hour or hour of work done at best.

Men who have kicked the porn addiction rise up to the next level where they’re constantly distracted with dating apps.  While they’re putting in some work, they’re really just focused on checking tinder a few times (really more like 20 times) a day in the hope of a woman wanting to meet up with them.

Then they check social media, see the lives of more successful men or attractive women, and feel bad about themselves.

Yet it’s so addicting.  And the more men stay in this cycle, the worse their focus is on other things.

Take back your attention

What you need to do is take back your attention.  Meaning you need to be aware of what you out your attention on.  Whatever you allow into your world through the senses will become what you focus on.

Most men have weak focus because they’re constantly spending time on activities that are giving them new stimuli second after second after second.

With no focus, a man can’t do much but work enough to pay the bills and call it a life.  A man without focus is a man whose a slave to the society around him.  He’ll go along with what he needs to in order to just get by.  But he’ll never thrive, he’ll always just survive on a low level.  This is why so many guy young men are depressed.  Even older men are going through many of the same things as they’ve adapted to the technology.

If you want to take back your life, you need to take back your attention.

Decide, Envision, and Stay Consistent

Decide on what you want to do.
Create a vision for your life.
And then practice Semen Retention.
When you decide what you want to do, you give yourself something to look forward to.  Something besides sex or eating good food.  Decide on something that’s worthwhile.  If you have nothing then experiment.
When you have something to do, and you continue to do it, you’ll create a vision for your life.  It always starts out as an interest, but then it evolves into something beyond.  That’s the seed of success growing in your brain, as your subconscious is pulling ideas to manifest a life of thrival for you.
Retain your seed and you’ll not only have the energy to do what’s needed, but your attention will grow.  Because now you have more fuel for your brain capacity to be increased.  You can use more “willpower” then before.  Since your brain can function better, you now need less energy to focus.  This is particularly critical for those who haven’t trained their attention span.

The one unstoppable thing

The one unstoppable thing in this world is men who are focused.
Men who used their daydream into a vision by staying focused on it.
A daydream is something you think and forget about.  A vision is a daydream that you consistently focus and use your will to bring it into reality.
Men who have a vision for the future are the ones who have invented the technologies we have today.  We have modern plumbing because a man envisioned a new way to create infrastructure for his village.  We have cars because Henry ford envisioned that we’d all have automobiles instead of horses.
Even down to your most precious device, we have iPhone’s because Steve Jobs has a vision for the way we’d have a computer in a phone all in one.  Before him a man has a vision for a cell phone, and before that a stationary phone, and before that morse code, and before that horse back, and before that, you had to communicate in person.
Everything we have is because a man had a vision to create something,  That vision is created and achieved through focus.
Focus is what will make you unstoppable.

Increase your focus

I have an article on how to increase your focus.  But here’s a quick recap.
Our modern technology, while it has blessed our lives in many ways, has also caused us to have shorter attention spans. Especially with porn and dating apps.  The internet is a blessing, but these two avenues have become detrimental to men.  Porn by far being worst.
You must train your attention span to become focused.
You do this by forcing yourself to stay focused on a task for a given amount of time.  This can be reading for a half hour, working on your business for an hour, learning Spanish for 45 minutes, and so on.  At first you will start to feel “drained” or “impatient” after some time.
This is because your brain is getting a work out from focusing.
It’s so used with new stimuli after new stimuli that it now has to be worked like one of the muscles on your body.  But as you force yourself to focus, your focus will grow.  And then apply this focus to what’s important to you.  This can be learning that skill you desire for a job, or the side business, or paying attention in conversations, and so on.
The more you put your attention on something (hence the term paying attention), the greater focus you have on it.  Use your own goals (learning a skill, language, business, etc.) as the areas you place your attention on.  You may get tired and need a break.  That’s fine.  You can do a half hour on, 10 minutes break, then another half hour on, and so on.  Eventually you’ll be able to focus for 3 or 4 hours at a time before you need another 10 minute break.

Put your Attention on what Matters to Develop Unwavering Focus

And of course, the more relevant the task is to your life, the more motivation you’ll have for doing it, and the easier it is to focus on.
That’s because your subconscious mind kicks in to help your conscious mind out whenever the task is critical.  Your subconscious mind is the bulk of your mind and is responsible for your survival.  So when something is as important to you as surviving, you’re able to focus all of your energy on it.  If you love to do something, your subconscious mind is also naturally going to make it easy for you to focus because the feeling of “love” or “loving” or “being in the zone” is associated with thrival.
Instead of being in a trance by social media or TV, your brain is in a trance of productivity.  That’s how you develop your focus.  By getting used to training your attention, and putting it towards what’s most important to you.


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4 months ago

Impeccable thought-provoking material. Speaks truth, provides excellent and clear suggestions. This will speak not just to men, but to women as well, like myself. I hope everyone reads this and puts your suggestion into practice. It could change relationships and the world.
Thank you!

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