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Becoming High Value with Women


Becoming High Value with Women

Becoming high value with women isn’t rocket science, yet many men make it out to be.  Value is the amount of importance you give something.  If you want to become high value with women, then you must become important to them.  Becoming important to women actually isn’t difficult.  Women crave a strong man.  They crave a man who doesn’t become so weak within moments of talking to her.

The average woman has so many desperate men willing to drop everything to take them out or bend over backwards just to get sex.  If that’s you, then you’re low value to women.  And worse is that you’re low value to yourself.

Becoming high value to women is easy when you realize that you don’t need to do much.  In fact, less is more.  The amount of chasing the average guy does is what makes him low value.  By fixing your mind set and learning to value yourself, you’ll put in a lot less work with women, and you’ll get 10x the results.

Less is more.  However, the goal isn’t just to act like you are high value with women.  It’s to actually become a man that you’re proud of.  A side benefit to that is women will also value you and will go out of their way to be apart of your life.

How most men become “betas”

Most men think they have to win over a woman.  By thinking like this, you’re already starting off with a low value frame of mind.

If you want to become high value with women, then you must first have respect for yourself.  You can’t be successful with a weak mindset.  Thinking you must impress her or that your life would be complete with her are common mindsets for men.  And that’s why so many men are beta.  Beta by definition is the weak or inferior position.  If you want to be alpha, or be the leader, then you must have the position of a leader.

Fix your mindset and value your time

Becoming high value to women or to anyone starts with you.  Learn to value yourself.  Valuing yourself doesn’t mean you need to print out pictures of your face and worship yourself.  You just need to use your time wisely.  Your time is your life.  How you spend your time is a reflection of how much you value yourself and the amount of self respect you have.

Even if no one respects you, you must respect yourself.  Do this by creating a schedule for yourself that benefits the success of your goals.  How are you spending your mornings, your afternoons, your evenings?  Are you working towards your purpose?  Are you challenging yourself with a hobby you enjoy?  Or are you on dating apps or social media all day long waiting on women to respond to you?

The way you treat yourself is the way you’ll be treated by others.  And with women this is especially true.  If you focus on yourself, then you’ll value yourself.  You’ll then become high value to women your talk to.  The way you carry yourself is something that women pick up on.  When you respect yourself, your own perception of you is that you’re valuable.  When you’re dedicating the majority of your time to your own success, the women who interact with you will sense this.

Examples of Interactions a High Value Man has with women

  1. Texting a girl – get to the point
  2. Don’t just hang out – have a plan
  3. Set terms for relationships

All of these things will be natural for a man whose focused on his purpose and isn’t afraid to be authentic.  Do you actually want to text back and forth with a woman you just met about her day?  No, you want to get to the point.  Do you want to hang out for hours and just waist time?  No, you want to have plans – whether it’s netflix + chill or a night out.  Do you want to be in murky waters in your relationship with no boundaries?  No, you want to set terms for relationships that you’re in.

Becoming high value to women isn’t about “waiting” to text them or trying to play it cool.  You should actually be focused on your own goals.  That’s what makes you a high value man in the first place.  The fact that you aren’t a big texter or you’re efficient with your dates / meet ups is just a reflection of that.  Setting terms for the relationship and making it known about how things will be going forward is just what you do.

Dealing with women who like you

If you really want to become high value t0 women, then simply deal with women who like you.  Out of all the women who like you, select the ones you like the most.  It’s that easy.

Then problem is that most guys are slaves to their lust.  Low value men feel the need to try and get at every woman with a big ass.  A high value man has sexual desires as well, but he’s in control.  If a woman isn’t feeling him, he doesn’t pursue her.

Because any woman who doesn’t like you is going to make things extremely difficult.  She doesn’t see you has a high value man.  She sees you as someone she wants to avoid or use for attention.

The easiest way to become high value with women is simply to deal with women who already like you.  These are the women who already find you attractive or like your personality.  You’re their type.  So make things easy for yourself and date these women.

What about finding a submissive woman?

A lot of men will obsess over finding a submissive woman.  But the same woman whose submissive to you might not be that to another man, and vice versa.  Yes some women are more feminine and some are more masculine.

But in general, a woman who sees you as high value is going to be more feminine to you.

And a woman who sees you as low value is going to be more masculine or neutral.

That’s why you don’t need to obsess over finding a submissive woman.  Instead, focus on being a man who deals with women that already have interest from day 1.  These are the women that are naturally going to be more submissive to you, whether they’re always like or just like that with you.

When a man is high value in the eyes a woman, she’s going to be more respectful and feminine.  To echo the previous point, deal with women who like you.

You’re already Valuable

I’ve given you the practical advice to be high value with women in the real world.  Be your best self and deal with women who like you.

However now I want to end this article with an even more important statement that will be brushed off by most, because it’s not as practical.

If you want to be high value with women you first must be valuable to yourself.  If you can make this true for yourself, you’ll never have to worry about your dating / relationship life again.

A confident man is an attractive man.  Confidence, belief in yourself, having a bit of an ego, is masculine.

To nurture is feminine.  To grow and extend is masculine.  We can see this with our sex organs.  The vagina let’s in and provides an environment, the penis extends and grows.

When you realize you’re already valuable, you become more spiritually magnetic and many women will be drawn towards you.

Of course you still need to be in good shape, have good hygiene, and be presentable.

That’s the balance between the spiritual and the physical.  When you value yourself internally, just for being a man, and you also do the practical external things, you become high value to women.  You become the man women want.

Not every woman will want you.  Not every woman will see herself with you.  But when you value yourself, you only focus on the ones that are into you.  And because of that, yo attract more of that into your life.

You’re already all good

Whether you have a woman, have dating options, or you have nothing, you’re already valuable because you’re you.  You’re already whole and complete.  When you truly internalize this, you’ll never have a problem with women, friends, or any dealings with people.  Because most people, and even more so with women, are insecure.  They want a strong figure to make them feel like it’s going to be okay.  And the only type of person who can fill that role is the type of person who sees their own value as is.

You first must realize your internal value and become the prize in your own eyes.  This is the most important thing.  Becoming high value with women is really as simple as being high value to yourself.  Women will follow your direction.  When you feel good about yourself, women will want you.


Becoming High Value with Women, high value

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