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Believe in yourself: Why it’s important + the Secret Formula


Believe in yourself

believe in yourself

If you want to accomplish anything great in life, then you need to believe in yourself.

Developing yourself as a man and improving your life is core purpose of Rebellious Development.

Self development and improvement of your circumstances come with hard work.

Taking extreme energy and focusing that on a particular mission.

Your life’s meaning.

In order to do any of this, you need to absolutely, 100%, believe in yourself.

Not just having a positive outlook on life.  That’s important but that’s not what I’m talking about.

You need to believe in yourself so much that you spend almost all of your free time work towards your goals.

Otherwise you’ll never get them done.

If you don’t believe in yourself, you’ll fall into one of these traps of “It’s too hard”, “I can’t do it”, “It’s not worth the time/effort”

It’s too hard

Things are going to get hard when you working on starting your own business or pursuing your particular life meaning.

It’s just the fact.

Even decent confidence or an okay self belief won’t cut it.

When things get rough, and they will, you need to have rock solid belief in yourself.

If you have a clear goal you want to accomplish, and you find yourself saying “it’s too hard”, then you don’t have the adequate self belief.

Or you don’t have the obsession.

You’re not obsessed with your particular goal, and so you think it’s too hard.

Good things don’t happen over night.  They take consistent, hard work.

Focus on becoming totally obsessed with your goal.  Self belief will arise from your obsession.

I can’t do it

This negative thought might come early on in pursuit of your objective.

It simply means you have weak confidence in your abilities to get it done, similar to the point above.

It’s not worth the time/effort

time and effort

Not thinking it’s worth the time or the effort means you don’t believe in yourself, but it can be for a different reason.

You may not be passionate about what you’re trying to accomplish.

Because if you love what you do, then it’s worth the time and effort.

Find something you like to do that you can be good at.

Squashing negative talk with positive affirmations and massive action

Whether it’s one of the phrases I briefly mentioned, or some other variation, most of us will have some negative shit we say to ourselves when trying to accomplish something great.

There’s two main ways to destroy these negative thoughts.

Positive affirmations, and massive action.

Positive Affirmations

Affirming to yourself that you CAN do something is a powerful thing.  It can raise your spirits and bring your confidence back up.

The key to positive affirmations is to make them realistic + hopeful.  In other words, realistic with a nice side of optimism.

For example, let’s say you started a business but haven’t gotten any clients.

You’ve reached out to 50 people with cold emails but only got 2 responses and they told you “not thanks” or “fuck off”.

You might lose some of your belief in your ability to really start this business.

Some positive affirmations you can use are

  • “I don’t have any clients yet, but I know I provide a valuable service.  I just have to put more work in and the clients will come.”
  • “I’ve already done 50 reach outs, so that means I’m 50 reach outs closer to my goal of getting my first client!  I will keep up the work and with persistence and dedication, I know I’ll get my first client”

These affirmations are realistic with a solid dose of optimism.

If your affirmations are too big  like “I’m going to build a $20k per month business in the next few months” then you simply won’t believe in yourself.

You can lie to other people, but you can’t bullshit yourself.  If you were already doing $15k per month, then that would be a solid affirmation.

Massive action

massive action

Notice that the positive affirmations were also action oriented.

Saying nice shit without doing anything is useless.

Plus, how could you even tell yourself that you’re so great if you’re not putting any effort in?

When you create positive affirmations include actions in them.

This will ensure that you actually believe them as well.

No fairy dust, “my dreams will just happen” bullshit.

Yes, they can come true, but you have to force them into reality, like any alpha male would.

The world can be your playground… but you need to be playing rough so the school bully doesn’t kick your ass.

The Secret Formula to Believe in Yourself

Clearly decide on your goal.

Create positive affirmations that you say to yourself every morning.

Then, take massive action each day towards that goal.


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