January 21

Benefits to Waking up Early: 5 Reasons Successful People do it

Benefits to Waking up Early

benefits to waking up early

There are too many benefits to waking up early to not do it.  I’m naturally a night person.  I love to stay up late and wake up late.  Waking up in the morning was never something I wanted to accept as beneficial to my life.

But after doing it consistently for the past few years, I must admit that the benefits to waking up early have had a big impact on how much I can get done.

The 5 main benefits to waking up early are

  1. Feel good about yourself
  2. Working out early
  3. More time to get things done before noon
  4. Less distractions
  5. Time for hobbies, side hustle, or dates at end of day

1. Feel good about yourself

When you wake up early you feel good about yourself.  Well, not the first few seconds.  But once you hop out of bed and get blood flowing then the positivity starts to kick in.

Lazy people stay in bed late.  Productive winners get up early.  This is something you innately know. That’s why you’ll feel good about yourself when you get out of bed.  You’re tackling the day head on. You’re not avoiding it for as long as you can by hiding under the covers.

You’ll still feel tired when your alarm goes off and you might need to force yourself to get up.  But once you’re up you’ll have a boost of self-esteem that entrepreneurs and men with a purpose feel.

2. Working out early

workout in the morning

One of the practical benefits to waking up early is that you can work out early.  Working out in the morning is amazing for your metabolism, your energy levels, focus, and your overall productivity.

Lifting weights boosts your sexual market value, increases your testosterone, helps you to feel like a man, and raises your confidence.

Getting that early morning workout will have you feeling amazing and will impact the rest of your day in an incredible way.

3. More time to get things done before noon

From when you wake up until about noon or 1pm is your most productive timeframe.  You still need to get work done the rest of the day.  Especially if you’re trying to build a side business and quit your job + escape wage slavery.  Because that will take up your evenings and weekends.

But regardless, your most productive hours are before you eat lunch.  The period from about 7am-12pm or so, but this can be extended until 1 or 2.

One of main benefits to waking up early is that you have more hours before lunch.  Lunch typically slows people down and makes them unproductive for the rest of the day.  You can dodge this trap by utilizing a steak and eggs diet.  Essentially eating a high protein / fat diet and low on heavy carbs like bread, pasta, rice, etc.

This way you stay productive in the working hours of the day.

However, the morning will still be the time when your energy levels are highest.  You’ll have the boost from your morning workout, caffeine, and a clearer focus then you’ll tend to have later in the day.  When you wake up earlier you get the benefit of having more time before your levels start to drop off.

4. Less distractions

more focus

One of the facts about waking up early is that there are simply less distractions to take you away from your most important tasks.

You should put the most important tasks you have for the day first.  Have a few major priorities and make sure you tackle them first on your schedule.  That way you can get them done and build a momentum effect of accomplishment for the day.

This is way easier to do when you wake up earlier than everyone else because there’s less stuff to take away your attention.  Less emails to answer, less people trying to call you, and less of all the noise.

You want your prime hours to be used wisely.  Waking up earlier ensures that you’re able to use the best hours you have without all of the clutter that tends to fill up a work day.  This is even more true if you still work a job and aren’t a full time entrepreneur yet.

5. Time for hobbies, side hustle, or dates at end of day

One of the understated benefits to waking up early is that you’ll have more time later in the day.  After work many of you will be working on your purpose.  Others already own your own business, so you might be players and seeing women.  And some of you want to see your girlfriend, meet up with the bros, or spend time doing your favorite hobbies.

Whatever it is you choose to do, waking up earlier will give you the time to do that.  Whether you’re a wage slave or an entrepreneur, if you don’t get the things done that you need to, then you’ll need to spend more time later in the day doing that.  You’ll be less motivated to get the things done and the quality of work will suffer, unless it’s something you’re passionate about like a side business.

But getting up early means you have more time later to choose how you want to.  The only benefits of waking up late is that you feel better in bed for a few more moments.  You’ll regret the missed time you had to get other things you wanted to accomplish once you start your day.


How to be productive

All of the main benefits to waking up early revolve around increasing your productivity, giving you time back, and allowing you to feel better.

Waking up early means you’re attacking the day head on.  You own your time versus feeling behind and lethargic like those who sleep in late.

The early bird gets the worm.

The only disadvantages of waking up early come from people who don’t get proper sleep the night before.  The benefits of waking up at 6am or even 7am are too big for any serious man to ignore

You may wake up early to work on your side business, workout, and then go to work.  Then you’ll come back home and work on your side business.  Or maybe you’re already a full time entrepreneur and waking up early will help you to crush the competition.  There’s even a chance you work a job, like it / don’t want to start a business, and just want more free time.

Regardless of your specific schedule, the benefits to waking up early are too big for any man to ignore. Wake up at 6 or 7am everyday, or even earlier, and become a winner.


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