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Being called a Fuckboy is a Compliment


Being called a Fuckboy is a compliment

Recently I got a question from a fella who was worried about being called a fuckboy.  He’s single and wants to date different women.  He’s aware that women are out here dating multiple men and he’s accepted that.  However, he’s worried about something.  He’s worried that women will think of him or call him a fuckboy.

So he wants to know, how can he date different women and not be labeled as a fuckboy?  The answer I have for him is… who the fuck cares.  In fact, being a fuckboy is a compliment.

Fuckboy meaning

It’s interchangbale for what I typically use as the word player.

Fuckboy, or a player, is a man who does well with women or is perceived by women to do well with women.

Fuckboy definition:

  • He’s a guy that can’t be controlled by women.

I don’t like the term “fuckboy” because the word boy.  After all, we’re all grown ass man on here.  However, I don’t take it as an insult when coming from women.

Because if a woman calls you a fuckboy, that’s compliment.  Just like if a woman calls you a nice guy, it’s a diss.  When she calls you a fuckboy, or a player, or no good, or immature, she’s trying to shame you.  Don’t feel the need to have to defend yourself verbally.  Laugh and say yea I’m a fuckboy or yea I’m a player.

Don’t say “no I’m not a fuckboy, why would you think that?”  If women call you a fuckboy or any kind of term that’s associated with guys who get women, take it as a compliment.

Why do women shame men?

Women want to change men.  Well, not actually.  They think that they want to change men.  It sounds like a novel idea to get men to not pursue them for sex.  But they don’t actually want to.  They really don’t want to change us.

They’re hoping to change us from our player ways, our fuckboy behaviors, or whatever the trendy word of the time is.

But they don’t really want to change us.  Because there are men who are changed, men who are programmed from birth to be weaker than they naturally are, are the nice guy simps who get no women.  Women shame men because they complain who they like about, in terms of sexual / romantic relationships.

Why do women love the fuckboy?

Women love the fuckboy.  If they didn’t, they wouldn’t get heartbroken by him, and wouldn’t complain about him.  Do women ever complain about the nerdy guy who secretly likes her from  afar?  Of course not, she doesn’t even know he exists.

The average woman doesn’t give a nice guy the time day.  In fact, women despise the nice guy.  The nice guy may be polite, but he’s not actually that nice.  He’s a little weasel.  He’s a motherfucking snake.  What the “nice guy” does is try to act like he doesn’t want to fuck women.

That’s what the beta does.  He tries to be a friend with a woman for months and months before making a move.  Because he’s secretly hoping the woman makes a move.  He’s hoping she makes a move and becomes the man for him so he doesn’t have to deal with rejection.  And when he realizes that the woman will never make a move, he finally makes a move 6 months later.  He gets rejected or used for an expensive dinner.   Guess what, he deserves it.  I don’t feel bad for nice guys, especially the ones who read my content or other content, learn the truth, and still stay doing simp shit.

The man who lives life on his own terms

That’s why women love the fuckboy.  That’s why they like me, and that’s why they like you guys who are rebels in your lives.  Women like us because we aren’t stepping on eggshells.   The fuckboy is direct.  Maybe not blunt with everything.  It’s true that telling a girl you just met “hey let’s fuck” is not the best way of inviting her over.  But saying “come join me for a glass of wine” to a woman you’re trying to get at is about as clear as you can make it.

Women will call you a fuckboy when you’re like this.  Have no fear my friends.  This simply is her trying to shame you.  She’s trying to shame you to see if you’ll change.  To see if you’ll start to act weak.  It’s a shit test.  Women calling you a fuckboy is just another shit test.  You pass it by embracing it, but not caring.

Women want to fuck the fuckboy

Women want to sleep with the fuckboy.  They get turned on by a guy who actually makes a move on her.  Will every girl like you?  No, of course not.   If a woman rejects you or doesn’t want to sleep with you, date you, etc. then no worries.  You can walk away, no hard feelings.

Being a fuckboy isn’t about needing a woman to want you.  Instead, it’s about going after what you want in the dating market.  You want sex.  You may want more than sex.  Maybe you want to have sex with a few different woman.  Maybe you want a fuckbuddy or a rotation of women.  And maybe you even want a girlfriend or wife and 3 kids.

However, you go after what you want.  This is why there’s women who like you.  Women want to fuck the men who go after what they want.  Whether it’s dating, business, hobbies, or other ambitions.  Women want the man who pursues what he desires.

Being the man you’re supposed to be

They don’t want the beta who puts her on a pedestal and is trying to impress her.  She knows that all men want to fuck.  That’s why she likes the fuckboy.  Because is a man who is pursuing what he’s meant to pursue.

Don’t get it twisted my guys.  I don’t think that sleeping with as many women as possible is the purpose of life.  In fact, I’m in favor of relationships or even seeing fewer, but higher quality women rather than sleeping with 30 or 40 or 50 women a year for the rest of your life.  Sleeping with a bunch of women just to get your notch count up isn’t satisfying or a worth while pursuit.  That’s why I’ve turned to Rebellious Development as my purpose to help men develop themselves fully.  Even though I cover more than just dating / relationships, even if RD was solely focused on that, it would still help men in their entire life.  Because when you actually develop an understand of women and relationships, and not just getting laid or getting numbers, but actually understand dynamics on a deeper level, you learn about society, yourself, and why a lot of the world is set up the way it is.

A lot of a man’s development can come through dating if he has the awareness to seek truth, because if he can understand the dating game, he understands people, understands himself and his desires, and understands how to navigate through the world in other aspects.

Back to the fuckboy conversation

I know that was a rant but if you can see the game I just gave you above, then you’ll understand why you shouldn’t worry about being called names like a fuckboy.

It’s natural for a man to pursue sex.  And guess what, the women are choosing to fuck the fuckboys.  That’s why we’re called fuckboys.  We’re not going out here forcing women to do anything.  That’d be wrong and that’s not even the case.

In fact, many of the women who call you a “fuckboy” or “player” are the ones who will initiate sex.  It’s like the girls who say “I’m not going to hookup with you”.  Those are generally the girls to initiate the sex in the first place.

Should you be a fuckboy?

I don’t usually refer to myself as a fuckboy, like I said earlier we’re all grown ass men.  But if a woman calls me a fuckboy, or a player, or whatever, it means she thinks you get a lot of women.  And if you guys know anything about women, it’s that they like the guy who gets other women.

To us men it’s backwards.  The woman who gets with all the men is gross.  But women aren’t the same way.  Just like women like celebrities because they think he gets all the women.  When you’re a fuckboy, women think you’re like a mini celebrity in your local city or town.

The aim here is to be a real man.  Whether you’re single and dating different women, single and in monk mode grinding, or you have a girlfriend / wife.  I don’t care what you guys do.  I’m personally not seeing 6 girls at a time like I once mistakenly thought would be fun.  That’s a lot of work to maintain.  I’d much rather see  a few girls or have a girlfriend when it’s the right girl.

You don’t need to deceive women or lie to them.  If you’re seeing different women, you can be upfront about it.

But women will still call me a fuckboy when I don’t do what they want.  So what.  Not only does it not work, but it also backfires because it lets me know that they like me even more.  If a woman calls you a fuckboy then take it as a compliment.   You shouldn’t try to be a fuckboy or not be fuckboy. Just be a man who sticks to his values, and you’ll do well in the dating game and outside of it.


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