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Alpha male vs Beta male: How to be Seen as the Alpha by women


Alpha male vs Beta male

alpha male vs beta male

The alpha male vs beta male question.  Which are you?

Well, the answer depends on the context.  Contrary to popular belief, you’re not always the alpha or always the beta.  There are some situations where you may be seen as an alpha male vs beta male, and other times where you might be seen as the beta.

For example, some girl who wants to fuck you sees you as an alpha male.  But at work, you have an old angry boss.  Your boss may not have gotten laid in years.  However, he’s the alpha at the workplace and you’re the beta, even though you could beat him in a fight or fuck more women.

In this article, I’m going to discuss alpha male vs beta male in terms of dating.  Because in your relationships with women, you want to be seen as the alpha male instead of the beta male.

Alpha male traits

In figuring out the main differences between alpha male vs beta male, you just need to look at the alpha male traits.  5 traits that distinguish alpha males are

  1. Ambition
  2. Focus
  3. Boldness
  4. Independence
  5. Decisiveness

If you can master these 5 traits, then you’ll become an overall alpha male in your life.  And therefore a far higher percentage of women will see you as an alpha.  Not every girl will see you as an alpha unless you’re the Rock or Chris Hemsworth.  But essentially you want to cast a wider net in the dating pool.

There’s also a trait on it’s own… selfishness.  A selfish man can be seen as the alpha as well.  And a truly selfish man will embody the other 5 traits above.

The more women that see you as the alpha male vs beta male, the more women who will look at you as a sex object.  Which means you’ll get more sex and be looked at as more desirable.  Players, playboys, and even boyfriends or husbands all benefit from being perceived as an alpha male from the women they have in their sex/relationship lives.

What cause women to see you as a beta male

beta male

When women judge to see whether you’re an alpha male vs beta male, they’re putting you in two different categories.  They may not think in their heads “alpha male vs beta male, which is he?”  Instead, they’ll think “fuckboy to have fun with or possible boyfriend material”.

When you show traits that show you’re only good for sex, then women label you as a fuckboy, player, bad boy, etc.  What we refer to as the alpha male.

If you show traits of a beta, like not inviting her back to your place, paying for expensive dates, agreeing with her on everything, doing everything for her, then women label you as a nice guy, or beta male.

Beta male isn’t the lowest in the sexual market place

I know it seems like I shitted on betas.  However, a top tier beta, whose in good shape, dresses well, but just isn’t masculine how he should be, can still get laid.  And get laid with attractive women from time to time.  It’s just that he’ll have to wait longer, he’ll get flaked on more often, and won’t have the respect of the women like the alpha.

That being said, he still gets action.  The mid-tier betas get action once in a while, usually with a notch count of 6-8 girls (the average # for a man) in their lifetime.  Lower-tier betas and true forced loneliness guys never get laid expect when they pay for it.

Provider of dick vs provider of resources

The alpha male vs beta male dynamic really comes down to provider of dick vs provider of resources (other than dick).

The alpha male provides good dick, fun times, and masculine energy.  Beta males provide financial security, stableness, and emotional support.

If you want to be a beta male, then by all means go for it.  But if you want to be an alpha, then you need to make sure what you’re providing is dick and good times.

Chase money, don’t substitute it for your overall value 

However, this is not to say that you shouldn’t work on your money.  Building up your wealth and acquiring resources is beneficial to yourself and livelihood.  And if you still are a leader and act alpha, you can still be seen as the alpha male.  In fact, the highest tier-ed alphas are good looking, successful and rich.

It’s just that you can’t depend on your money for game.

A rich alpha doesn’t wine and dine a girl hoping to get laid for the first time.  A rich beta would.  A girl will choose a broke alpha over a rich beta.  But she’ll choose a rich alpha over a broke alpha.

A rich alpha knows he doesn’t need to blow his money to get pussy.  Sure, a guy in a relationship can take his girl out to a nice restaurant on their anniversary.  But she also needs to invest money + time into relationship.  In short, as long as the girl is investing more in the relationship, she’ll still see you as the alpha.

Always beneficial to be seen as the alpha

alpha male - james dean

You don’t have to be a leather jacket wearing, cigarette smoking james dean want to be.  Although, it probably would help your image.  But the point is that you want your women (or woman) to see you as an alpha male.

Even if you want a girlfriend, it’s still beneficial to be seen as the alpha.  This way your girlfriend will be looking for you for the fun and not some other dude.  Maintaining the role of the alpha while only dating one girl is difficult, but possible.

This doesn’t mean slack off.  Having money, dressing well, and working on getting resources will still help you attract more women.  It’s just that you can’t depend on those things.  I have money, but I don’t take girls out to nice restaurants on a first date.  I invite them to a dive bar for a cheap drink.

They know what I’m about.  Doesn’t mean we can’t form a connection and build something down the road.  But if you start off as the alpha male, then it’s much easier to stay the alpha.  It’s difficult to switch between alpha male vs beta male in the eyes of one particular girl.

Alpha male vs beta male: How you start is how you finish

You can always turn into a beta bitch.  But once you take the red pill and know how these things work, you can start and maintain your interactions with women as the alpha male.

It’s much better to be seen as an alpha male vs beta male with the women you see casually or more seriously.  If you’re seen as the alpha male, you’re going to get sex quicker, it’s going to be more fun, and you’ll deal with less bullshit.

Some women will see you as the leader and as a sex object.  In their eyes you’re already the alpha male.  Others will see you as a beta.  That’s all fine.

But through acting like an alpha, basically just not acting like a pussy worshipper, they’ll see that you’re an alpha.  Just because they see you as the alpha doesn’t mean you automatically get to fuck.  Not every girl is into every alpha.  Nevertheless, it will raise your chances of getting with her and it’s always your best option.

How to be seen as more alpha, not beta

You’re only alpha or beta depending on the circumstances.  That’s why it’s important to embody the alpha male traits I listed earlier so you can be a leader in as many areas of your life as possible.

But besides embodying those traits, there are a few things you can do to have more women perceive you as the alpha male vs beta male.

  1. Act like the alpha
  2. Treat yourself like a sex object
  3. Always go for the close on a first date
  4. Don’t ever just be friends with a girl you want more from
  5. Never take shit from a women that you wouldn’t take from a bro

Act like the alpha

value - ceo - businessman

Act like an alpha.  Acting like an alpha male doesn’t mean you turn into a fucked up person.  Just because women call me an “asshole”, doesn’t mean I’m actually that mean to them or sadistic.  I’m cool, confident, willing to make jokes, and just treat them like any other person.  Deep down they like this, and which is why they view me as the alpha.  It’s about being confident and treating them like a human being.

In short, I don’t put the pussy on a pedestal.  Again, doesn’t mean every girl I meet wants to fuck me on the spot.  And there are plenty who try to push me into the beta role.  But I don’t let them put me in that category.  Meaning I don’t keep talking to them if they aren’t going to get with my agenda.

Understanding the value you bring

Value is a key difference between the alpha male vs beta male.  The alpha male understands the value he brings.  If you think like a pimp or a CEO, then you’ll know how much value you can bring to a woman’s life.

The great body, sex game like a sex god and ability to last long in bed, conversation skills, and money/career if he has it.  He won’t blow money on a woman without her showing serious investment, because that’s part of his value.  He’s not going to give his value away to get pussy.  Because then his value isn’t that valuable, and she doesn’t see him as the alpha.

Check out my articles on how to be a man and 48 laws of power for men for more on growing your manhood.

Treat yourself like a sex object

I treat myself like a sex object.

Don’t be desperate for sex like a thirsty dude.  Instead, imply through the way you carry yourself that you’re a sex object.  Doing this will allow women to feel what you’re about.

Treating yourself like a sex object will make things like flirting 1000% easier.

Always go for the close

get laid on the first date - going right for sex

Always ask a girl back to your place on the date.  If she doesn’t come back that’s fine.  The point is that you’re making it clear you’re not their to wine and dine.  You’re there to have a good time and get laid on the first date.  After all, you’re just trying to provide some good dick and memories.

At the end of the first date, you should ask her back to your place.  Even if you think its not going to go anywhere, you’re making it clear where you stand.  The only time you shouldn’t is if you don’t want to have sex with the girl and don’t plan on seeing her again.

It’s not about being desperate for sex or needing it.  You can be relaxed and chill when you say that you two should go back to your place.  Instead it’s about making your intentions known.  You don’t need to say “Let’s go back to my place to have sex”.  By inviting her back, you already are overtly implying what you want.  And you avoid being lumped into the nice guy category.

Don’t ever just be friends with a girl you want more from

If you want sex or a relationship with a woman, never just be friends with her.  Many guys let attractive women do this to them thinking they’ll get some down the road.  You’re wasting your time.

And a lot of guys also do this with ex girlfriends they want to get back with.  They have a bad case of oneitis for her.  But by still talking to her, she’s moving on and they’ll be hurt when they find out about the new dicks she’s fucking and sucking.

Avoid friend zone 

Instead, if a girl is trying to friend zone you, just stop talking to her.  The friend zone is when she’s not sexually interested in you.  So cut her off.

She’ll either forget about you, or she’ll start to chase you.  If she never showed much interest, she’ll probably forget about you.  But she might be intrigued to why you stopped beta orbiting and might chase you.

In the case of an ex, cutting off contact will usually result in her coming back into your life sooner or later.  It’s just a matter of being patient, working more on your purpose, dating other women, and eventually she’ll start to chase you.  But I’d still recommend leaving broken relationships alone.

Never take shit from a women that you wouldn’t take from a bro

man walking away from a woman

If you wouldn’t take it from a bro, then don’t take it from a woman.  Don’t let yourself be disrespected just because she has a vagina.  No need to yell or otherwise in engage with negative behavior.  Simply say you don’t like whatever the behavior is and ignore her for it.  If it’s bad enough or a major red flag, then you should cut her off.  Walking away is a solid option to deal with disrespect that doesn’t get an immediate apology.

When it comes to the alpha male vs beta male, a lot of it comes down to this.  Alpha males don’t take bullshit from a woman.

Of course if the girl is joking with you, then lighten up and tease her back.  But when it comes to flaking on you, or saying/acting disrespectfully, you need to make it clear that you’re not going to take the bad behavior.

I tell guys to avoid getting married because walking away if much harder with the threat of divorce rape.  But sometimes it’s the only choice you have.

Alpha male vs beta male

Whether you’re single and seeing multiple women, or you’re in a relationship, it’s always in your best interest to be seen as the alpha male.

It’s like in business.  Employees can still do okay, but persistent entrepreneurs reap all the reward in the long run. Making the shift from employee to entrepreneur is similar to that of beta to alpha mindset.

It’s not something to obsess about and spend all your time thinking about if you’re alpha or not.  But being a leader in your relationships, going after what you want, and not putting women on a fat pedestal will usually be enough to not be a beta.

The more you’re seen as the alpha, the more respect you’ll get, the more fun you’ll have, and the better your relationships will be.  Do what you want, don’t take shit, cut out disrespectful people from your dating life, and you’ll pretty much be there.


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