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Body Language of an Alpha Male: 5 Posture Fixes to Become Dominant


Body language of an Alpha Male: 5 Posture Fixes to Become Dominant

Learning the body language of an alpha male may sound like something corny, but it’s actually one of the easiest ways to become more dominant in your life.

The point here isn’t to obsess about being alpha.  Many nerdy guys do this and this only gets them into a deep intellectual struggle.  Being alpha is about being present, being in the moment, being alive, aggressive, and authentic to who you are as a man.

There are situations where you should tone it down a bit.  After all, we’re not living in the brutal conditions that brought to this point of civilization.

However, our DNA and instincts haven’t changed much in the past few thousand years.  If making a few simple fixes to your posture, gives you more respect from men and women alike, then why not?

After all, men do many things to gain respect in the eyes of others.  Why not get more respect on a subconscious level by making a few adjustments to your posture.  This will take a bit of practice to make it a habit, but knowing the body language of an alpha male will carry you farther than you think.

Pick up Dominant Body Language

brain program

Body Language is massive.  It’s a self fulfilling prophesy and extremely, extremely primal.  Not only will better body language affect the way others see you, but by having more dominant body language, you will produce more testosterone, and actually program yourself to be more alpha.

On RD I’ve discussed different mindsets that you can adapt.  Especially the “I’m already winning” and “things always work out for me” are some of my favorites that I’ll continue to repeat to engrain them in your mind.

However, while affirmations and mindsets have their place, lets attack this from another angle.  The physical.  Just like the mental affects our physical, the physical also affects our mental.

A lot of guys are too in their “head” already, always overthinking things.

If you can make the right physical adjustments, your mind will follow suit.

Learning the body language of an alpha male and then implementing these postures will not only give you the physical look, but it will trick your brain into thinking you’re more dominant.

And what you believe you become.  You won’t need to think “Okay, I’m alpha now”.  The point of having strong, dominant posture isn’t to evaluate others and your dominance over them.  Rather, having dominant body language will naturally cause others to give you more respect without you needing to ask for it.

Respect is Everything

More respect =

  • less threats of violence or mockery
  • better opportunities in business or social situations
  • more dating options / female attraction

You should obviously implement common sense as well.  It’s one thing to learn alpha male body language and incorporate it into your posture so you’re more dominant and respected.  It’s another to try and “out alpha” other men by being intrusive in their personal space.  In that case, you could end up in serious trouble.  And there’s no need to “out alpha” others or be a dick.

Instead, use the postures below along with your common sense.

1. Level Headed, Avoid Looking down

Body language of an Alpha Male: 5 Posture Fixes to Become Dominant ragnar lothbrok

You don’t need to mean mug other men passing by on the street.  However, you should also not look down.  Women will do this out of respect to men – they could be attracted but generally just out respect for your physical power.  This is subconscious.  However, men will also look down when they walk by other men they subconsciously feel lesser than.  Don’t do this.  If you realize you do this, then you’ve been training yourself to be more submissive.

Simply practice looking forward.  Keep your head looking in the direction you’re walking.

If you’re hanging out with friends, business partners, and especially women, do not look down for “no reason”.  That no reason is generally subconscious submission.  Take notice next step you’re talking to a woman at how often they do this.  This submission doesn’t necessarily mean she likes you (although she could), but it does mean she respects you.  When you see her or someone else do it, it becomes easier to catch in yourself.

Now you can apply common sense to this.  If you’re walking on stairs, looking at your phone, picking something up, etc., then you can obviously look down.  In that case you’re looking down for a real reason.  But other than actually looking down to look at something, stop looking down.

Easy Posture fix

Eliminating this behavior alone will do wonders for you.  Many men do this when walking past other men as mentioned above.  If you can keep your head up and forward around other men or groups of men, you’ll pick up alpha male body language quickly.  Being able to keep your head up around men that might intimidate you will make it dramatically easier around people who don’t.  This will translate, like all of the other points, massively into your subconscious and you’ll just feel more confident.

There’s a reason “keep your head up” is a phrase when teams are losing in sports.   It’s to maintain dominant body language and keep testosterone high.

2. Wider Stance (when standing) and Man Spreading (when sitting)

alpha male body language man spread

Another easy posture that will give you the body language of an alpha male is becoming wider.  You can do this simply by standing a bit wider.  No need to over exaggerate or be in full karate stance.  If you have wide shoulders, then having your feet shoulder width apart is solid.  If your shoulders aren’t that wide, then stand slightly wider than shoulder width.

This applies to sitting as well.  In modern times men have been shamed into “man spreading” for having our legs far apart compared to women.  But what social programming doesn’t tell you is that we have different hips than women.  And we have a literal pair of balls in between our legs.  Man spreading is the natural way for us to sit.

If you’re on a crowded train or somewhere where there’s little room, yea you can sacrifice perfect dominant body language in order to be a decent person.  However, if you have the room then feel free to take it up.  Especially if you’re sitting next your girlfriend or women, they need less room than you.

Standing wider and sitting wider are easy ways for you to incorporate the body language of alpha male into your posture.

3. Slower Movements / Slower Reaction times

How to Gain Respect and Admiration - vikings leader

Alpha males and dominant men do things at their own pace.  Slowing down in your movement and in your reaction is one of the best things you can do for your body language.

However, this can take a bit longer to train than the others.  Being level headed and standing wider are too things you can practice today.  They’re specific and you can begin to make them apart of your posture within a week or 2.

Adapting slower movements and reaction times will take most guys more time.  The reason is that it’s easy to forget.  It’s not hard to do, rather it takes a diligent memory to stay on top of.

In my experience, slowing down your need to respond, your need to get somewhere, is much easier done in the head.  Yes, these dominant body language postures will help your brain to reprogram itself.  But for slowing down your movements, it’s easier to start in the head.

Affirmations for slower movements

“I react on my own time.”

“There’s an abundance of time.”

“I’m always where I need to be.”

Affirmations like this can get you to realize that you are the master of your own time.

Walking is also one of the most practical ways to nail this posture down in a short amount of time.  Whether you’re walking to your car, the grocery store, or just to go on a walk, slow down.

If you get to a crosswalk, and there’s that in-between phase where you could rush to get across, or you could choose to slow down, then slow down.  It’s okay if you wait a few minutes for you to cross the street.  You own your time.  You enjoy each moment of life.  Every step you take is a step you’re in charge of.

Once you’re able to walk slower and not feel rushed, reacting slower and moving slower in general will come naturally.

4. Relaxed Body Language (and behaviors to avoid)

body language of an alpha male relaxed king bjorn

The more relaxed you are the closer you are to displaying the body language of an alpha male.

I usually prefer to focus on the positive, but we’re going to focus on the negative for this posture type.  If you avoid doing things that nervous people do, then you will be programming your brain to be relaxed.

Avoid doing nervous activities / signs of discomfort like:

  • touching your face, head, or back of neck
  • folded arms or legs
  • hands over genitals

Instead being more loosed, relaxed, and calm will naturally give you more alpha male body language.  Don’t worry if you don’t have it down at first.  By simply avoiding the common signs of discomfort listed above, you’re already ahead of the game.  When you get a little uncomfortable and begin doing one of these things, like touching your face, you continue to always do that when you get uncomfortable.

It might take a few weeks, but when you consciously realize these behaviors and put a stop to them, you will deal with the discomfort by actually just becoming comfortable.

5. Taking up Space + Invasion of space (Use wisely)

taking up space fight club alpha male body language

The last major posture change to leverage alpha male body language is taking up space.  The more space you can take up, in a reasonable way, the more dominant you are.  Having a wider stance is a simple example of this.

Putting your arm around your girlfriend at the movie theater is a classic use of this posture as well.

Lifting weights must be mentioned here as well.  When you lift weights, especially if you focus on back, legs, and shoulders, you will naturally take up more space.  your upper body will push your arms out and your legs will force you to spread more when walking or sitting.

You can also apply space to your mini “territory”.  Wherever you are, you have what people call as your “personal space”.  That’s a civilized way for saying your territory.  When you feel comfortable walking around and taking up more space, what you’re really doing is signifying that you have more territory or that “this is my territory”.  This is a bold example of the body language of an alpha male.  You’ll see this with charismatic people as they work a room.  They’ll walk around and talk to different people.  Even though they could be kind and joyful, they’re displaying dominant body language because they have a big territory.

The even more extreme version of this is invading others space.  I won’t go into too much detail here.  Doing this when you’re not socially aware can cause bad things to happen.  But when you can invade others space correctly, they’ll feel more safe and secure around you.

invasion of space holding neck

You may hold your girlfriend by the back of her neck as you kiss or may put your hands on another man’s shoulder as you give a handshake.  These are small ways you can test the waters with invading space.

Know your role and use accordingly 

If you’re meeting a potential mentor, have a meeting with your boss, or meeting with your father / grandpa / elder, be careful in over using the body language of an alpha male.  You don’t need to go to the opposite end of the spectrum and be weak or submissive.  But don’t try to “out alpha” these men who have a higher position than you or who have power over you.

Doing so can intimidate or anger them, as subconsciously you’re threatening their position.  Which may cause them to be bias against our success.  Don’t put your legs in like a woman, but don’t man spread so wide you’re invading the space of a potential business partner, a client, etc.

Know the role you have.  And even when you are the dominant man in a particular scenario, feel free to take up space, but within reason.  Invading someone else’s personal space is a power move, but needs to be done in a respectful way.  For example, you may put your hand on the back of your girlfriend’s neck, but make her feel safe while doing so.  In this way, you’ll be dominating her and she’ll feel like you’re protecting her / turning her on.

The same goes with other people.  Learn to implement general alpha male body language in general to fix your overall posture.  And when situations call for it, you can be more or less aggressive.  Context is key.

As you begin to incorporate the body language of an alpha male into your normal posture, you will naturally become more masculine, dominant, and feel like you have a better grasp on life.


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