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Black pill breakdown: Overview and avoiding the dark side

What is the Black Pill?

black pill

The black pill is a negative outlook on the world, stemming from the red pill.  When you swallow the red pill you realize the truth of how society is run, how dating works, and how the world really works.

Red Pill vs Blue pill analogy

red pill vs blue pill

The red pill vs blue pill analogy comes from the movie titled The Matrix.

Neo, the main character, has a choice to take the red pill and realize the harsh truths of reality, or take the blue pill and go back into the dream.  He takes the red pill and is free’d from the bullshit world.

But he’s also forced to deal with the real world and take on new obstacles.  Typically, most men take the red pill go down a smilier path.  They realize how fucked up the world is and that they’ve been lied to.  And they put the work in to make changes that ultimately make their life better.

Black Pill is the dark path of Red Pill

However, there are weaker men who choose not to make themselves better.

Instead of using their new knowledge of the world to get ahead, get the dating life they want, have success in relationships, and build their wealth… they wallow in depression, anger, and lack of action.

It’s the easier path to take in the short term.

It requires little work to complain and bitch.  But the black pill will will fuck you up in the long term.  Because staying in negative states will only make your life worse.

Who adopts the Black Pill?


Who would choose to adopt the black pill?

Incels, and other men who can’t get women

It’s largely men who can’t get women.  The red pill applies to more than just sexual dynamics.    But many men only apply it to their sex + love live’s.  The ugly men or socially awkward tend to be the ones who take the path of the black pill.

There are ugly guys or lower ranked men that adapt for the better.   They realize women want the hottest guys, so they work on their style, lift weights, and develop a purpose for their life.  By building their income they can get higher quality women than they previously could.  They’re make their lives better.

But there are other lower ranked guys who don’t have the attitude of a go getter.  Instead, they choose to be negative and focus only on what they don’t have.

Rejected nerds

women don't like nerds

These rejected nerds love the black pill because they can complain about women.  All their time is spent on forums talking about how slutty women are for the good looking guys.  While it’s true good looks help a shit ton, these black mill males fail to see they can get decent women.

They may never get the 9’s or 10’s.  But a guy who’s a 4 or 5 can make himself a solid 6, 7, or even a 7.5 / reasonable 8.  Men like hot women.  Women like hot men.  But they also like funny men, rich men, men who can dance, men with style, and so on.

And ugly or average looking guy can get his body right, improve his confidence, and still do well.  An ugly woman has a much harder time.   These men don’t see that they’re blessed to be men.  Unfortunately they look at what they don’t have compared to the celebrities and successful guys.

What they should do is spit up the black pill and better themselves.

Why you should avoid the Black pill path at all costs

If you’re a man right now and you’re just waking up the the red pill, you need to avoid the black pill at all costs.  Just like I tell you to avoid debt like the plague, you need to throw out the black pill bullshit.

It’s just negativity.  It’s giving up.  The black pill community is a bunch of low ranked males who complain.

They never will reach anything great in life because they have negative beliefs.

Destruction, depression, and death

depressed man

Following the black pill will lead you nowhere in life.  Best case scenario is you live a life of quiet desperation for the rest of your years.  Worst case scenario you commit suicide or go on a killing rampage like the desperate incels.

This is no way a man should live.  Even an unattractive man should use his drive to live the best life possible.

How to overcome the black pill

Accepting the red pills of life can be tough, but you must accept them and embrace them if you want to live a happy life.  My website is all about self development and becoming as happy as possible.

You’ll never be happy focusing on the negative aspects of the world and your life situation.  Because even if you suck ass with women, you can still work on yourself.

Every one of you can get better with girls or get a good girlfriend.

You can enjoy the company of a  decent looking women with good feminine energy.

And if you have a shitty job, you can look to get a different job or start your own business.  If your body is shit, you can lift weights and build muscle.  There’s so much you can do.  And here’s where we’ll start.

Ignore women

how to get a girlfriend - filtering

First step is to ignore women for a while.  This is assuming you’re not great with women and probably one of the main reasons you took the black pill to begin with.  If you already have a good dating life but are suffering from aspects of the black pill then skip to the next section.

I mention skipping out on girls for now because most guys who claim to be black pilled suck with women.  That’s their primary reason for being black pilled.

If that’s you then you need to leave women alone for a while.  You’re not succeeding with them, so take this time to work on yourself.  Once you build value in yourself, you’ll actually bring something to the table that women will want.  They want a confident man whose going somewhere in life, not a downer man who is mad that he can’t get women.

Work on your money

stacking cash

If you’re looking for love because you deserve it… well you don’t.  There are homeless people on the street who get no love from anyone.  There are abandoned children and animals who get no love.  So quit complaining that you’re not getting love.  You’re a grown man.  If you put in some work you can make yourself a man that women want.

You should’ve realized this when you swallowed the red pill.  You don’t get attention from women?  Then don’t chase women… build value in yourself so they want you.

If you can’t offer good looks, then offer value otherwise.  Having money or a stable job is something.

Women don’t like good looking guys for their personalities either, the resource they want is sex or attention.  If you develop a purpose for yourself and become a producer, then the women will follow.

Money makes you better looking

If you get money, they’ll give you the pussy in the hopes of your resources.  Use that to your advantage.

There are beta bucks guys who pay for expensive dates in the hopes of smashing girls.  They usually fail.

Then there are the rich guys who spend the money on themselves with a nice house or car, and they give women the chance to hang out with them.

But they don’t give their money away.  This is where you want to work towards.

After all, financial independence should be your #1 priority in life until you get that handled.  Don’t live your life as a wage slave.

Plus when you make more money, you’ll become more confident, independent, and usually more masculine.  Developing your masculinity will make you 10x more attractive to women.

Lift weights

man lifting weights

There’s too many benefits to lifting weights to slack off.

Benefits like

  1. More energy
  2. More focus
  3. Increased strength
  4. Mental toughness
  5. Better looking

More energy and focus will make you feel better and help you grind towards your purpose.  Increased strength can help you in your day to day life and overall confidence.  The mental toughness you get from the iron will negate anything a girl can say to you.

And of course, you look better to women.

More muscle and less fat means more women will want to be with you.

And it’s easy to overcome any black pill tendencies or thoughts when more women are trying to get with you.  It’s not rocket science.  Make yourself hotter and everyone, including girls and yourself, will treat you better.

Learn to fight


While lifting weights will raise your looks, learning how to fight will add enormous value to your life.

It will make you mentally tough as nails.  Learning how to fight develops your inner sense of calm like nothing else.  I never recommend looking to start a fight.  You never know what can happen and you can end up behind bars.

But just having the experience and certainty that you can throw down will put you on another level mentally.  Men who learn how to fight can deal with tests from women or people without freaking out.

It will make your overbearing boss much more bearable.  You won’t worry when you’re out in the night that someone might threaten you.  You can handle yourself if need be.  Whether it’s boxing muay thai, bjj, wrestling, or mma, learning how to fight will build your inner confidence up like nothing else.

A new aura

You’ll develop a new aura when you learn to fight.

It will give you a sense of power.  And at the same time a sense calmness.  The desperateness that comes from the black pill ideology won’t be able to take a hold of you.

Upgrade your style

style to defeat black pill

It’s hard to fall into the black pill trap of negativity when you look good.

Look at Zac above.  The guy’s a stud and famous, but generally has good style.  Although I’m not a fan of the green pants, this is a business casual style that works well in a lot of settings.  A few tips for men 18-30.

Casual – v-neck and jeans

A v-neck and jeans will be perfect for casual wear.  If you have a lean, muscular body then the v-neck will show this off well.

Colder weather – cool jacket and jeans

For colder weather, add a jacket or hoodie + jacket combo.  Wearing a hoodie under a jacket will keep you warm and it looks cool.  I wear leather jackets, seems to get me a lot of attention.  And also jackets from local sports teams.

Business casual – dress shirt or v-neck, blazer, jeans, and dress shoes

Business casual is perfect if you’re a sales guy on the west coast or a trendy part of the east coast.  You also look goof meeting up girls for happy hour after work wearing this.  V-neck and a blazer with dark jeans and nice shoes.

Make sure your shoes and belt match.  Won’t get into color scheme too much here, a lot of that depends on your skin tone and personal preference.  I like to wear dark jeans, black allen edmonds, a black v-neck or black button up and a blue blazer.  Perfect for business meetings and going to nicer bars or getting a drink with a girl.

Business formal – dress shirt, blazer, dress pants, dress shoes (suit and tie if you’re in finance or related fields)

If you’re on the east coast of U.S., or in another country that’s more formal, then you might have to dress in a full suit and tie.  That’s fine as well, make sure to get fitted clothes.

It’s worth it to bring suits in to get them tailored to your body.  That way you’ll look good at work with clients and can still show off your form to women.


When I’m out with friends or just hanging out, I like to wear hats.  I wear snapbacks and regular hats – also called “dad” hats now.

If you’re going to an upscale place, it might be against dress code to wear hats.  And if you’re 30+, especially 35+, you might want to avoid unless that’s your style.  But that’s the fun with having a style, you can develop your own.

It doesn’t have to be the exact same as mine.  However, you want fitted clothes, and have the colors go with each other and with you.  And ultimately, you want to feel cool and feel good in what you wear.

Shoes, watches

Have a nice pair of dress shoes like allen edmonds for business meetings and nicer bars/clubs.

Have more casual shoes for regular life and more relaxed environments.  Combine your shoe game with a nice watch (you can find many decent watches for under $100) and you’re good to go.

Develop your masculinity

man up like the rock

The whole point of working on your purpose, building your money, lifting weights, and learning how to fight, is to develop your masculinity.  As men, we have balls.

We’re meant to do shit and take action.  We’re meant to be masculine.

When you do all of these things, you grow in your masculinity.  And a masculine man is generally a happier man.

It feels good to be confident and feel like a man.  Doesn’t mean you have to be an asshole to other people or be a mean person.  If you feel like a real man you’ll probably treat other people better anyways.  We’re biologically programmed to be masculine.  So when you follow what nature designed for you to become, you’ll usually feel good.

And when you feel good, you won’t see the need for the black pill.

Get women in your own league

Once you’ve ignored women for a while to build yourself up, its time to get back in the game.

You’ll have a purpose, money, good body, and a solid style.

Many black pill men aren’t attractive whatsover but then they feel entitled to a beautiful girl.

Setting the right Expectations 

setting expectations is key to defeating black pill

Setting expectations is important in business and sales.  And it’s important to set the right ones for yourself in your own life.

These black pill men mess up their expectations by thinking they should have the best without doing the work.

A player in the game of life gets his where he can fit in.  Start dating around.

Even if you’re not great in the face, with all your style and body handled, women will find you attractive.

You’ll see what women in your league are like.  With real, solid expectations of what you can get, you know you can put effort in and get some cute girls.

Don’t glorify the “10”

I don’t glorify the “10” and say there’s only 5 girls in the world who can be a 10.

No one is perfect, so a 10 in your eyes is your ideal girl.  A lot of men think really beautiful women are harder to date or are more “pure”.   But they’re just regular girls who happen to look really good to you.  Treat them like people instead of celebrities and watch how well you do with them.


live in a city in your 20's

Logistics are important for any man in the game.

It’s easy to fall into a black pill mindset if you live in the middle of nowhere and have no mating options.

Live in a city or near a city.  Ideally with decent gender ratio’s, but near any city is better than the country where they’re aren’t any girls.  Even in the suburbs there are still women around.

Build value

overcome black pill by dominating

Just remember, the key is to always build value.  If you’re valuable, you’ll always be able to get women, have friends, and live life on your own terms.

It’s a tough world we live in.  However, you can become tough and rise up.  You can grind and work more than your competition.  You can be a winner.

So stop complaining that life isn’t fair.  Use the power of modern and technology and the internet to start a business, take control of your life, and say no to the black pill.


black, black pill, pill, red pill

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