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Become an Immovable Object: How to Develop Willpower like Batman


Become an Immovable Object: How to Develop Willpower like Batman

Willpower is control exerted to do something or restrain impulse.  What makes Batman so great and respected, even when he has no powers, is his immovable willpower.  He will do whatever it takes to get the job done.  This is what makes Batman so interesting.  This is what makes him so scary to villains.  He’s never going to let up.  And this is what makes him so admirable to the the comic book reader or movie watcher.

That’s why so many either idolize or hate batman.  Some look up to his incredible ability to stand by his principles, stick to his schedule, and compromise for no one.

Others hate because they think it’s not relatable and unrealistic.  While he’s being born a billionaire or committing feats in comics is not our everyday life, there’s clear lessons to be learned through Batman’s incredible display willpower.

He never bends or sacrifices his integrity.  While joker is the unstoppable force that is able to corrupt everybody else, Batman is the immoveable object who won’t break his principles.  Even if that means losing the “love” of his life.  Because he values his manhood, and what he stands for, over everything else.

Monk mode in his 20’s

He’s able to go full monk mode for years in his 20’s to train martial arts, stealth, and detective skills.  By the time he’s 30, he’s a martial arts master, in perfect physical condition.

Of course he’s a billionaire by inheritance, which fuels the crazy plot lines of the comic.

While most of us won’t have that, we’re also not dedicating 7 or 8 years in the mountains to becoming an mma fighter / ninja.  If we did the same thing with monk mode except applied towards a business, while still hitting the gym, we’d also be in the perfect position by the time we’re 30 to dominate life.  Maybe not billionaire playboy status, but making 6-figures with our own business + being in fantastic shape is more than a fair real life scenario.

But what I really wanted to discuss in this article is not the ideal male timeline and how monk mode like batman can help.  That’s for a different article.  Instead, I wanted to focus on developing insane willpower and becoming an immoveable object.

WillPower at it’s core

Willpower isn’t some mystical thing where you have unlimited, medium, or none from birth.  As stated above, it’s our control exerted to do something or restrain impulse.   Essentially, it’s making decisions that are in our best interest and sticking to them.

Willpower isn’t good or bad.  Good men and bad men can both develop power willpower.  It’s not a moral thing.  Jesus had insane willpower.  So did Hitler.

What willpower is your ability to overcome pain or pleasure in order to make the decision that’s in line with your goal.

Why some people have weak willpower?

If somebody has weak willpower, it simply means they make decisions that they know in that moment aren’t good for them, yet they “can’t help it”.  They can help it, but they choose not to.  They reason they choose not to is because they haven’t made a habit of making good decisions.  Or they don’t have a compelling enough reason.

Making Righteous Decisions

Will power is about making righteous decisions

Righteous doesn’t mean “objectively good” per say.  It means the correct decision in your own mind.

For example, if a man valued getting laid and got rejected, the righteous decision would be to try again with a new woman.  However, a man whose risen above just getting laid wouldn’t even look at rejection as a big deal, since it’s not a priority.  In fact he likely wasn’t even focused on sex.  For him, the righteous decision would be to ensure he doesn’t sleep with the wrong women and to ensure he guards his seed.  He’s only looking to use his seed to create new life.

Level 1 – Building “regular” willpower aka Discipline 

For regular, everyday decisions, willpower is simply a matter of habits and momentum.  When you develop good habits, or you make good decisions consistently, you build momentum.

If you wake up this morning and make you bed, meditate, workout, shower, and then get the most important work related thing done first thing, you’ve built momentum.  You’ve made the decisions that are good for you all in a row.  By doing this everyday, you make it easier and easier to do.

The more good habits you have, and the longer you keep them up, the more you see the pay off.  For example, a man who works out for 3 months in a row has built a habit.  But he has a much higher chance of quitting within the next few months than the man whose been working out for 10 years.

The more you do something positive that, the more of a habit you make it.

This makes it easier to handle new temptations or deal with new pain when they come up.  However, it doesn’t guarantee that your willpower, or ability to make righteous decisions, will transfer to everything.

For example, you could develop willpower in your fitness routine.  For some people, that routine will give them the mental win to carry them over to make correct decisions in other areas, like controlling sexual desire.  however, for others, making correct decisions, especially if they have not become routine, will tire them mentally.  This will make other areas of life harder to execute willpower in temporarily until the habit it established.

Add 1 positive habit at a time

It’s possible to add 3 new positive habits at a time and incorporate them as part of your life.  However, it’s not recommended for most as the average person will burn out from doing this.

Making righteous decisions when you’re not used it is reprogramming your brain.  If you try to reprogram too much at once, it will burn out.  It hasn’t built all the neural networks for autopilot (your subconscious mind) to take over.  Therefore, you’ll feel tired from doing all of your positive habits, even if they give you physical energy.

It’s much easier to add in 1 positive habit at a time.  After doing that thing everyday for 30 days or even 60 days, it becomes apart of your new programming.  Which means you don’t need to use new brain capacity to do it.

For example, I’ve been working out (lifting, running), for years.  It takes zero willpower (aka regular willpower or baseline) for me to go lift.  In fact if I can’t workout, I get in a bad mood.  Many of you who have been working out for years will now exactly what that’s like.

But if you’ve never lifted before, and you start lifting, meditating, praying, and surfing all in the same week, you will burn out.

Add in 1 positive habit, establish it as a norm, and then add on new habits.  This is a cheat code, because once it becomes a norm, it doesn’t take really any willpower at all to do it.

Level 2 – Developing Enhanced Willpower aka Purpose Driven

Level 2 of willpower is purpose based or purpose driven decision making.

Purpose = having a reason for making a decision.

Whenever you have a reason for doing something, it’s much easier to have the willpower to do so.

Especially when it’s an emotionally charged purpose.  This is why many men will start off their journey using hatred, anger, jealousy, or just plain frustration as the driving force.

A bad break up or a shitty job is usually the motivation that kicks start self improvement for the majority of men.

Even though this is the most common path, it doesn’t have to be this way.  In fact, a man whose inspired to change the world for good can be just as motivated to make decisions that are in line with that purpose.

This is the most ideal path.  And for the majority of you who have started your journey because of some frustrating event in life, it’s important to make the change over to inspiration.  When you’re inspired to do good for yourself and for others, this is a much better attitude towards life.

Both can result in powerful willpower.  The aggressive frustration in particular resonates with the masculine nature of men.  Nevertheless, ensure that while you may use whatever you hate as fuel at first, be sure to switch over to inspiration.  This will give you a longer lasting, more sustainable willpower that will also keep you healthy mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Level 3 – Developing Batman level Willpower 

In Level 1 willpower, you’re making a habit our of a certain good decision.  In Level 2 willpower, you’re able to make righteous decisions because you have a motivating reason to.  Level 3 willpower.  Batman level willpower – is making a habit out of sticking to your decisions so often that it becomes your default.

Meaning you have so many good habits, and you have so much purpose, that you only make righteous decisions.  Anytime you’re put in a situation where you’re given new stimuli, you still only make righteous decisions.  Because you’ve made it so much of a habit.

You make decisions quickly and always stick to them.  The only time you don’t stick to them is when you gather new data and now realize that wasn’t the correct or righteous move.

However, every decision you make is one you make righteously.  Or close it it.  No one is perfect, not even Batman.  But he’s as close as it gets to perfect (with the data presented) decision making.

If every decision you make is a righteous decision then you have reached Batman level willpower.

This is to the point where one of your core principles is righteous decision making.

You no longer need a purpose or habits to make righteous decisions.  You still have great habits and you give yourself a purpose in life.  But even outside of your purpose and habits, you will make righteous decisions.

It’s become a part of your character.  Essentially, if you stay logical, and never let emotions (particularly desire for short-term pleasure or avoiding short-term pain) cloud our decision making, you’ll always make righteous decisions.

Willpower is directly related to logic.  The more logical you are, the more willpower you’ll have.  That’s how you embody batman in real life.  Being logical is the assured path to becoming an immovable object.


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