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Alpha Male Energy | Become the Most Powerful Version of Yourself


Alpha Male Energy | Become the Most Powerful Version of Yourself

Developing alpha male energy is how you become the most powerful version of yourself.  If you’re tired of feeling weak, insecure, or unsure, then it’s time to cultivate real alpha energy.

When you have true alpha energy, you’re unstoppable.  You’re not afraid of what others think.  There’s no longer hesitation in going after what you want.  Whether it’s the job or the business, the girl, or a new adventure, a man with alpha energy goes after what he wants.

Alpha male energy definition

We could put all sorts of definitions on what alpha male energy 0r simply alpha energy is.  The point of this article isn’t to get into a debate on the exact definition.  Because that’s not important.  In fact that’s detrimental to you actually having alpha energy.

The point of this article, and really all of my articles, especially my confidence book, is to get you into that state of alpha energy.

Alpha male energy is when you’re feeling at your best, your strongest, and most confident self.  It’s when you have put yourself in the best position possible and you love being the man you are.

That’s alpha energy.  To have the drive to go after what you want because you feel amazing about who you are as a man.  If reach your goals, great, you’ll make more goals.  If you don’t reach them, great, you’ll go after them again.

What is alpha?

Alpha simply means to be in the best position.  Whenever we refer to an “alpha male” or alpha anything, we refer to someone in the best position.  You may or may not be alpha in a social situation.  That’s not important to focus on.  No one person will be “alpha” all the time, and it’s not helpful to even think in those terms for the majority of you without great political ambition.

Instead, just think of “aloha” as putting yourself in the best position possible.  Then you’re not going to compare yourself to every guy that could be more alpha than you, and instead you can maximize your own position and happiness.

When you have alpha energy, this is when you have the feeling or vibration or state of being in the best position.  Ideally this is also congruent with reality.  For example, you could have alpha energy when you’re at work if you love your job and have respect.  But generally, it’s going to be easiest to have alpha energy when you’re the boss or work for yourself and also love what you do.

At the end of the day, don’t get caught up in the definitions of what alpha is and what exactly is alpha energy.  When you have alpha energy, you know it.  It’s when you love the man you are.  The easiest way to have alpha energy is to put yourself in the alpha position in life.  This is why we talk about financial freedom and creating a purpose you enjoy, while also having the right kinds of relationships with women.

The Benefits of Alpha Energy

The benefits of alpha energy are endless.  Because when you have true alpha energy, you love yourself and the life you’ve created for yourself.  You’re able to feel great about where you are right now, where you’re going, and the surroundings that create your environment.

When you feel like the man, there’s nothing tangible that can be stated, yet you know it’s your natural place.

This translates into more money, better relationships, health + fitness, vitality, ability to do good, and more joy.

When you’re the best version of yourself, every area of your life benefits.  Because every area of your life involves you.  When you’re at your best because you feel like the man, the universe will mold around you.

What will kill your alpha energy

It’s natural for a man to have alpha male energy.  However, if you mess up your state, the flow that nature places you in, then you lose the alpha energy.  The most common things that have completely destroyed the alpha energy of modern men are:

  • constant releasing your seed
  • bad diet
  • lack of action
  • overthinking

It’s these activities that are making us weak and literally ruining our alpha energy.

With porn, excessive masturbation is now the norm.  This causes constant spilling of semen and destroys the confidence of young men.

Even with regular sex, constant ejaculation weakens the man and his alpha energy.  Although not nearly as a porn addiction, releasing your seed all the time will kill your alpha energy.  It’s best to be done as least often as possible.

Combined with the loss of seed, which if reversed alone would bring our the alpha energy in you, bad diet lack of action, and overthinking kill your alpha energy.

You need to eat all organic whole foods.  Period.  Anything other than this is poison that your body simply puts up with.  Food is literally what your body uses for energy and to recreate itself.  Food is fuel.  When you put bad fuel, how do you expect to be the best version of yourself?  A car might run on the wrong type of fuel, but it won’t be as efficient.  If you want your body to feel amazing, which will translate into you being in your natural state, then eat high quality foods.

Lack of action and overthinking totally annihilate your alpha male energy.

Thinking is good.  Overthinking leads to inaction and no drive forward.  What alpha energy is, is the drive to push forward.  It’s the masculine force that is ambitious and powerful.  In the physical world this manifests as action.

By holding onto your seed and eating well, you’re naturally be pushed into more action and less hesitation.

What about Sigma energy?

Don’t get attached to the word “alpha”.  You can use the word “sigma” if you want.  Too many guys are getting into arguments about what’s “alpha” vs “sigma” vs “beta”.  Ironically, that’s all beta thinking.  A real “alpha” or “sigma” wouldn’t give a fuck about what the word is.  He’s going to do what’s best for him.  That’s what alpha male energy is all about.

It doesn’t mean you have to conform to one type of personality.  It just means you feel like the motherfuckin’ man.

You’re retaining your seed, valuing your time, and have a direction you’re headed in.

You’re fully involved in life.

That’s what alpha energy is.  You can use the word alpha energy, or sigma energy, or daddy energy, or big dick energy, or beast mode energy, etc.  Don’t get attached to the word.  The same guys that ge attached to every word are the same guys that get attached to every word a woman tells them or their boss tells them.  He hyper focuses, analyzes, and never makes real progress in life because he’s focused on little nuances that don’t benefit him.

If you don’t like “alpha energy” and want to use “sigma energy” or some other term fine.  That’s not the point.  Don’t identify with the term itself.  It’s to describe the state of you being in the flow of life.  Stop overthinking, that’s killing your manhood.  Thinking is good, but overthinking and using logic as a reason not to take action isn’t logical in it of itself.  Retain your seed.  Have a clear and peaceful mind.  Then take action.  That’s alpha male energy. That’s what it means to live life and be the best version of yourself.


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