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Abundance Mindset: The Key to Always having Options with Women

Abundance Mindset

james bond - abundance mindset

When you have an abundance mindset, you get more of what you want.  You’re more calm about the future.  And you don’t stress over small shit.  If you have a strong abundance mindset, then you don’t stress over big shit too.

You’re not going to develop this overnight.  Pimp’s and CEO’s take years to hone their mental states.  However, you can how to live in abundance and build up an abundance mindset quicker than you think.  And if you can maintain in within different areas of your life, the quality of your life will dramatically improve.

What is the abundance mindset

The abundance mindset is a state where you have more than you need.  It’s a state where you have more options than you have time for.  And it feels good.

Imagine you had tons of 10’s blowing up your phone wanting to fuck you.  You’d have a total abundance of women.  You wouldn’t have any desperateness with women.  And ironically, you’d have a good chance with each one of them rather than if you were just talking to one 10.

You can apply it to money as well.  When you have an abundance of money, looking at what apartment you want to rent, house you want to buy, or income goals you have seems like a fun pastime rather than a stressful exercise.

This article is going to focus on having an abundance mindset with women.  However, it’s also extremely beneficial to have this kind of mentality with your

  • money / business / career
  • lifestyle options

If you can have abundance across all areas, then overall quality of your life will increase tenfold.

Dating + relationships

With dating and relationships, you need to have an abundance mindset:

  • when you’re meeting women (building your pipeline, at the club, tinder)
  • in casual relationships, aka plates
  • in committed relationships

When you’re meeting women

nightlife club, being in the market

Positive thinking is good, but isn’t enough when you’re meeting women.  Having a mentality of abundance will help you meet more women, hotter women, and increase the chance of you getting laid or a date.

When you’re meeting new girls, you gain this mindset when you have options.  And the best way to do this is by increasing your sexual market value.  Maxing out your looks, style, money, and status will ensure that more women are attracted to you.  And therefore you’ll have more options.  A man with high sexual market value can meet plenty of women when he goes out or downloads a dating app.

Besides increasing your smv, there’s two others ways to gain an abundance mindset when meeting women.

The first is to go after women who choose you.  This means that these women are checking you out before you approach them.  Girls who already like you are easy to talk to.  And when you successfully approach a girl who likes you, you’ll feel amazing the rest of the night or day.  You’ll also start to develop an attitude of abundance.

The second way to have an abundance mindset when meeting new women is to have a girl you see causally come over before you go out.

Let’s say you’re going out to a bar or club on Friday.  The idea is to invite a girl you’re already seeing over around 6 or 7.  You two have sex and hang out, she leaves, and then you meet up with your friends and go out.  You’ll already have a total aura of abundance because you already got laid.  You won ‘t feel the pressure to get new pussy because you just had some a few hours before.  Women will sense this on you.  And you’ll be much more likely to do well that night.

In casual relationships

player with women, confident

It’s also important to learn the abundance mentality when it comes to girl you see casually.  Most girls will demand that you date them exclusively, or try to push you towards that slowly.  Especially if you know how to fuck them well and get them addicted.  It may be a month, 3 months, or a year down the line.

Nevertheless, most of the girls you see casually will test you.  And they’ll eventually burn out and settle down with a nice beta.  That’s why it’s imperative that you don’t get needy and develop a scarcity mindset with these girls.

You maintain an abundance mindset by having other girls on your team.  If she’s an 8, and you’re seeing two other 8’s, then it won’t be a big deal if she leaves because she’s not the only girl you’re seeing.  If she’s the only or hottest girl you’re seeing, then it can be tougher to have a true mindset of abundance.  The best way to handle this is to become a player and start seeing more girls.

But if she’s the hottest or for whatever reason you’re tripping, just remember – she’s not yours, it’s just your turn.  At some point you’re going to have a girl that’s hotter than the rest.  Just accept that you’ll get a girl as hot as her down the road and she’ll leave you eventually for a provider.  Then you’ll be able to maintain a strong masculine aura.

In committed relationships

Ironically, having an abundance mindset is much more difficult to do in committed relationships.  Yet it’s even so much more important.

Most men develop oneitis for their girlfriend, which eventually causes her to lose attraction.  From there it’s only a matter of time before she cheats, dumps him, or just controls the entire relationship and makes his life a living hell.

In order to maintain an abundance mindset in relationships, you need to guard your heart.  You’ll still develop attachment for your girl unless you’re a robot.  But she needs to love you more.  The two of you can be happy when she loves you more than you love her.  But when the opposite happens, then she’ll become a nightmare.

Besides guarding your heart, you need to realize and accept hypergamy.  Also accept that all relationships come to an end.  The two of you will either break up down the line, or one of you will die.  Either way, the outcome is that no relationship is forever.  This will keep you from getting complacent.

Dread game and high value

value - ceo - businessman

You also need to run dread game.  What level of dread game depends on the situation between you two.  Now, if she’s loyal and submissive to you, then there’s no need to go flirt with a bunch of girls in her face.  Over doing it can be bad if she already sees you as the alpha.  At the same time, that might be needed if she’s getting a lot of male attention and is acting bitchy towards you.

Work out harder, gain more muscle + get leaner.  Up your style so you look like a stud.  Learn how to dance or do some hobby where there’s women around you.  And finally focus on your purpose.  This should be something you love and something that you made into a business.  Increasing your money and having ambition is the ultimate dread to run.

If you’re able to keep your smv high, work on building your wealth, lay it down in the bedroom, and make sure she loves you more, than you can keep a strong abundance mindset in a relationship.

You’ll know that you can replace her if need be.  And the fact that you know that will help to keep you as the alpha, keep her in love with you, and make for the best relationship possible .


women want a leader

Having an abundance mindset is obviously beneficial for women, but you need to have it in business as well.  I’m assuming most of you guys reading this want to start your own business, or you’re working on it already.  Apply the abundance mindset:

  • when you’re starting a business (getting new clients/customers)
  • growing your business (not behind desperate for new deals)
  • positive about the expansion of your business

It may take some “faking it until you make it” when you first start and have no clients.  Not in the sense that you deliver a bad service/product, but faking the true mentality of abundance.  Because you won’t have that when you first start.  However, once you start getting clients, see how you help them, and start making money, your true abundance mindset will kick in.

What helps is to have money in the bank before you start it.  If you have $100 and you’re completely desperate then you’ll take whatever money comes your way.  While being poor is a strong motivator, it’s not a good long term strategy to growing a solid company.

On the other hand, if you have 25 or 50k in the bank when you start a business, then you’ll have much more of an abundance mindset.  You won’t be desperate for work.  And therefore you’ll be able to sell from a much more genuine standpoint.  People also want to do business with winners.  Having options in business will prevent you from giving massive discounts or otherwise devaluing yourself.

Another key point is to never get cocky.  If you have a good month or a lot of new business coming in, keep reaching out to new prospects and getting new business.  Because the moment you become too comfortable with you’re at, you’re putting your future self at risk for a lack of new business.  And then you’ll lose your abundance mindset.


Once you’re able to achieve an abundance mindset with women and with business, then you’re able to have it when it comes to your overall lifestyle.  Because an abundance with women means your dating/sex needs are fulfilled.  And an abundance in business means you’re satisfied with your work and you have plenty of money.

The hard work you’ve put in will allow you to life the lifestyle you want.  This means things like choosing:

  • where you’re able to live
  • how you want to live your life day to day
  • options for the future

You might want to travel and live in multiple countries.  Maybe you want to move all together.  Or you could want a nice house with land and travel a few times a year.  But having an abundance mindset when it comes to your lifestyle is easy when you become financially independent and have the dating life of your choice.

Always have an Abundance Mindset

james bond - smirk

You always want to have an abundance mindset.  It won’t always be possible if you’re a complete beginner with women or in anything in life.  But once you achieve success, put yourself in a position to continue to do so.

Reach out to tons of prospects so you’ll always have a pipeline for your sales with your business.  With women, draft off of previous success.  Have multiple dating apps, go out consistently, and have women on your team.  If you have a girlfriend, keep your value higher than hers and always be focused on making your life better.  Don’t get attached or blinded by bullshit.  When your money is increasing and other women show interest, she’ll likely stay loyal and into you.

Having an abundance mindset is all about options.  Trust me, you won’t regret putting yourself in a position where you have options.


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