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Adrenal Fatigue: Symptoms, Causes, and How to Treat


Adrenal Fatigue: Symptoms, Causes, and how to Treat

Adrenal Fatigue is extremely common and yet many go untreated because it’s not an accepted medical diagnosis.

But with our increasingly bad diets and less mental discipline – due to overstimulating matrixes like social media, dating apps, porn – adrenal fatigue is more common than ever.

Adrenal glands 

Adrenal glands help you regulate your metabolism, maintain blood sugar, and cope with stress.

Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue

  • Feeling tired all the time, even though you’re getting regular sleep
  • Light headed
  • Over active mind
  • Exhaustion

What causes Adrenal Fatigue?

Essentially, adrenal fatigue occurs when your body can’t handle stress well.

What does less mental discipline have to do with stress?  The term mental discipline probably sounds stressful to many of you.  Well, when you don’t have good thinking habits, you focus on things that aren’t good for at a rate higher than normal.

Many studies have shown that social media increases stress, anxiety, and depression.

Social media is not as dating apps, which are not as bad as porn.  And with many men addicted to all of these, their mental fortitude is compromised.  The ability to change your focus from something bad to something good is greatly reduced when you spend too much time in the matrix.

Stress, diet, and caffeine 

Consistent + intense stress, along with a bad diet and heavy reliance on caffeine is the perfect storm for adrenal fatigue.

High carb diets

However, you need not have all of these in order to have it.  For example, a man who doesn’t watch porn, isn’t on dating apps, and isn’t addicted to social media could still get adrenal fatigue.  This happens a lot in men who have high carb diets.  The constant insulin spikes can cause the body more stress than it can handle.  Combine that with a heavy workload and you have a nasty case adrenal fatigue.

Consistently focused on a stressful event or situation

Adrenal fatigue generally is associated with high carb diets and caffeine.

For those who are not on high carb diets, adrenal fatigue is can still occur when someone stays hyper focused on something the feel negatively about for a continuous amount of time.  Again, it’s usually also accompanied with a high carb diet.  It takes a lot of negative mental focus in order to actually stress out the adrenal glands purely with your mental activity on a lower carb diet.

However, it’s possible to have adrenal fatigue on a lower carb diet if you’re intensely stressed out.

Guys will do this over a bad break up, or even over the pressure that can come with daily life – like a terrible job, an expensive mortgage, etc.

It could really be anything.  When the adrenal glands have become overused they’re no longer able to release cortisol in the same way they did before.  Cortisol is released when you’re stressed.  Stressing too much, consistently over time, can cause adrenal fatigue.

While adrenal fatigue isn’t technically an accepted medical term, it’s too prevalent to be ignored.

We see it often with family, friends, or even ourselves.  When someone just can’t let something go, or they have some burden that’s weighing on them.   Combine that with over consumption of caffeine and a diet high in sugar, and you have adrenal fatigue.

Many “Depressed” people actually suffer from Adrenal Fatigue

A lot of people who are depressed are actually suffering from adrenal fatigue.  Not all of course.  There are those who take pills for depression and feel better.  Even though there are better, natural treatments for those people, it’s clear that depression is real.

However, there are plenty of people who are given pills for clinical depression to no avail.  They up the dose but it doesn’t seem to work.  That’s because these people aren’t “depressed” in a clinical sense, although what they’re going through feels like depression.

It’s adrenal fatigue.  That’s why the pills for depression don’t work for so many people.  Their adrenal glands are just too exhausted from much intense stress.  Which will make them feel depressed, but it’s not actually the same thing.


For most people, you can get rid of adrenal fatigue by lowering your sugar consumption.  This stops the insulin spikes from being so intense, which therefore lowers the amount of cortisol your body needs to produce.

This is why so many people cure their “depression” when they go on a lower carb or keto diet.

Because many of the weren’t actually suffering from clinical depression.  Rather they had adrenal fatigue.  Which is more of an exhausting experience rather than depressing.  Although someone who is exhausted all the time can easily become depressed because of it.

Reducing or better yet cutting out caffeine will also help massively.  Like it or not, caffeine is a drug that the majority of adults are now addicted to.  And trust me, I used to love having my morning coffee.

But long term your body is better without it.  The same to be said with sugar.

Of course if you have a break up, mortgage, bills, shitty job, or any other stressful event, it’s best to do what you can to overcome this issue.  However, for the majority of people it’s the combination of the stressful event they’re negatively focused on combined with the high sugar + caffeine.  Cutting out the sugar and caffeine will generally do the trick in due time.

And by recovering physically, you’ll have the energy to help you overcome the other factors that are adding stress to your life.


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