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Being Controlled by your Lust makes you a Simp


Being Controlled by your Lust makes you a Simp

If you’re being controlled by your lust then you’re a simp.  A simp is a man who puts himself in a weak position in order to appease a woman in the hopes of sex, affection, or some kind of positive sexual/romantic response.

This is the biggest hurdle men face when dealing with women.  It’s normal to have lust, to have sexual desire.  The problem isn’t that you have lust itself.  Instead, the issue is that you let it control you.  Letting lust dictate your life will cause you to bend over backwards to get laid or to keep the relationship you have.

There’s nothing wrong with maintaining a healthy relationship with a woman.  But when you’re just trying to maintain the steady supply (or not so steady) of sex, you don’t have a real relationship.  You just have a mutual understanding where if you act like a simp enough, the woman will give you pity sex from time to time.

Those are the kind of relationships many men are in today.  And it’s because the man let his lust control him.  He let his desire for sex guide him.

What happens when Lust Guides you

Letting your desire for sex guide you will lead you to either:

  1. Be with the wrong woman
  2. Be with a good woman but end up mismanaging the relationship due to your lack of self control

Being controlled by your lust will put you in one of these 2 scenarios with relationships.  You’ll end up with a woman you shouldn’t date, but you are because you want to continue to have sex with her.  Or you’ll get a good woman, but your constant lust will cause you to endlessly pursue sex with her, which ends up putting you in a weak position.

And that’s not counting all of the men who just try to approach or casually date women who have no interest in them… only in the hopes of getting laid.

Lust is a feeling

Stop Suffering from Beta Male Problems: Build up your Masculinity

Lust is a feeling.  It’s an emotion.  Lust – sexual desire – is one of the strongest feelings we have.  Especially in the heat of the moment.  But as a man, you must rise above it and gain emotional control.  This doesn’t mean you can never indulge in it.  It just means knowing the right time and place.

The problem most men have is that feel the need to act on their lust when ever it appears.  Whenever you’re in the mood, or whenever you see a big ass, you instantly want to pursue that.  But it doesn’t always makes sense to do so.  In fact, most of the time self restraint is necessary.

If you want to have a position of power in your own life, you must be able to recognize when feelings come up.  You must be able to separate yourself from your feelings.  Only then are you truly free to make clear, logical decisions.  This is what it takes to be a man.  To make the best logical decision, despite how you feel about it.

Letting feelings guide you will destroy your manhood

When you let your feelings guide you, especially lust, you destroy your manhood.  A man must always place his logic at the forefront of his decision making process.

Feelings are indicators.  Feelings are Nature’s way of letting you know some information that you may have missed with just logic alone.  In this way, using your feelings can be useful.  But… you must be able to read your own feelings.

For example, if you feel fear in a situation, that may be a signal there’s a threat to your survival.  This fear can save your life in some scenarios, so it’s important that you have it.   However, giving into fear every time it comes up will lead you to the life of a coward.  When the feeling of fear comes up, you must evaluate if this signal is useful or not.

The body will give you feelings whenever it can.  Again, even if the reason for the feeling is minimal, the body does this to ensure your survival.  That’s why you may “feel” fear, or anger, or lust, often.  Simply when there’s a little inclination towards that direction, the body and mind push you into that..  However, you decide to indulge in the feeling or not.

Why you feel Lustful all the time

Did she lose interest after sex?

Let’s dive into the lust example.  It may seem annoying to you that every time a woman with a big ass walks by, or everything your girlfriend is changing, get out of the shower, etc., you get turned on.

Assuming you don’t watch porn – it can seem like even with just the smallest amount of stimuli, your lust kicks in.

This is normal.  Because Nature has programmed you to be this way.  Each time you get turned on that could be a chance to impregnate the woman and therefore spread your seed.  Throughout most of time, you likely wouldn’t have had ample opportunity to reproduce.  So that’s why your body and mind feel lustful so often.

Given you’re healthy, it’s normal to feel lust.  If you want to reduce the feeling to a degree, eat less meat, meditate, and stay away from social media.  However, it’s a natural feeling and you’re going to have it.

Semen retention trains you to not need a release

The Key to not being controlled by your lust isn’t getting rid of your lust.  It’s just understanding that you don’t need a release every time you get the feeling.

This is a beautiful aspect of semen retention.  While retaining your seed, you learn that you don’t need to release just because you feel the desire for sex.  So that even when you’re done with semen retention, you still carry with you this wisdom.  Just because a woman is attractive, or just because you get an erection, doesn’t mean you need to release.

You don’t always need to Release

Semen retention: the power of holding onto your seed - the rock

Realizing this is how you gain control over your lust.

Simply by being okay with not needing a release every time you get the desire.  No matter how many times you have sex, no matter if you’ve had sex with 2 women or with 50 women, sexual desire will always emerge.  You simply need to be okay with not releasing every time.

If that’s your attitude, then you won’t be desperate for sex.  Therefore you’ll maintain a position of respect when you deal with women.

Guys who are simps put themselves in weak positions.  They’re addicted to getting an orgasm, a sexual release.  They want to ensure they get it, which in turn is what makes them act weak.

Ironically, acting like a simp gets you less sex and affection from women.  So it backfires against the simps.

That’s why overcoming your need for a sexual release, will in turn put you above your need for sex, and therefore about your lust.

Then the women you deal with will give you much more respect, love, and affection.  Because you can enjoy time, sex, and the benefits of the relationship, but you won’t be desperate for it.  This is how a man deals with women.

Being in Control of your Lust Elevates you to a position of Greatness

The Brad Pitt Rule: Women will do anything for a high value man

The majority of men can’t or choose not to rise above their instincts of sexual desire.  This is why so many men are simps and get no respect or love in their lives.  They sacrifice their character and dignity in the hopes for some sexual gratification.

Simply rising above your lust puts you in a position of greatness.

It’s not that you can never indulge in sex.  It’s just that you don’t sacrifice your respect to do so.  That’s the key.  you can have sexual desire, and you can indulge in it when the opportunity arises.  But you’re never going to disrespect yourself, you’re never going to lower yourself, in the hopes of sex.

If that becomes the way you conduct yourself,, then you’ll be in control of your lust, and not the other way around


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