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Be More Aggressive with your Business Goals

Be More Aggressive with your Business Goals

You need to be more aggressive with your business if you want to be successful.  Aggression is the masculine energy that will propel you forward towards achievement.  A lack of aggression leads to stagnation and ultimately failure, especially in the early stages of your business.  In order to grow your business, or reach any kind of desired position in your career, you must aggressively pursue what you know is yours.

Why Aggression is needed

I get messages from guys that are 3 or 4 months into their business.  Frustrated with little or no results to show for, they seek answers to why they haven’t gotten anywhere yet.  3 or 4 months is barely the infancy of a business.  Sure, there are people who have results in this amount of time.  But they’re generally experienced serial entrepreneurs with a vast network or net worth to push the company.

A brand new young entrepreneur has a much more difficult, less sexy road ahead of him.

Building a business takes more time and effort when it’s your first one and you have no money to invest.

If you’re less than 2 years in business, you’re at the very beginning.

That’s why you need more aggression.  The aggression is going to be the fuel that you use to get the rocket up off the ground and into the atmosphere.

Aggression doesn’t mean you need to be angry or negative.  That’s generally what aggression is associated with but that’s a misunderstanding.  Aggression is the natural default state of a man with energy.  Whether the aggression is used positively or negatively is up to you.  Whether the fuel source is positive (think of motivation for a better life) or it’s negative (motivation to get revenge or prove others wrong) is up to you.

Aggression is a tool for you to use.  Especially when you’re young, dumb, and full on cum, controlled aggression is going to be one of your most useful resources in achieving business success.

Develop Value within your Business

When you’re more sure of the value that your business actually provides, your confidence in your business will grow.  Because when you’re certain of what you can do for your customers you stop holding back.  Believing in yourself and what your business does 100% is what destroys the chains.  The chains you have right now are mental blocks.

Maybe you haven’t helped out that many people yet with your service.  Or maybe you’ve gotten to 90k in revenue with clients who each spend only 10k.  And there’s a roadblock about charging more than 10k per client a year because you’re not totally sure you provide value that’s worth more than that.  I even have entrepreneurs who are doing 250 or 300k a year, but have a roadblock mentally about their value beyond that point.

This happens at all levels of the game.  Even multi-millionaires will question their value or the value their business provides once it gets to a certain level.

That’s why at every stage of the game you need to be 100% sure of what you’re doing and how it’s helpful to businesses or individuals.

Why should someone work with you or buy your product?  

This is the question you need to answer.  I’m sure you know the answer if you own a business.  But the key to having more aggression in your business is to be able to answer this question with unbreakable confidence.

Why should they buy from you versus someone else?

Is it your skillset?  Or is the service unique in someway?  Do you fill a gap that competitors don’t fill or can’t do as well as you?

What makes you or your business special?

When you can answer these questions with full conviction, you’re going to have more confidence in your business and it’s going to be easy to grow your business.

If you believe your service or product offers something that’s important, you’re going to be more aggressive with your business goals.

  • You’re going to pick up the phone and call people.
  • You’re going to send 100 emails a day.
  • And you’re going to spend thousands a month on advertising.

Because you know that more businesses or individuals want what you can provide.  You know they’re going to benefit from it.

Since you believe your customers and future customers will benefit from working with you, you’ll have no problem being aggressive with your approach to building your business.  People naturally only want to invest in what they perceive as being valuable.  And in order for them to perceive something as valuable, the thing they perceive must first be presented as something of value.

You must believe in yourself and your business

If you don’t believe in what you’re doing, you’re not going to have aggression in your business.  There’s not going to be a push to do more or to progress because you don’t feel worthy of the next level.  Others won’t buy from you because they will feel your lack of confidence and will be put off by it.

This applies to business just like it does in dating.  If you want others to perceive your business as valuable, you must perceive it that way.  For you to perceive yourself as the best, you need to have the best quality products or best service available.

Becoming more aggressive with growing your business is a natural result of believing in what your business can do for others.

Success breeds Success

The good news is this gets easier the more successful you are.  While there are guys rising up who run into this issue as I mentioned, it’s most difficult to overcome in the earlier stages.  When you have a few clients paying you 1 or 2 grand a month, or your business is only doing 70k in revenue, or even when you’ve just started and have no revenue coming in.

It can seem counter intuitive to be more aggressive when you don’t have the results that give you the foundation to build from.

Build your skills, get experience, and grow your business

That’s why it’s critical in this early phase to build your skills.  Do work for free or for cheap if you need to build a portfolio or just feel more comfortable doing the work you’ve chosen.

Because once you begin got establish your value, you’re planting the seed that will flourish into the tree of success you desire.  In practical terms, you’ll build the confidence to go after your bigger goals in business when you believe in what you can do for your customers.  By developing your value to yourself, you’ll soon develop the reputation to the market of the value provide.  The positive feedback loop will make it tremendously easier for you to be more aggressive with your business pursuits.

Don’t misuse your Aggression on People

Don’t be aggressive towards other people.  You can be assertive with others.  But the aggression is the attitude and energy you have towards accomplishing what you desire.  Separating that with how you interact with others is key, because putting your energy towards other people too directly will cause problems in the business world.  Business partners will be intimated or feel threatened.  Clients will avoid your calls or meetings.  Prospects will find whatever excuse to hang up the phone.  And employees will be looking for new jobs under management that isn’t so intense.

Intensity is good, but not directed at other people.  If you’re a man with high testosterone or a man whose been practicing semen retention, it’s very important to keep this in mind.  Aggression is absolutely needed in business.  But not in how you treat others.  In terms of social interaction, keeping things positive and professional is the way to go.

The aggression comes in to play with your attitude and drive towards doing your good work.  The most successful businessman are those who can be polite with others and then turn the aggression on in a controlled way when sitting down and doing the work that’s needed.


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