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4 Biggest Personal Problems Most Men struggle with


Biggest Problems Most Men Struggle with

biggest problems men struggle with

Men struggle with a lot of problems in life.  From my time I’ve spent here talking with you guys in the comments and from emails I get there’s a few themes that come up all the time.

If you can handle these problems, then you’re going to have a much higher chance at happiness and a fulfilled life.  Because solving problems we face doesn’t just make our lives better.  It gives us a chance to actually enjoy life.

Little to no control over income

Reasons for Leaving a Job

When you have no control or little control over resources, you have a major problem.  Most men and people in general don’t control their finances. They spend money on useless things and get themselves into debt.

And even those who are able to be financially smart by living below their means usually don’t control their income.  They work a job they hate in order to pay the bills.  When you work a job you hate, you can be fired or replaced at a moment’s notice.

This probably won’t happen to you right away.   But it might happen I the next year, 2 years, or 5 years down the line.

Or maybe you have a stable job, but you just don’t make as much as you want in order to travel, take time off, invest in real estate, or spend time with your kids (or even your future kids).

Most men suffer from not having control of their money. They depend on a boss and a company to pay them. And this is a major source of suffering for many men.

The “easiest” way to solve this problem is to start a business.  I say it like that because it’s the most straightforward way, but it’s not actually easy.  It takes a few years of grinding on the side while you still have a full time job to finally make it.  But financial freedom is worth it.  If you’re suffering from having no control over your income, consider starting a business.

Needy with women

how to stop being needy

Of course women are a major source of headache for men.  So why deal with women?  Well most of you guys want sex, feminine energy, and companionship from women.  Some of you want to be players and have tons of women you see, some want to date just a few women, and some just want a girlfriend.

There’s time to go monk mode and not have any women in your life, but even if we’re not getting married, the majority of men want some ass in their life.

But one of the biggest problems men face is being needy with women.  Wanna-be players and married guys alike have this problem.  In fact most problems with women come down to neediness.  Because a man whose truly not needy with his girl or the women he sees will do better with them anyways.  And if he doesn’t, well by definition of not being needy then he doesn’t really care.

Underlying issue of needing women’s validation

There’s a lot of techniques and mindsets I give you to do well with women, to flirt with them, text them, and so on.  And these can be useful if you implement them.  However, if you don’t fix the underlying issue of being needy with women, then problems will always arise for you.

The reason “she never texts first” is one of my most popular articles is because so many men are desperate for female validation.

Whether it’s getting laid and trying to get her back to your place from a date or leading a relationship with a girl you’ve been dating for 5 years, you need to have a mindset of abundance.  By destroying neediness for women, while still maintaining interest in engaging with them, you’ll be able to enjoy your dating/sex life without the problems most men run into.

No Confidence

How to get over an ex

A man is supposed to be confident and attack life.  An extremely confident man is a man whose sure of himself and what he’s about.  This is super attractive to women and also an indicator of how successful he’ll be in life.

And the flip side to this means that men with no confidence get nothing out of life.  Most of the questions I get from men, whether it’s about women, business, or even lifestyle, comes down to a lack of confidence.

If you can harness your confidence then you can become an unstoppable force.  Easier said than done of course. Confidence is a combination of past success and feeling good about the future.  It takes time to build confidence if you don’t have it naturally in specific areas of your life, but it can be done with consistent effort.

Lack of Vision for the future

how to get over an ex, spurts of pain

With a powerful vision for the future a man can conquer the world.  This goes beyond just feeling confident about something, which is important in day to day activities.  A vision for the future is what will drive you to keep going when times are hard.  It’s what will push your limits and bring you to the next level.

As men, we’re meant to create visions for our future and set out to make them a reality.  This is why having a purpose is so important.  A purpose allows you to give you a base to create a vision.

But without a vision for the future, you’re wandering around aimlessly.  You could enjoy life one day when things go well, and you could be depressed the next day when things fall apart.  Men have major problems with direction in today’s age.  A lack of vision for the future can cause some men to commit suicide when things are bad, and just a dull feeling of shit when things are average.

If you want to always be in a position moving towards progress then you need to create a vision for the future.

Pursuit of solving problems

masculine energy: how to become a king

The pursuit of solving personal problems is what self development is all about.   We develop ourselves by refining ourselves.  And we generally do this by finding problems we can solve.  Once we solve the problem, our life is less stressful and we feel better about the accomplishment.

And if you can solve the major problems most men face, then you won’t have as many personal problems. This can allow you to be happy, enjoy life, and help other people solve their problems.  You can do this through a business, through volunteering, or just through helping people in their lives.

When you’re in a place where you’ve reduced the pain in your own life yet still want to feel a sense of accomplishment, you’re able to do what you like with purpose and with true enjoyment.  And getting to this kind of incredible place first requires you to solve your own problems.  That will vary from man to man, but most of them will have something to do with one of the above.  In your own life, list the major problems that you want to solve, make a gameplan to solve them, and create a timeline.  This will put you on the path towards a better future.


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3 years ago

This article is 100% spot on. I remember a few years ago when I got fired from my job, dumped by my cheating girlfriend, and overall just hit rock bottom in life. Needless to say, that was the best thing to ever happen to me. I think a lot of readers are probably in a situation where their life is crumbling and they’re looking for advice…my advice is to embrace the adversity and use it as motivation to start your business and pursue your purpose. Nothing in life is more liberating than the feeling of having nothing to lose. And… Read more »

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