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Benefits of Starting an Online Business

Benefits of Starting an Online Business

benefits of starting an online business

There are numerous benefits of starting an online business.  If you’re a man who wants to have options in his life, then it’s a must-have.  Too many of us waste away at jobs we hate while dream of living a better life.  If you  were born at any other point in history you were pretty much fucked.

But because of the power of the internet anyone can start a business.  Starting an online business can give you a freedom once only known to royalty and the richest of men.

You could probably make a list of 100 reasons why starting an online business is the right move.  But you’d be rehashing a lot of the same points.  The main benefits of starting an online business are:

  1. No Boss
  2. Little start up cost
  3. Live wherever
  4. Travel
  5. Money
  6. Work / life balance of your choosing

1. No Boss

how to quit a job and celebrate

Show me someone who says they love having a boss and I’ll show you a liar.  Sure, there are some ethical bosses who are decent people.  And there are tons of shitty bosses who aren’t.  Regardless, having a boss means you have a person who tells you what to do and controls your life.

Even if they mean well it’s still a bad situation for you.  You’re forced to go with their direction and their choice.  That means showing up when they want you to, doing what they want you to, and getting your work approved or unapproved by them.  As a man who is naturally alpha it’s impossible to tolerate having a boss.  Most betas don’t particularly like it, but they’re willing to tolerate it because it’s safe.

But an alpha male simply can’t.  And we’re not just alpha sexually here on Rebellious Development.  We’re alpha in our careers.  What’s the point of being a player in your dating life when you’re only interacting with women a few hours out of the week.  The majority of your life is at your job.  Which is why starting an online business is such a big deal.

No boss means you’re in the pimp position.  You can hire other people to build your dream.  Or you can be a solo entrepreneur and just have contractors do stuff on the side / per project basis.

2. Little start up cost

It takes very little money to start an online business.  You just need a website domain, internet connection, and a cup of coffee.

As you scale up you can spend more money in Facebook and Instagram ads.  But if you’re offering a service then your start up costs are extremely small.  If you’re able to read this on a phone or laptop then you have the money to start an online business.

In the past cost was the biggest barrier to entry.  People would save for 20 or 30 years in the hopes of having enough capital to start a business.  And if it failed they were screwed.  But with modern technology it’s super easy.  I mean it takes work to start an online business.  But you can kick it off in a matter of months.

If you’re starting a product based business like a Shopify store or Amazon FBA that’s a different story.  That’s why I tell you guys to start a service based business as your first online business.  However, if you make a lot of money at your wage slave job then you can play around with 5 to 10 grand in a product based business and see how you do.  You’re going to put the majority of that into advertising, so you need to pick a product that will convert and has the margins for you to win.

3. Live wherever you like

live in a city in your 20's

One of the best benefits of starting an online business is that you can live wherever you like.  You can move to the big city.  Or ideally you can move to a cheaper/better city, state, or even country.

If you’re in the US, then you might want to consider moving to a state with low taxes like Nevada, Texas, Florida, Washington.  I like warm weather so you can take a guess at what  I’d prefer.

Some men choose to leave the country all together and go to Latin America, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, or somewhere else they want to move.  These locations all are cheap compared to Western areas so your money will go farther.

But the point is that an online business gives you the freedom to choose.  You can live somewhere for a few years and then choose somewhere else.  The power is in your hands.  Actually it’s in your laptop.

4. Travel where and when you want

Besides living where you want, starting an online business means you can travel where and when you want.  You may not want to change where you live.  Or if you do change where you live you may not want to live everywhere.

Personally I like having a place that’s my main spot or home base.  Then I can travel for extended periods of time to other places.  Since I’m American I have a place in the US that’s my home base.  Then I’ll travel for a few weeks to a few months.  I’m still working when I travel so I’m not going somewhere new every 2 weeks.  I need to get my work done and have some kid of routine in my life since I’m so focused on my purpose.

You can travel in a way similar to me or do things differently.  One of the benefits of starting an online business means you can travel for how ever long, short, and where you want to go, when you want to go there.

5. Money

Financial Freedom: 4 Phases of Becoming Financially Free

Money makes the world go round.  As much as I wish it didn’t, it’s just the way it is.

When you own your own online business, you can make as much money as you want.  There’s no income potential.  You can build up to a solid 6-figures of 150 or 200k USD, live in cheap area, and live like a boss.  Or you can live in a more expensive area but try and build a 7-figure business.

Either way you have the options.  Whether you want to build wealth at a young age and relax or instead strive to be rich is up to you.

You can earn just enough to get by, earn well, or become a 1% er.  Money isn’t just about accumulating cash.  Money is freedom.  The more you have control over the money coming in, the more things you can do in this life.

6. Work / life balance of your choosing

power of indifference: how to be indifferent

When you’re first starting your online business, you’ll have no life.  That’s because you still have a wage slave job.  And you’ll need to work an extra 20-40 hours a week on top of your regular 40-50 hour a week trade.  But once you have the freedom fund and income coming in then you can quit.

You’ll still grind for a few years, but it won’t be as bad as doing both the corporate job and your online business.  Plus you should actually enjoy what you do.  Not every moment.  Not every aspect of it.  But in general it’s going to be based around something you love, are good at, and can provide value to others with.

Then after a few years you can continue to go hard because you love what you do, or you can start to work less.  This can be ideal if you want to spend more time traveling, having fun in your dating life, starting a family, or doing whatever else you want to do in this life.

Grind at first, then chill or continue to grind

Your work is your life for the first few years.  And ideally your work is something you love and that you can dedicate your life to.  But you can still start to work less in order to do other things you want to as well.  Maybe after 5 years of building up your business you take 2 years to maintain it but to do other things.  Then you can come back hard for another few years.  Since you own your online business you can do what you’d like.

If you work a corporate job your whole life then you’ll never have any control over your time.  But if you start an online business then you take back that control.

You can work more now and take time off later.  Even if you love what you do, which you should, you might want to work less when you are going on a trip.  Or how about if you ever have kids?  You don’t want to be a wage slave who never sees them.  Let alone have your wife divorce rape you because you never see her.  Then you may the mortgage off in the house she lives and brings new dick into.  Of course you already know that legal marriage isn’t something we’re pursuing.

Business ownership means you can work less in periods of your life when you need to focus on other things.

It’s about options

how to get rich - attitude

When it comes down to it, all of the benefits of starting an online business are about options.  You have the options to work a lot or not that much.   Choosing where to live and where you want to work means you can explore the world or be in the city or countryside you’ve always wanted to be.  Or do both.

You can build wealth and get eventually get rich.  Or you can live in cheaper areas and live above your means in your home city/country.

It’s about not being chained down, told what to do, where to live, and how to live your life.  For the vast majority of human history, it’s been about survival.  But now you can do more than survive.  You can thrive and live life to its fullest.  If you’re tired of not having control over your own life, there are too many benefits of starting an online business for you to ignore.  Start yours now so you can have financial freedom and control over your life.


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