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Best places to meet women: Top spots to find all the girls


Best places to meet women

best places to meet women

Finding the best places to meet women is a normal goal of any guy with a sex drive and desire to interact with girls.

Whether you’re an aspiring player, trying to cure your oneitis, or looking for a girlfriend, you need to meet women in order to have a dating life.  The specific best places to meet women will depend on your interests and the city you live in.  That being said, there are plenty of venues and ways to meet girls that will work wherever you are.


Before we get into this though, it’s important you live in or near a city.  Ideally, you live downtown or in a trendy party of the city.  That makes logistics way easier.  And you’ll simply have more women living near you.  If you live out in the country then you’re going to have a difficult time meeting young, attractive women.  Let alone anyone at all.

And it’s also important that you’re already doing things to raise your sexual market value.  Things like lifting weights, becoming financially independent, and dressing well.

You don’t need to be perfect.  But you need to show up with some confidence and value if you want to get girls.  If you’re showing up to the best places to meet women but you’re one of the worst guys to pick from, you’re still going fail.  Essentially what I’m saying is work on yourself while also going out to meet women.

Dance lessons / clubs

salsa dancing - best places to meet women

Dance lessons and dance clubs are some of the best places to meet women.  Specifically salsa or bachata dancing.

Women are going here because they want to dance.  You’ll get to have a fun time and meet women who are looking ti dance with guys, not by themselves or with their best friends.

Dancing teaches you to lead women and constantly puts you around beautiful girls.  Sure, there are plenty of average and not so great looking women.  But they can be fun to dance with too.  Plus, the amount of attractive girls who go out to these lessons is high compared to most activities.

Salsa / bachata 

There are salsa and bachata clubs in most cities.  Most places have a lesson for a half hour or an hour, followed up by social dancing.  This gives you an opportunity to learn how to dance and then practice.  And the majority of girls will say yes when you ask them to dance.  It’s etiquette to dance with a leader (the man) when you’re standing near the dance floor and he asks you to dance.

You might get a no once in a while, but the vast majority of the time it will be a yes, unless she has a boyfriend who went to the bathroom or something else.

As a beginner, you can dance with other beginners, get numbers, and follow up with dates for coffee/drinks.  And once you go consistently and become good, going out salsa dancing truly becomes one of the best places to meet women, if not the best.

Besides just getting women, I personally think dancing is fun and a great skill to have.  It takes some effort to get good, but it’s worth the investment.  Plus you can use pictures of you dancing in your online dating profiles and you’ll get a ton of interest from women.

Regular nightclubs

Regular night clubs can also be one of the best places to meet women.

A lot of people on the internet complain that nightclubs suck.  They can if the ratio’s are complete garbage and if you aren’t dancing.

But even with a ratio in favor of men (which normal nightclubs often are), they can still be decent as long as it’s not a complete sausage fest.

However, there’s a catch.  If you want to do well at nightclubs, you either need to have

  1. Bottle service, be dressed like a boss, and be cool + confident as fuck
  2. Or you need to be dancing

Either one can work well.  With bottle service, you need to have the funds to do this consistently and also look well and act cool.  If you’re already an experienced player with money, this is one option.

But if you also just go on the dance floor and dance, you’ll do well at nightclubs.  I prefer this because I like to spend less money and stack my cash.  Maybe things will change when I’m older and I’ll prefer to be more relaxed.

I can do salsa, but I’m not hip-hop expert and can barely do other styles of dance.  But I’ll do what I know of salsa by myself, make up some moves, and just have a good time.

I don’t do this with a thirsty vibe, constantly looking to see if girls are digging me.  I just don’t give a fuck and have a good time.  Eventually girls will come dance on you or make it very obvious they want to dance with you.  From there, you dance with them, get their number, and take them home or meet up later in the week.


woman choosing

Some guys swear by bars.  I wouldn’t say they’re one of the best places to meet women, but then again I usually go to bars as a way to pregame.

And I’ve also met girls at bars.  But never have gone with that intent versus a club, where I’m looking to have a good time but expecting to meet girls.  I usually go to bars with friends or as a place to meet women I’ve met from salsa/nightclubs/online.  I pick a bar close to my place as the location of the first date.  Good logistics is key to getting laid on the first date, (more tips to close on the first date here).

Bars can be a great place to meet girls.  The advantage bars have over nightclubs is you can actually hear people talk.  I think dancing is an incredible way to bond with a girl and see if you have a connection.

But I know many guys won’t invest the effort to learn how to dance or simply don’t want to.  Maybe you’re just more low-key.

Tinder and online dating

tinder logo

Tinder and/or other online dating apps are some of the best places to meet women.

I usually recommend to use online game to supplement going out and meeting women at night.  That being said, plenty of guys meet women just using online apps.

And in today’s era that can work.  Especially if you’re good looking and live in a city with good gender ratio’s.  A guy with high smv can clean house and might think online is one of the best places to meet women because of how easy it can be.

Having amazing pictures, and then swiping or mass messaging girls to set up dates is an easy formula for follow.

Online dating can also be used to build up pipeline in a city ahead of time.  Whether you’re just visiting or moving somewhere, you can set up dates with a tinder profile or using other apps.

This can be one of the best places to meet women in a city you’re unfamiliar with.  Or if you just want to make things easier for yourself on your next adventure.  Gone are the stereotypes of online dating being weird or desperate.  Even if you think online dating isn’t one of the best places to meet women, like if you’re more social and outgoing, it can still be a great way to have back up options.

Co-ed intramural sports

If you enjoy sports, like soccer or volleyball, then joining a co-ed intramural sports team can a great place to meet women.  If it’s a women dominated sport, then it might be one of the best places to meet women.

You shouldn’t do a sport just in the hopes of meeting girls to fuck or wife up.  I do martial arts like boxing and bjj, and it’s mainly or 100% dudes.  But I do them because I actually enjoy them.

That being said, if there’s a sport that you like that’s co-ed, might as well have fun and meet women at the same time.  It’s the best of both worlds.

Hot Yoga

meet women at hot yoga

Yoga isn’t necessarily a sport, but doing a hot yoga class can easily be one of the best places to meet women.  Lots of women and only a few men is usually a good thing for you.

Social groups

Having strong social groups can make meeting attractive women much easier.  If you have friends that know a lot of women, then by hanging out with them and partying, you can meet a lot of women.

This isn’t really one of the best places to meet women, since social groups aren’t a physical location.  But wherever your social groups hang out can be an easy in.

Women are social creatures.  If you’re cool with certain people, then your status can be elevated in her eyes higher than it would be if you just met her at a bar by yourself.  Making friends in whatever city you live in can help out your dating life a shit ton.  Women like guys with an abundant social life.  And it’s also just fun to have things going on with cool friends.

Doing social hobbies you love

If you have any other social hobbies, then these are always great places to meet females.

Whether you like hiking, dancing (my favorite), surfing, skiing, whatever.  You’re bound to meet women doing the things you’re passionate about.  Certain things like dancing and yoga will be easier than most, simply because there’s lots of women who enjoy those activities.

But no matter what you like, you can always meet a woman who likes the same thing.  Even if you’re a nerd and you like video games + anime, go to the Comic-Con or other events and meet girls there.  The best places to meet women are the places where you’re doing what you love.

Even if you can meet more women somewhere else, these are the women who you’re going to have more in common with.  You’ll be more in your element.  Things like flirting with the women you meet doing hobbies you love will be easy.

Becoming an instructor

instructor teaching snowboarding

Mastering a craft, hobby, or skill, or just becoming good enough to become an instructor, is one of the best ways to meet women.  You won’t even have to try to get the women who take your classes.  They’ll naturally be attracted to you, since you’re the default alpha/leader of the group. Women want many things in a man, and one of the most powerful of those is status.

Get good enough at something you love and then teach classes in it.  The best places to meet women are places that you’re the most desirable man.  A decent looking, cool instructor will absolute kill it with the ladies.

Whether it’s a fitness class, a dance class, skiing, snowboarding, arts and crafts, painting, it doesn’t matter.  Well, fitness, yoga, or dance class teacher would give you the most options.

But as long as you love it enough to teach in your part time, you’ll have plenty of options.  You don’t need to actively mack on the girls too hard.  Be cool, helpful, and playful.  Women will naturally try to get at your because they can see the value you bring in leading a group.

There’s so many places to meet women

I’m not a pick up artist, so I don’t spend my time at malls or libraries trying to meet women.  I’ve met women at the library before and at the grocery store.  But I sure as hell don’t go out of my way to do that.

I’m focused on my purpose, I don’t have time for that shit.  I save meeting women for nightlife and when it happens when I’m doing the things I love.  Sure, if you see a gorgeous girl on the street you can approach her and take your chances.

But you don’t need to waste your day hours chasing ass.  Instead, focus on your purpose.  Become a producer and work hard to build up your wealth.  In your free time go out on the weekends, have online dating profiles, and pursue your passions.  These are all the best places to meet women, and you might figure out that one of these is the sweet spot for you.

Enjoy life, live in a city where women actually live, and you won’t have a problem meeting women.  And once you start meeting women, learn how to last long in bed, fuck like a sex god, and have healthy relationships with the females you let into your life.


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