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Best Decisions to make in your 20’s

Best Decisions to make in your 20’s

best decisions to make in your 20's

When you make the best decisions as possible in your 20’s, you set yourself up for the rest of your life.  Your 20’s are such a critical part of your journey.  They’re the years where you have the most energy and time to pursue greatness.

Yet most men waste their 20’s away, and then scramble to figure things out when they turn 32 and feel social pressure to be an upstanding citizen.

While you can’t know for certain where life will take you, there’s a few best decisions you need to make in your 20’s. If you follow these then I promise you won’t regret it by the time you hit 30. Your future self is going to thank you for making the best decisions as possible.

Find something you love to do and get good at it

Your 20’s is the time to find what you love and get good at it.  There’s so many opportunities for you to try new things.  With the internet, you can literally do research on anything.

Don’t wait until you’re a middle aged man to find what you’re passionate about.  Take the time now to experiment with different things. When you find something you love, you’ll become addicted to it.  And I’m not talking about porn or eating good food.  I’m talking about something that you can make into a purpose.  Because with a purpose, you’ll never be bored, and you’ll always be looking forward to the future.  Without a purpose, you’ll end up going through a midlife crisis and regret wasting your life away.

Start a business

how to build an audience for your business

Once you discover something you love and get good at it, you need to start a business.  Starting a business is without a doubt one of the best decisions to make in your 20’s.  There are some successful people who start businesses at 35, 40, and even 50.

But the vast majority of entrepreneurs start businesses in their 20’s. Why is starting a business in your 20’s one of the best decisions you can make?

Because you have

  • Energy
  • Drive
  • Time
  • Little financial risk

As you age, you’ll have less and less energy.  You can still become disciplined and have great habits.  But there’s nothing like having the energy of a young man in his 20’s.  You’ll be able to work longer than other people, and you’ll have the motivation to do so.  As a man in his 20’s, you’ll have something to prove, and yet no expectations if you fail.  It’s the perfect balance of social upside with little downside. Sure, you’ll have haters.  But when you surround yourself with good people, you can also have people who push you towards your goals.

Transmute your sexual energy

If you learn how to transmute your sexual energy, you can really get a huge head start on everyone with your business.  When other men are working 50 hours a week for a job they can’t stand and a wife that is close to divorcing them, you’ll have tons of lifestyle options because you were able to use your sexual energy on growing your business.  And your sexual energy is strongest in your younger years.

Besides the insane energy you have in your 20’s, starting a business is one of the best decisions you can make because there’s little financial risk.  You have no kids, no mortgage, no major obligations besides yourself.  If you fail, then you aren’t really set back.

And if you really want to minimize your risk, you can start your business on the side.  Meaning you have a wage slave job for 40-50 hours a week, and you work another 20-40 hours a week on your business.  If your business is a low cost service-based business, then the only money you’ll need to spend at first is for the website domain.

Starting a business in your 20’s is one of the best decisions you can ever make because it just requires you sacrifice some free time.  That’s it.  And if you start the right business, the extra hours you put in will pay you back 10x.  Grinding for 2-5 years in your 20’s so you have financial freedom for the rest of your life is a small price to pay.  You have the time in your 20’s. Start that business now.

Learn skills

ways to invest in yourself, start a business

One of the best decisions to make in your 20’s is to learn skills that will help you in life.  Out of these skills, the most important are

  • Industry skills of choice needed to service clients (personal training, marketing, whatever you’re selling)
  • Business – how to sell, get clients, and market your company
  • Relationships – learn how to deal with women, male friends, and other people effectively
  • Self defense – how to defend yourself and fight

You’ll always be able to improve.  But starting in your 20’s will ensure you have a massive head start.  Knowing how to scale a business and get clients is critical to any man who has dreams of being an entrepreneur.  Dealing with relationships – whether it’s girlfriends or casuals – is an essential life skill that will make life a lot easier if you have nailed down before you turn 30.  That means talking to girls, leading relationships, even knowing how to fuck a girl well.

And self defense is a critical skill.  It’s not as important as starting a business and developing a decent level of game, but it’s an area where most guys fall short. You should be able to defend yourself in some capacity, whether you do boxing or bjj for a few years.

Start the hobbies you’ve always wanted to

learn how to dance and meet hot women

You’re not getting any younger.  One of the best decisions to make in your 20’s is to start the hobbies you want to start now.  Besides martial arts, I always wanted to learn how to dance.  It’s an incredible way to meet women, but it was also just something I wanted to do.

And while I’m no master dancer, putting in an extra few hours each week over the past few years was more than worth it.

I highly, highly recommend that all of you guys learn how to dance.  But if you don’t, at least take up the hobby you’ve always wanted to. It could become your purpose and a business if you’re really into it.  Or maybe it’s something you just do in your spare time.

Hobbies are still not as big of a priority as your purpose.  So if you haven’t achieved built your wealth yet and don’t own a business, then don’t go overboard in a hobby and have it hurt your business.  However, if you really manage your time well, you should be able to fit in 3-4 hours of a hobby, along with 60-90 hours of work (40-50 on your day job, 20-40 on your purpose).  Dance was perfect for me, because it also was time when I was able to meet girls.  I recommend all of you consider salsa or bachata dance.

Be a player and date a lot of women

being cool on date

Speaking of girls, one of the best decisions to make in your 20’s is to be a player.  Your 20’s is a time to date multiple women, get a solid notch count, and have fun.  You can still have a relationship or two in there, and I actually encourage that.  But don’t spend your entire 20’s in a relationship.  I know too many guys who did this, broke up when they were 29-31, and then she got pregnant with some other dude while the guy had to go learn how to date again.

Your 20’s is 10 years.  Ideally you should be single for the majority of that.  That way you’ll have plenty of fun sleeping with new women and having new experiences. When you become a player, you get a lot of experience dealing with women.  You figure out how they operate.  The common lies and shit tests become patterns you recognize.

Get experience

Having hands on experience with being a player best decisions to make in your 20’s.

As you sleep with more women, notch count doesn’t matter to you as much.  But I remember when I had only slept with a few women, I would’ve regretted not going out and experiencing more.  As I got to 20, 30, and 40, I realized that notch count is just a number in my head, and that no one gives a fuck.

Getting a high notch count isn’t my purpose in life, and it shouldn’t be yours either.  That being said, most men with low notch counts who spent time in relationships in their 20’s, generally regret not experiencing more.  This is especially true when a guy is dating a girl for 5-10 years and then things don’t work out.

Be a player and have fun while you’re young.  I enjoy looking back at some of the fun I had.  And you will too.  Your business and purpose still come first.  Don’t put off your business because you’re chasing ass.  But if you want to have a girl over 2 or 3 times a week, and the end of an accomplished day, then I’m all for it.

There will be phases of going out more and meeting new girls, and then staying in more to really grind on your business.  While relationships and monk mode can be extremely beneficial, being a player is one of the best decisions to make in your 20’s, at least for a good chunk of it.

Learn how to be a leader in relationships

don draper - wife

Most of my email questions I get come from men ages 18-45 asking me some sort of girl problem. It makes sense when I see it from a younger man, but I get worried when I see it from older men.

It’s something we should all learn when we’re in our early days of manhood. But most men don’t know how to be a leader in relationships.

You should spend the majority of your 20’s single.  However, you should spend a year or two in a relationship so you learn how to be the alpha and lead in the relationship. When you’re single and a player you can still lead the women you see, because even causal relationships can be used to increase your skills.

Most men make the mistake of thinking they’ll be dominant with their future girlfriends.  Or they kid themselves into thinking they’re the leader in the relationship right now.


But the sad truth is that most men are betaized.  Even players, who sleep with plenty of women in their time, often lose their power in relationships.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  Men start acting more weak and bitchy each month.  They sacrifice personal hobbies, time with friends, and even start to cheat on their purpose in order to give the woman more time.

Eventually they have full blown oneitis.  This is what’s happened to most men because they don’t know how to lead in relationships.  One of the best decisions to make in your 20’s is to learn how to be the leader.  If you can do this and start the right relationship habits early on, then you’ll be masculine and dominant in future relationships.  This is all sexual interactions with women.  From one night stands to casual fuck buddies, to having a girlfriend, you need to be the leader in the relationship if you want to be a happy, masculine man.  And one of the best decisions to make in your 20’s is to start these kind of behaviors.

Don’t get married

stop, don't get married

One of the best decisions to make in your 20’s, and for the rest of your life, is to not get married.  As a man in the modern era, marriage isn’t an option you can afford.  The threat of divorce rape is as real as it gets.  You can’t sign up for a 50/50 chance to lose all of your financial progress because your wife is bored of you.

What’s even worse then getting married is doing it in your 20’s.  You’re way too young to tie yourself down like that.  If you want to have a girlfriend in your 20’s then that’s fine.  Even if you date her your entire 20’s, at least your financial assets aren’t tied up.  But if you get married young, then you’re missing out on a fun dating life.  Your older self, whether you’re still married or divorced raped, will regret not enjoying youth.

You’re simply way too young.  I know your grandparents may have gotten married in their 20’s.  But it was a different time.  Divorce rape wasn’t nearly as common, and social standards shamed women for giving into natural hypergamy.  Now things are switched.  Hypergamy didn’t just because un-shamed, it’s actually encouraged.

Which means once you give her some babies and start to increase your net worth, your wife will have high incentives to divorce rape you and get with another man who can provide more kids, new dick, or more resources.

One of the best decisions you can ever make in your 20’s is to avoid marriage all together.  If you have a girlfriend who’s pressuring you to walk down the aisle, you need to tell her how it is or break it off.

Save your money

best decisions to make, save your money

Decrease your expenses, pay off your debt, and save your money.  Saving every last bit you can is one of the best decisions to make in your 20’s.  If you value financial freedom, then you need to save your money.  Because financial freedom is freedom itself.  Having money saved up will allow you to escape wage slavery and start a business.  I know a lot of you dream about quitting your wage slave job and starting a business or traveling the world.

I know because I did too.  But I saved up my money before I did that.  Money is no joke.  And I knew I needed to have a freedom fund with a lot of money in order to become free.

A freedom fund is your savings that will allow you to be able to quit your job.  I  say you need at least 50-100k USD in order to have a solid freedom fund.  While that sounds like a lot, it will allow you to never have to work for someone else again.  That’s assuming you also start a business before you quit your job, so that you aren’t depleting your freedom fund when you quit.

Don’t blow your money

The first thing most guys do is go blow all of their money on a sports car, a mortgage they can’t afford, or even on girls with expensive dates.

Don’t do any of that.  At least not when you can’t afford it.  Once you’ve built your wealth, you can do whatever you want to do.  But in your 20’s isn’t the time to do that.  One of the best decisions you’ll make is to save your money.  Save, save, and save some more.

Don’t worry about investing your money right now.  You can invest some of the leftover money in your business.

If you really start doing well with your own money then you can starting investing early and look into assets to buy in your 20’s.  Things like mutual funds and and real estate.  But that’s only once you’ve created a successful business of your own.  The best money moves to make in your 20s are saving and then investing into your own business.  You can learn how to make money online and work from anywhere or dominate a service in your local market.

Save your money, invest in your own business.  Then you can buy other long term assets.  Don’t throw away your money on things that lose value.  You can do that once you’re rich in your 30’s and 40’s.

Create a vision for the future

how to find your purpose

You’re 20’s will set up the rest of your life.  Creating a vision for the future will ensure that you have the life you’ve always wanted.  That’s why I created Rebellious Development.  So I can show you guys how to optimize your lifestyle.

And in order to optimize your lifestyle, you need to have a vision for the future.  What do you want your life to be like when you’re 25? 35?  45?  55?

Sure, things change and you won’t be able to exactly tell how things will turn out.  But having a life vision will give you something to strive towards.  You’ll always know what direction you’re headed in.  And you’ll be able to do great things.  Getting good with girls, obtaining massive wealth, creating a legacy, or reaching spiritual enlightenment are all things that require focus, time, and persistence.  If you want any of these things, or other things for your life, you need to create a vision for the future.

Start with an overall ideal life.  Where do you see yourself in 10 years?  Where do you want to be in 10 years, 15 years?  Then create a 10 year plan to get you there.  From there, create a 5 year plan, and then a 1 year plan.

Your 20’s

Your 20’s can be some of the most fun and testing years of your life.  You can date tons of women, meet new people, and experience life in a way that older people will envy you.

But it’s also a very critical part of your life.  While there’s time for fun, you need to put in the work to set yourself up for the future.  Otherwise you’ll be a wage slave for your whole life.

You may need to work long hours slaving away for a corporation while figuring what you love to do on the side.  But one of the best decisions you can make in your 20’s is to find your purpose, make it into a business, and then quit your job.  It takes sacrifice of free time, but you’ll get that back after 2-5 years of grinding.  Save your money, find what you love to do, and then make money doing it.  It’s okay if you’re a wage slave in your 20’s.  But it’s not okay if you just blow the money you get and accept that as your future.  Be a slave now and build the business on the side so you can be free in the near future.  Realize the traps others fall into, and avoid them by learning what pimps and CEO’s know.

Get good with women, increase the number in your bank account, and go all in at attacking life.  Your 20’s is a time of self discovery, having fun, and grinding like hell.  If you make the best decisions you can in your 20’s, you’ll have some fun memories, an incredible work ethic, and freedom from the system that most people will only dream about in their cubicle every Monday morning.


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