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6 Benefits of Cold Showers + and How to Take them with Ease


Benefits of Cold Showers

benefits of cold showers

The numerous benefits of cold showers have on your health and well being are too fantastic to be ignored.  If you haven’t tried cold showers yet, then you need to at least try them for a week.  I’m willing to bet you’ll continue doing them.  Because the benefits of cold showers are real, they’re powerful, and they’re shockingly easy to get.

You just need to be able to stay in the shower for a few minutes of coldness.  In my own experience, even ending your shower with 20 seconds of cold water will do the trick.

But if you’re still not sold, here’s a few of the benefits of cold showers you’re missing out on.

1. Amazing for your skin

Cold showers do wonders for your skin.  And as a player in the game, better skin will help your smv when you’re out there trying to get more women.

Hot water is good for relaxing you and opening up your pores.  But this leaves your skin susceptible to getting dirt and other stuff in your pores.  That can result in acne and bad looking skin.  Hot water also dries out your skin.

Cold water closes your pores.  That means taking a cold shower and prevent you from getting all kinds of junk in your skin.  That’s the same reason why washing your face with cold water is recommended.  So you can keep your skin healthy and looking fresh.

Not only will you keep your skin fresh, but one of the benefits of cold showers on your skin is to prevent sagging on your face.  We typically expect our faces to look older and age as we continue to live life year after year.  But sagging skin on our faces ic caused by our pores widening.  Cold water reduces the amount of sagging that occurs as you age.  Meaning you can look younger than most of your peers as you rack on the years.

2. Helps to fight depression

depressed man

One understated benefits of cold showers is that they actually can fight depression head on.  And that’s not just a made up bullshit fact that sounds good.  Dr. Nikolai Shevchuk has studied this issue.  Through his research, he believes that humans need more thermal stress.

In today’s modern world, we lack many stimulants (not the drugs) that we would’ve received in the wild just trying to survive.  Things like swimming in cold water or trying to stay warm during a rainfall.

Being introduced to thermal stress activates noradrenaline (used in many anti-depressant medications) in the brain.  It also activates beta-endorphins.  And without all of the other baggage that comes with medications.

If you’re depressed or feeling down about life, try a cold shower and see it shock you into a better state.

3. Boost in your metabolism

Boosting your metabolism is done by lifting weights and cardio right?  Yes.  And there’s no substitute for physical activity.  But one of the key benefits of cold showers is they they can aid in boosting your metabolism.

Cold showers activate brown fat.  Brown fat is a type of fat that burns energy instead of storing it.  If you can activate more brown fat, then you’ll essentially boost your metabolism.  This is great any man who’s looking to shed a few pounds.

Younger and thinner people tend to have more brown fat than overweight and older people.  So it’s generally a good thing if you can activate brown fat in your body.

4. Blood circulation

cold showers, blood circulation

Blood circulation is a critical component of your overall health.  The better your blood circulates throughout your body, the more nutrients get delivered in a timely manner.  Circulation is important for recovering from working out, having a hard erection, and feeling better.

Cold showers cause the blood to go back to your organs and circulate around your body.  Switching from a hot shower, which draws the blood towards your skin, then to a cold shower will in turn increase your blood circulation.

Doing this consistently over time is amazing for your health.

5. More Energy

Cold showers will give you way more energy.  Especially when you combine them with a morning workout beforehand, the cold shower will be another huge boost to your energy levels.  They shock you into a state of productivity and alertness.

If you suffer from lack of motivation or just a lack of overall energy, try a cold shower.  Then get dressed and get to work.  You’ll be positively surprised at how much some cold water can make your body go into survival mode.  And then you’ll see how much work you can get done with this new energy.

6. Makes you feel like a Man

cold shower makes you feel like a man

We’ve covered a few scientific benefits of cold showers.  That was so you know there’s some science behind the madness.  But another great thing about cold showers is that they make you feel like a mother fuckin’ man!

Once the shower is done, you can add a beating of your chest for an extra testosterone boost.  It feels amazing to be done with your cold shower.  You can feel the essence of your manhood come alive.  You’ll feel like a beast.  If you’ve never done a cold shower before, then try it out.  I want you to know what I’m talking about.

How to take them with Ease

The thought of taking cold showers can be startling at first.  After all, there’s nothing more relaxing than a hot shower at the end of a long day.  However, the two don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

Take a regular hot shower like you would.  And then end your hot shower with a cold shower.  You only need to be in the cold water for 15 seconds or so.

I’ve tried this myself, and noticed all the same benefits of ending with a cold shower for 15 seconds as I did with a cold shower for the entire time.  You don’t need to suffer for your entire shower.

Your normal hot shower can be relaxing and feel great.  It will put you in a positive but calm mindset.  However, you need that energy boost, along with all the health benefits form the cold shower.  So end the hot shower by turning that water freezing and enduring it for 15 seconds.

You’ll still feel like a beast.  Willpower and motivation will be your middle names.  You’ll be hyper-focused and ready to crush your purpose.

The benefits of cold showers are incredible.  Don’t make excuses, especially when you only need to be in  the cold water at the very end.  Try them out and take advantage of this life hack.


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