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Alpha Male Mindset: How to think like an Alpha Male


Alpha Male Mindset: How to think like an Alpha Male

Obtaining the alpha male mindset simply means that you learn how to think like an alpha male.  The advantage humans have over all over animals is our ability to think at a much higher level.  If you were born a gorilla, and you couldn’t become the dominate gorilla, you may have a few opportunities to challenge an alpha gorilla, but they were few and far between.  You’d be left lonely and without offspring if you weren’t naturally an alpha.

That’s where you should be blessed to be a human.  Because you have the ability to control how you think.  Thinking like an alpha male means that you’re going to think in ways which cause you to be a leader in your life.  That’s what being an alpha male is all about.  Having your core areas of your life on lockdown.

Everything starts with the mind, that’s why learning how to think like an alpha male is so important.  If you control your thoughts, you control your life.

I’m not going to get into how to have an alpha male mindset to out alpha other guys or some stupid shit like that.  Instead the focus will be on your inner mindset and then clear applications to your life.  If you can determine how to think like an alpha male then you’ll naturally handle individual situations correctly.

How to think like an Alpha Male

If you want to know how to think like an alpha male and therefore become one, you need to do a few things well.  The key concepts are:

  1. Belief in Oneself
  2. Always Looking for New Opportunities
  3. Calmness and Emotional Control

1. Belief in Oneself – Intrinsic value

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The determining factor in whether you have the alpha male mindset or not is self belief.  If you believe in yourself then you’re default alpha.

Most people look to others for approval and validation.  There’s nothing wrong with getting guidance from mentors or from learning from more experienced people.  But you ultimately need to develop real confidence.

This is when you have intrinsic value – meaning you value yourself as a man.  If you develop this, then you’ll be the walking definition of the alpha male mindset.  You won’t look to others for approval and instead will live life how you choose.

You can also develop confidence through competence.  This is when you may not believe in yourself overall, but you practice a skill and get good at it over time.  Competence in a skill is Type 1 confidence.  Through getting good at it, you develop confidence in this particular area.  When you develop a few skills, you have confidence in your ability to overcome and adapt certain challenges even if you haven’t faced the, this is Type 2 confidence.  And Type 3 confidence is your intrinsic value, when you feel good about yourself no matter how competent you are in an activity or not.  This is true belief, and this is what you want to develop.

It takes time, but building this type of confidence is the definition of having the alpha male mindset.

2. Always looking for opportunities

james bond - smirk

Learning how to think like an alpha requires that you look for opportunities.  A man whose trying to rise up in life is always going to be looking for chances to advance.

  • “How can I improve this situation?” or
  • “What can I do to solve this problem?” or
  • “What can I learn from this?”

are all common questions he asks himself.  Having an alpha male mindset doesn’t mean you think you’re perfect.  In fact if you have Type 3 confidence where you have intrinsic value, you know you could suck at something but still not care an enjoy it.

For example, you can value yourself 100%, yet walk into a boxing gym with no experience.  You’re going to get your ass kicked.  That’s fine, you know that’s part of the game.  What a man with an alpha male mindset will do is learn from his mistakes and look to get better.  He’ll look for opportunities to work on his skills, attend classes, spend time in open gym, and always look to get better.  Learning how to think like an alpha male doesn’t mean you’re delusional.  Instead it means you expect success to come to you, but you can be patient as to when it comes.

3. Calmness and emotional control


Calmness is a critical part of learning how to think like an alpha male.  If you can be calm most of the time, you’ll have the emotional control to never be bothered by anything.  You can still use emotion and let people see emotion from time to time, but even then this is in your control.

For example, you can have a girlfriend and be calm with her.  You can be authentic and real, yet do so in a calm, masculine way.  however, you know that sometimes she can get emotional, and sometimes you give her emotion back just because you know that’s what she needs.  Sometimes she needs some love, sometimes she needs some anger.  You have enough logic to know that you can’t use logic with her when she’s emotional, and instead can access an emotion when it’s appropriate.   Other times you can be calm and not react to her emotions, but you’ll recognize that girls do need some level of emotion with you if you’re maintaining a long term relationship.

The point is that whether you’re stoic or you choose to use emotions, you’re always making  your decisions from a place of strength.  If you feel that your emotion is taking over and you’re not actually controlling it, then you step back and choose not to indulge the emption because you know you’re loosing control.

This takes practice, but if you can be the master of your emotions, then your thoughts won’t be hijacked by feelings.  And in this way, you can maintain the alpha male mindset even under hostile situations.


The key to the alpha male mindset is always looking at progress.  This is the main feature that distinguishes  humans from animals.  But most people aren’t alpha because they don’t consciously look for progress.  They try to progress in their life but do so in unconscious ways, and therefore they never are exactly sure where they’re going.  Ask yourself “Where am I at right now,  and how can I progress?”

If you continually look to progress in an active way, then you’ll start thinking like an alpha.  And when you start thinking like an alpha, you’ll adopt an alpha male mindset as your default way of thought.


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