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Benefits of Nofap: 12 Incredible Results of Sexual Transmutation

Benefits of Nofap: 12 Incredible Results of Sexual Transmutation

The benefits of nofap are too great for you not to pursue it at least once in your lifetime.  Nofap is when you not only go monk mode by not sleeping with or pursue women, but it’s when you also cut out masturbation + porn from your life.

It’s a new term to describe sexual transmutation, a practice that successful men throughout history have used to rise to incredible levels of power.

The benefits of nofap, or sexual energy transmutation, are too amazing to ignore.  When you don’t release your sexual energy through an orgasm, you start to accumulate your power.  This will results in you feeling better and being able to simply get so much more done.

I’m not saying you should live this way forever.  Learning how to be a player and having women in your life is a great way to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  But there comes a time in a man’s life when he needs to hold onto and transmute his sexual energy so he can reap other abilities.

1. Nofap means wasted pursuing sex

how to dress well as a man

One of the most obvious benefits of nofap is that you waste less time pursuing sex.  You’re probably thinking, “duh”.  But if you’re a man with a normal to high sex drive, think about how much time you actually pursue sex.  Every Friday or Saturday night.  An hour or two a day scrolling on dating apps.  Trying to talk to girls in public.

And dealing with girls that you met to meet up with, only to have them flake on you.  Even if you’re a player and have girls sleeping with you, you still deal with nonsense.  There’s always bullshit.  And if you’re talking to new girls like a player always does, then you will undoubtedly deal with flakes and time wasters.

Even girls you sleep with will take an hour to up to 3 or 4 hours out of your day.

And if you have a girlfriend, you’ll waste hours sleeping + cuddling with her that you could’ve used more producively.  The amount of time that you waste on sex and the pursuit of sex is insane.  Especially in your youth.  This is the prime time to retain your seed and manifest what you want.

2. More energy to workout

man working out, increasing smv

Working out should be a core part of your life.  Whether you lift weights for 30 minutes to 2 hours, go on runs, practice martial arts, or play your favorite sport, every man needs to be in shape.

One of the benefits of nofap is that you have way more energy to workout.  You’ll be able to reach new personal bests in the gym and be able to preform athletically at new levels.  Sexual transmutation gives you the ability to harness your sexual energy and manifest that into more physical power.  You won’t get  tired as easily.  There will be more of that killer instinct in you.  Nofap physical benefits, like more energy and motivation to lift weights, is just the start.

3. Competitive Drive 

As men, it’s in our nature to be competitive.  We’re the more disagreeable of the sexes.  And while we need to learn to generate agreement to get what we want in the world, we also need to maintain our masculine energy.

Men are competitive.  If you’ve lost your competitive drive, or you don’t have much of one, then you can’t be an alpha male.  Alphas need to be able to compete at the highest levels.  Increase in competitive drive is one of the huge benefits of nofap.

When you have all of your semen stored up, you feel a little more antsy.  You have more of the desire to outcompete other men.  And this is the desire that will force you to boost your sexual market value.  Extended periods of nofap will cause you to be active and raise your value.  And although game + experience is important in the sexual sphere, raw value is even more important.  When you store up your sexual energy, your competitive drive will exponentially blossom.  Your increased competitive drive will have you think nofap increased motivation.  In reality, it’s allowing your killer instinct to build uo.

That being said, it’s better to be cool and confident rather than antsy and desperate when it comes to the dating game.  But nofap will allow you to use your energy to go hard in the gym and the drive to optimize your style so you kill it in the field.

4. Sexual Transmutation to build your business

how to build an audience for your business

Building a business isn’t for everyone.  But if you’re an alpha male and you’re reading this article, then it’s the only path for you.

Creating a business take a ton of work.  You may be able to work normal hours once you’ve built it up, but you’ll still need 2-5 years of ridiculous grinding before you get to that point.

Of the vital benefits of nofap, the drive that it gives you to build your business is second to none.  It’s crazy how much more energy you’ll have when you stop having orgasms all the time.  You’ll be able to transmute this sexual energy and focus it on your purpose.

You should choose a business based off something you love, which is why it’s your purpose.  However, even if you really enjoy doing it, it’s going to be tough to work after you get home from a long day of wage slavery.  You need every bit of extra energy you can get.

And as you know, more energy and motivation are  ore benefits to nofap.  When you harness this energy + desire for sex and put it towards something greater, we refer to this as sexual transmutation.  Napoleon Hill discusses this in Think and Grow Rich.  Other ancient works and teachers have also taught about this.

What is sexual energy?

Understanding sexual energy is easy when you realize that it’s just life energy.  Sexual energy transfer happens when you can take the energy you have for sex and combine that with the focus for a purpose in life.

In the modern age, you can use sexual transmutation to push past hardships and grow your business.

5. More money

freedom fund

More money, more problems.  Well, that’s only true for celebrities.  More money actually means less problems.

Money is freedom.  That’s why I tell you guys to build wealth in your 20’s.  And then you can work towards becoming rich.  It’s not so that you can have expensive sports cars or big mortgages.  I want you to be rich so you can never have a boss again.  I want you to live life on your terms.  That way you can do what you want and not bow down to other men for 50 years of your life.

More money is one of the not so clear benefits of nofap.  Because you don’t naturally think that not having sex, masturbating, or pursuing women will make you richer.

But it will in two ways:

  1. Saving money because you’re spending less on women
  2. Working on your side business, which will bring you long term wealth

Money isn’t everything when you have lots of it.  But when you’re broke, money is everything.  Practice sexual transmutation, and watch out how much you can save + make.

6. Cultivating your power

cultivating your power, bane

Sexual transmutation is all about cultivating your power.  Having sex causes you to release your energy into a woman.  You’re giving her your greatest power, which is your seed.  You’re temporarily giving your power away.  A masculine man will be able to pull back afterwards and keep your coming back for more.  A weak man will do the opposite.

Either way, you can cultivate your power by not spilling your seed.  Whether it’s physical sex or masturbation, you lose your power.  It builds up again, but going through this process constantly depletes you.

Cultivating your power is one of the benefits of nofap that shouldn’t be overlooked.  Knowing how to transmute your energy is just avoiding orgasm.  Instead of releasing your energy, you hold it in.  And if you’re conscience of this, then you can channel it into different avenues.

A man who practice nofap and doesn’t orgasm at all will have sexual energy transfer to other areas he focuses on.  If he can make himself work on his business, then he’ll have learned how to transmute energy.

7. Taking pussy of the pedestal

knowing if girl likes you - girls staring at man

Numerous men around the world put the pussy on a pedestal.  They glorify women.  They’re desperate for sex.  And a huge reason for this is because they’re constantly draining their seed to images of women.  Whether it’s porn, or even imaging girls in their life… however, this way way more ideal than porn.

But one of the great benefits of nofap is that it causes you to take a step back from all of this sexual focus.  While you’ll have insanely high sexual energy, you also won’t be chasing your next nut.  You’ll be building your business, your body, and ultimately your value.  Masculine energy in you will skyrocket.

By taking back control of your time, you’ll be able to take women off the big pedestal you put them on.  Which in turn will cause more girls to check you out and want to be with you.

8. Appreciation for beauty

While one of the key benefits of nofap is that you realize your own value and take women off of pedestals, you’re also able to appreciate beautiful women when you see them.  You still realize what you bring to the table.  And in fact you grow to bring even more to the table.

But a man who practices sexual transmutation can also appreciate beauty, while not being a slave to it.

I always heavily, heavily preach to never watch porn.  Even if you’re not doing nofap and you’re having sex / masturbating, I still always tell you guys to stop watching it.

Nevertheless, practicing nofap is one of the times in many men’s lives that they actually stop watching porn.  Because porn causes men to become numb to hot body’s on a screen, yet pedestalize woman at the same time.  That’s why appreciation for beauty is one of the key benefits of nofap.

When you stop watching porn, you take sexual pleasure off your main priority list.  You stop showing images of naked girls to your brain everyday.  Which in turn allows your brain to become desensitized when you see pretty girls in your life.

Now, if you’re a virgin or a man with little sexual experience, then you’ll definitely appreciate beauty, but won’t reap the full rewards.  Since you’ll still glorify hot women.  Men with more sexual conquest will be able to appreciate beauty but not fall victim to over valuing it.  Especially if you’re working on building your own value at the same time.

9. Easier to wake up early and attack the day

benefits to waking up early

It’s insane how much more you can get done when you wake up at 5 or 6am.  Every single one of you needs to be getting your ass up early.  Especially if you’re still in the rat race.  This will give you time to workout in the morning and get some time on your side business before wage slavery begins at 8 or 9am.

When you’ve transmuted your sexual energy, you’re able to wake up much easier.  Getting up at 5 still takes some will power.  But every advantage you can get to force yourself up is needed.  And the extra boost you get from nofap can’t be overlooked.

You run your life like a business.  With a pimp mentality to plan our your day, you also need a warriors work ethic to execute on it.  Waking up early are having the energy to do are key benefits of nofap.  Don’t sleep in and fall behind.  You’ll be playing catch up all day long.

Attack the day by getting out of bed early.  This is much easier to do when you are actively doing sexual transmutation and aren’t draining yourself.

10. Ability to appreciate art

Your sexual energy allows you to appreciate the beauty in art.  Although this is typically a feminine trait, art is important in the life of every man.  Art can be paintings and drawings, but it doesn’t need to be.  It can be the way you fight, the way you dance, the way you walk, speak, mentor, or the way you stare at the mountains.  Being able to become an artist by adding to your perspective will help you to enjoy life in a fuller way.

Most of us are caught up in the grind to compete, become rich, and sleep with the hottest women we can.  While sexual transmutation will ultimately help with all of those things, it also adds other layers.  It gives us the ability to see details and to see the matrix.

11. Nofap means less stress over bullshit

power of indifference: how to be indifferent

Less stress over bullshit is one of the best benefits of nofap.  Having all of this sexual power will give you the ability to tackle problems head on.  You won’t stress out over stupid things.  You’ll take them on head on, or you’ll realize you can’t change them and move on.

Sexual transmutation not only gives us more energy.  It allows us to hyper attack the things we want to.  And it allows us to say “fuck it” to the things we don’t want to waste time with.

12. Growing your emotional intelligence

We can all gain from having more emotional intelligence.  And no, emotional intelligence doesn’t mean being a beta male who succumbs to the female narrative of needing to be weaker men.

Instead, emotional intelligence is about knowing your own emotions, knowing how to control them, using them at the right times, and withholding them in other times.  It’s also the ability to realize what emotions you have and use them if it’s advantageous or switch them if it’s disadvantageous to you.

This is more machiavellian, and actually feminine energy.  But even the most powerful men in history knew the power of growing their emotional intelligence.

This gave them the ability to not only master themselves, but to also know their enemies + allies so they could gain the upperhand.

In the real world, developing your emotional intelligence will

  • prevent you from getting oneitis
  • keep you as the leader in relationships
  • help you feel vibes + know when to flirt with women
  • give you the insight to gain influence over a boss and co-workers
  • save you from losing a job while you create your freedom fund
  • and give you the insight to win clients

among many others things.  There are many benefits of nofap, but growing your emotional intelligence and ability to feel situations is one of the most underrated.  It will grow your gut instinct.

Channeling your inner manhood

sexual transmutation, arnold

When you’re practicing nofap, your natural sexual energy will drive you towards action.  Your default state will cause you to chase greatness.  Sexual transmutation will feel like a superpower.  Except that it’s not.  The majority of men throughout history practiced this due to lack of options.  They didn’t have time and sit around masturbating or chasing tons of women.  They had to hunt and battle other men just to survive.  Once in a while they could have sex with women as a reward for their labor.

I’m not saying we should go back to those times.  Now is a much better time to be alive.  And I also love having a dating life that only an ancient king could have.  We are spoiled with our options today.

But it’s clear that the benefits of nofap are too great to ignore.  Use sexual transmutation for a period just to see the incredible boost it can give to your energy levels and success in life.


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