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A Woman Does Not Complete You: Stand on your own


A Woman Does Not Complete You

a woman does not complete you - Leonardo diCaprio

A woman does not complete you.  As a man, you need to be complete all by yourself.  From the questions I’ve gotten, I can tell that most of a man’s woman problems come from a girl stressing him out.  While there are certain situations where men are dealing with baby mama drama, the vast majority of men’s problems with women come down to looking to be completed.

And there’s two main ways look for women to complete them.  Either through one woman, or through many women.

The relationship guy

The relationship guy is exactly what you think of as a man who needs a woman.  Especially if he has oneitis for a particular girl.  We’ve all experienced oneitis whether we’re typically in relationship to relationship or players or fall for a girl.

The relationship guy, whether he’s always like that or like that right now in his life, is putting his happiness in one girl.  He needs a specific woman to complete him.

Many of these guys are insecure in their own value, and want to have a girl that makes them feel like someone cares.  Others start out with decent confidence, get obsessed with a girl, and then place all of their happiness in that one girl.  Then they become dependent on her for their self worth.  These guys become beta and tie their identity towards dating a certain woman.

They don’t understand that a woman does not complete you because they feel complete with this woman.  Unfortunately, this always backfires.  A woman needs a man who doesn’t need her.  Or at least she needs a man who doesn’t need her as much as she needs him.

The relationship guy needs a girlfriend or wife to feel whole in himself.  To feel like he’s living a complete life.  He can’t stand to be alone.  He puts all of his need for acceptance into one woman.

The player

The player also needs women to complete him.  Well, not the player on Rebellious Development.  We’re players with our dating lives and in the game we call life.

But the average player, especially the pick up artists, need women to complete them.  It’s not as obvious or even in the same exact way as a relationship guy.  Because he knows he doesn’t need any one woman to complete him.  But most players need multiple women to feel complete.

If a player doesn’t have lots of women texting him, wanting to meet up, or matching with him online, he feels like shit.  If he has a date lined up and he’s hoping to get laid, then she flakes, then he’s going to be wondering what he can do to create interest in her again.  He’ll question his own self worth.

Players have a need to fuck new women to feel better about themselves.  They also have an addiction to chasing new highs and getting hotter and hotter women.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting to fuck new, hot women.  It’s something I enjoy, like any man.  However the player makes the mistake of making that his life purpose.   He exists solely to slay new ass.  He doesn’t understand that a woman does not complete you.  Because he’s trying to get as much experience with women to feel like a man.

Instead, he should continue to have fun with women but not take his dating/sex life so seriously.  It shouldn’t be the #1 priority.

Why you need to have a purpose

start a business instead

This is why you need to have a purpose.  A woman does not complete you.  But you’ll always look for one too if you have no other focus.  Because as men, we create a purpose by default in our lives.  And the quality of that purpose determines the quality of our lives.

If you make women your purpose then you’re going to have a drama filled life.

But if you make your purpose into a business, then you’ll have an incredible life.  You’ll still get all the benefits that the relationship guy / player gets depending on your preference, but in even higher quality, less drama, and more happiness.

Benefits of a purpose

A purpose will:

  • Make you financially free
  • Increase your sexual market value
  • Bring you happiness
  • The only thing that will reward you for devoting yourself to it

Financially free

freedom is amazing

If you’re not financially free then you don’t control your life.  We live in a world where money buys freedom.  Money is literally access to resources.  Now whether you want to become rich or just build enough wealth and remain a minimalist is up to you.

Either way, when you control the money you have, you can travel where you want, eat where you want, live where you want, provide for your family, and do things that you want to do.  You’re not a wage slave stuck in an office building doing something you hate.

Increase your sexual market value

dan bilzerian: financial freedom

Having a purpose that pays you well and keeps you busy also increases your sexual market value.  Your money will go up over time.  Which means you can have a nice apartment/house, dress like you have money, have a solid car, and in general communicate your success.  This helps with getting hot women, although you always need to screen for quality.

But it also increases your energy.  When you make your own money and you believe in yourself, then you have a different energy about you.  Women can sense this.  In the way you talk, the way you walk, and the way you interact with people will be way different.  You’ll become magnetic.  Girls will want to date and fuck you.  Guys will want to be your friend.

Having a purpose that’s only dependent on you means you can continue to increase your smv as you wish.

Bring you happiness

businessman celebrating

Your purpose will bring you happiness.  And at the end of the day this is what it’s all about.  You’ll pick a business that you love and are good at.  It will not only feel good doing what you like, but it will feel fulfilling because you’ll be helping people/businesses and getting paid for it.  It will be the thing you need to focus on in order to climb to new levels of life.

The only thing that will reward you for devoting yourself to it

your purpose is the only thing that will reward you for devoting yourself to it.  If you devote yourself to a woman or even just the dating game, you’re going to end up with nothing in the end.  But your purpose will always be there.  Even if you decide to sell your business or close it down, the joy it brought you will be there.  And the money it gave you won’t disappear.  You’ll get to have the legacy from it.  Your business will never break up with you or divorce rape you.  It can outlive you if you choose to grow it, for be the catalyst for a life of freedom.

It’s a vehicle you control.

And you can start another business if you choose.  Or transfer that sense of purpose to your kids and raising them if you ever have them and have already achieved massive success.

A business is the perfect purpose for men to use to better their lives.

Getting good with women

attracting women

It probably seems weird that a man whose good with women, and who has a self development site for men that focuses on dating, is telling you a woman does not complete you.

That’s because it’s taken me getting good with women for it to not be a big deal.  Back when I was a kid and teenager, I hated not being able to get girls.  Whether it was to just fuck them or get a girlfriend, I wanted feminine energy in my life.  If I never overcome that, then I would always think that I needed a woman to complete me.

Maybe some of you don’t feel the same way.  But I get a lot of emails from men about their desire to get over a girl, get her back, or about how to get the player lifestyle.  I’m here to help with all of these things.  Because it takes going through it for you to realize it’s not a big deal.

Starting a business took a lot of work at first, and always takes effort, but now that I’ve done it, it’s not a big deal.  The difference is my business gives me something to pursue and it only gives back to me.  I’m complete with my business.  Or really any purpose that adds value to my life and to others.  For me that’s a business I own.

Don’t make a woman your purpose

Most men make the mistake of making a wife or girlfriend their purpose.  Others just want to fuck as many girls as they want and make that their purpose.  While it’s fine to have a relationship or be a player, these shouldn’t be the defining characteristics of you as a man.  It’s just your dating life.

And developing a dating life you control and can get to where you want can allow you to pursue your purpose in a more powerful way.  That’s why a lot of my content focuses on getting good with women.  Because once you take care of that, you understand a woman does not complete you.  Then you can have a dating/sex life while focusing on what you need to do on earth as a motherfuckin’ man.

Stand on your own two feet

michael b jordan

As a man, you need to be able to stand on your own two feet.  This means you can go on without needing any one woman or without being needy for many women.

I’m not saying you need to avoid women.  Dating, sex, and affection from women is a great joy in life for a man.  Having a woman or many women can be one of the things that you look forward and brings you pleasure in life.  But you can’t make women your purpose.  A woman does not complete you.  She’s there for the journey, whether that’s one night or for life.  You’re the man whose on a mission.  You’re building your business and creating a legacy.  A woman can be by your side, or not.

You’re never desperate for any one woman or the need for women.  You know a woman does not complete you.  Because you have a direction and a focus on life.  You complete the women who are lucky enough to experience you, for however long that is.


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