July 5

Morning Workouts are the Best… 5 Benefits you need to know


Benefits of working out in the morning

workout in the morning

Working out in the morning has many benefits.

It will do a lot of good shit for you in your life.

There are so many benefits to lifting weights and working out in general, but doing it early is even better.

If you’re not already exercising in the morning, then you should consider these reasons why.

1. Already taken care of your workout

being done with a workout

Staying in shape means working out most days.

Whether you’re lifting weights, running, boxing, doing jiu jitsu, it’s vital to your health and physique to stay fit.

If you workout first thing, then you’re already done with your workout.

You don’t have to worry about when you’ll fit it in during the rest of the day.

Let’s say an opportunity comes up after work.  It could be to fuck a new girl or hang out with the boys.

You don’t have to miss out on those things because you have to get your workout in.  You took care of that in the morning.

2. Burning calories rest of the day

burn calories all day

Boosting your metabolism by working out in the morning is a life hack to burn calories.

You’ll burn more calories throughout the dat by getting up early and jump starting your body.

3. More energy

more energy for workout

Testosterone levels are highest in the morning.

This is because our bodies produce it overnight as we sleep.

If you workout in the morning, you might find that you’ll be tired at first.

But then you’ll realize that you have more energy then ever compared to your other workouts.

You’ll be able to lift more weight or workout more intensely at other activities.

Furthermore, you’ll have more energy throughout the day.

Working out at the start of the day will give you consistent energy through the rest of the day as you go to work or build your business.

4. High productivity

producer's create

With greater energy comes greater productivity.

Especially when your energy isn’t from taking too much caffeine or downing energy drinks.

Getting your workout in the morning will boost your productivity.

You’ll already have accomplished something to begin your day.

The momentum from getting a small mission done, like a workout, will carry over to your other tasks.

Do this enough and eventually you’ll realize that working out in the morning is a big part of turning you into a producer.

5. Feel good about yourself

fuck more women like dan bilzerian

Lastly, the best reason to take care of the workout early on is because you’ll feel good about yourself.

Getting your body to engage in tough physical activity early on will lead to a euphoric feeling for the rest of your morning.

And you’ll continue to feel good through the rest of your day.

Combine working out in the morning with intermittent fasting, eating healthy, and caffeine, you’ll not only feel incredible, you’ll get a lot of shit done.

Workout in the morning when possible

The morning is the best time to workout.

You’ll get the best workouts, the gym will be less crowded, you’ll feel great throughout the day, and you’ll get a lot more done.

A man with a purpose needs to workout in the morning so he can grind the rest of the day on his business.

It’s not always possible to workout in the morning.

You might have boxing or bjj after work and your gym doesn’t offer it early.

In that case, get your cardio or lifting done early a few days of the week, and do your martial arts afterwards.

Ideally though, you can start off most mornings with a solid workout and start the day strong.


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