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Become a King by Cultivating your Energy


Become a King by Cultivating your Energy

Wanting to become a king is the dream of every ambitious young boy.  Whether king is the exact word he uses or not, the urge to rise up and have something to rule is in all of us.  A few men let this energy to flow through them and it makes them kings in their own lives.  They aren’t afraid to be themselves, to throw themselves into life, and to experience what it means to be a man fully immersed in the world.

When a man is naturally immersed in the world he becomes a king by default.

How the Modern Man has been breed to be Weak

It’s only when he has in-proper guidance, bad societal conditioning, or some kind artificial barrier that drains or blocks his energy from flowing.

It could be lack of a strong father figure or male role model.  It could be medications given to him to “listen” in school.  Or getting in trouble for defending himself against a bully.  Or it could be the lack of proper nutrition.

As time goes on and he goes through puberty, he’s introduced to pornography, which overstimulates his dopamine receptors and causes him to release all of sexual energy.

At a young age most boys are prevented from their energy from flowing properly.  And when they reach the age of adolescence, when the life force energy becomes potent in the form sexual energy, they’re lead to constantly release their most vital resource.

They’ve been trained to sit down and stare at a screen with video games and online entertainment from childhood.  Then they transfer these same habits when their sexuality matures.

This keeps men sedentary and addicted to virtual pleasure, whether it’s porn, or keeping up with everyone on social media, or video games.

A boy is meant to run around and play, and a man is meant to hunt and fight.  But when you stunt the boy from doing what comes natural to him, you stunt the man as well.

Find work you enjoy

So what’s the solution to this?  It’s not to complain, to blame elites, or to mope around.  It’s to simply see that while our lifestyles have brought us convenience, they’ve killed our alpha energy as men.

If you want to be a king, then you simply need to get back to your natural state, as much as possible at least while still being a member of society.

The first step to this is to find work you enjoy.  Find work that inspires you.

This is going to put you in the “play” or the “hunt” zone.

Don’t think of “hunting” as just hunting for money.  Yes, we need money in this modern world.  That’s a fact and needs to be realized.  However, if you find something you enjoy or find something that you can get in the “zone” easily, then money can be found with that pursuit.

What are you drawn to?

What job would you do, or what interests you, if sex or status were not something you could ever get?  If you were stuck on island, with no women or drugs – but you could do physical work or you could still communicate with the world with a computer – wha would you do?

Would you train people virtually?  Would you make a motorcycle for yourself?  When you have free time, what things (besides sex) excite you the most?

Do you care about the environment, health, a specific cause, or does something like the ocean or stars or biology interest you?

When you’re able to find work you have real interest in, that’d you do regardless of success, then this is work that you either enjoy or believe in.  This is what you need to spend most of your time doing.

Commit to the work and learn to be a good follower

Before you can become a king in your own right, learn to be a good follower.

When you retain your seed, cut out masturbation, and just focus on learning a craft or skill, you’ll be amazed at the results.  Becoming a king will happen.  When you retain, you naturally will build up your life force energy.  That alpha energy, that king energy, that daddy energy, whatever you want to call it.  It’s really your life force becoming more and more potent.  When that builds up, you’re going to feel more confident, more powerful, more charismatic, more masculine, and more joyful.

Let it build up.

And at the same time, be okay with being a student.  Learn to be a good follower so you can learn the ropes in whatever you’re doing.

It takes some self awareness to be a follower when your alpha energy is so powerful.  That’s fine.  This will give you the discipline needed for when your own kingdom is established.

If you enjoy personal training, then be okay with being the new guy at the gym.  Learn from the other personal trainers on how to get clients, how to keep clients, and best practices.

If you love the ocean and you’re becoming a sailor, be okay with being an apprentice and having to do the dirty work that the captain doesn’t want to do.

Momentum will Build

When you’re willing to be humble and follow a leader, and you’re retaining your seed, the rate at which you develop skill, competence, and momentum in your chosen field cannot be measured.

You don’t need to be a follower forever.  But if you’re not an expert in the area you’re drawn towards, take a step back and learn from the best.

Alexander the Great had Aristotle and his own father King Philip II as mentors before he came to power.

Mike Tyson had Cus D’Amato as his coach and mentor.

And you will also have men that will provide leadership to you on your path to become a king.

Create your own path

You don’t need to copy someone else.  Following another man or men is part of learning your craft and seeing how a leader leads.

If you commit yourself to your craft and you learn to follow, you’ll build the skills and character in order to become a king in your own right.  Learn to serve in order to allow the universe to serve you.  Or look at it like this.  Serve God in the way you think He is calling you to serve and he will bless your life.

When you continue to retain your seed and focus on your craft, your kingdom will begin organically.

Others will follow you.

A real leader, a real king, doesn’t need to look for validation in the form of followers.  Instead you must have a real direction you’re headed in, in which people will naturally be attracted to follow you.

Do something that’s inspiring

When you do what inspires you you become inspiring, and others therefore are inspired by you and will want to follow you.

Don’t look for a kingdom.

Retain your seed, use your creative energy, and you will create your own kingdom.

Semen retention allows you to leverage the life force energy within you to use in one direction.  This is what builds momentum.  Be okay with being a follower at first.  Be a student of whatever path you choose.  Learn how you can contribute.  If you retain your seed and do consistent work, you will naturally build the character that’s needed to lead others.

By leading yourself in a direction that inspires you, you will develop the traits that others look up to.  Most people are lost in life.  They’re looking for someone with daddy energy to give them a sense of security.  When you carve out a path for yourself doing what you believe in, you have that sense of security and warmth that others are so desperately chasing in their parents, friend-groups, relationships, religions, political movements, drug abuse, etc.  When you create good work for yourself, or decide to do good work, and you retain your seed, you become one of the few that people feel inclined to follow.

A real king doesn’t need to find followers.  He creates his own path and anyone who wants to follow him can partake in his kingdom.


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