October 18

Activity Drives Results: Take Action to get what you want


Activity Drives Results

activity drives results

If you want to achieve desirable results, you have to have the activity.  This simply means you need to do shit.

Figuring out the results you want

Most men want the same things.  Some of the results you probably want have to do with dating.

In Dating/relationships, you likely want to be:

With Business, it’s safe to assume you want to know the following:

Fitness goals can include:

  • Losing weight
  • Gaining muscle
  • Frequency of your workouts to be time efficient
  • When to workout

And other things like:

You need to write these things down.  It’s not enough just to say them.  Write them down with paper or put them somewhere in a note taking app.  The path to success, aka achieving the desired results, starts with defining what success means to you.

Create activity that will lead to these results

Great, so you decided on what results you want.  If you want to achieve these results, then you need to have the necessary activity.  Activity is vigorous or energetic action.  It’s you actually doing the necessary steps.  Then you can achieve success, which is simply defined your desired outcome.

Dating examples

How to get girls

  • Getting laid more

You’re not going to get laid more unless you’re doing shit to make that happen.  Activities that will help you get laid more

  1. Going out on the weekends
  2. Trying to see which girls check you out and approach them
  3. Having tinder and online dating profiles
  4. Match with as many decent looking women a possible
  5. Learn how to dance, meet women dancing
  6. Build up your social circle
  7. Learning how to set up the first date to get laid
  8. Inviting her back to your place
  9. Living in the city and having killer logistics

Doing these types of activities will help you get the result of fucking more women.

Let’s pick another goal, like

  • Fucking hotter women

It’s not just about quantity, it’s about quality.  In order to fuck hotter women, do activities like

  1. lifting weights
  2. dieting to get a six pack
  3. get professional pics taken for online profiles
  4. buy stylish clothes
  5. get a good haircut
  6. have your own business or high paying job
  7. be focused on your purpose
  8. have a team of women you’re already fucking to increase your abidance mindset
  9. become really good at dancing
  10. experience with women
  11. live in a city with good ratios where it’ll be easier to fuck hotter women
  12. move abroad

And so on.

Business examples

build wealth - start a business

While dating is fun, it should be your business / money that’s your #1 priority.  Maybe you’re in your 20s, or even 30s, and want to build wealth.

  • Build wealth for yourself

Since you’re not born rich, you’re going to need activity that will get you rich.  Activity like

  1. Spending way less money
  2. Saving all the extra money you’re getting
  3. Not having kids early
  4. Owning your own business
  5. Saving and investing your money
  6. Not falling into debt, whether it’s a sports car, house, credit card, etc.
  7. Avoiding marriage and therefore dodging potential divorce rape

Doing these things will help you to build wealth for yourself.  Spending less money is half the battle for most people.  And when you save that money, you start to build a net worth.  Having kids too early can ruin your chances of building wealth as well.  Holding off can allow you to build up your income.

And of course, owning your own business is the essential activity you need in order to get real money.  It’s the cornerstone of getting rich.  Business ownership = freedom and money.  Avoid debt traps like sports cars and big houses until you can afford them without breaking a sweat.  If you can pay for it in cash, that means you actually can afford it.

Do the right things and the result of building wealth will come.

Consistent activity over a long period of time

success formula

The message for this post should be crystal clear by now.  Activities drive results.

With consistent activity over a long period of time, success is bound to happen.  The only thing that can go wrong is if you

  1. give up
  2. die
  3. pick an unrealistic goal, like becoming a billionaire without a crazy high IQ, work ethic, etc.

But if you pick a reasonable goal, even a stretch goal, like earning six figures in a year or two, getting a high quality girlfriend, or fucking hotter women, you’ll be able to make progress and find success.

Pick one or two main goals for your life.  Acknowledge the activities you need to do to achieve these results.  And execute.  That’s how you get what you want.


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