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Breaking up and getting back together – Ending the cycle


Breaking up and getting back together

breaking up and getting back together

Breaking up and getting back together consistently is a sign you should end your relationship.  A lot of web searches will tell you that it’s toxic.  And after experiencing this myself, it’s far from ideal.

If you’re dating a woman and this is happening, you need to evaluate the situation and either end it for good, or re-estblish your dominance.

There’s two reasons you’re breaking up and getting back together.


  1. she’s dumping you, and then later regrets it
  2. or you’re dumping her, then later regret it

She’s breaking up with you

getting out of a relationship

If she’s dumping you each time, then you have a serious problem.  Girls will break up with you from time to time to test your masculinity, or because you got too needy, or they want some new dick real quick.

This is all normal.

But when she’s constantly breaking up and getting back together, like it’s happening once a month or more, you’re dealing with a seriously unstable girl.   None is best.  Any more than once or twice a year is a red flag.  Every month is a major red flag.

The right way to get her back

My first piece of advise is to just get out of the relationship.  She’s not worth the trouble.

But if it was that easy, you’d would’ve walked away.  You like this girl too much.  Attachment is strong.  You’ve put the pussy on a pedestal.

Hopefully you haven’t developed a full blown case of oneitis.  Because if you have, this is exactly why she’s always breaking up and getting back together.  In fact, if she’s getting back with you at all you must not be complete loser.

So, how do you get her back?

First thing you do in no contact.  Don’t hit her up first.  Let her chase you.  After all, she ended things with you.  Even if it was your fault, let’s say you cheated on her.  She still needs to chase you and feel like you’re more valuable than her.

It may take a few days, a week or two.  But sooner or later, she’ll come back trying to check in on with you.  When she reaches out, tell her you’re busy, but free later in the week / the following week, etc.  Make plans for her to come over.  You can use catching up over wine or a cocktail as an excuse.

If she wants to do something else, then just say you’re busy / ignore her.  The goal is to get her to come over for sex.

Getting her to submit

Once she’s agreed, go through with the date and have her come over.  Since this is a girl you’ve dated, you should have no problem escalating to sex.

Now here’s what you need to do.  It’s not enough just to fuck.  Unstable girls are always down to fuck, especially with an ex.  Hopefully you’ve read my guide on how to have sex so you can fuck the shit out of her like a sex god.

You need to rock her world in the bedroom.

Changing the dynamic of the relationship

man leading relationship

And you need to make her submit.  It’s not just sex and then you’re back together.  You have to get her to be submissive to you.  This starts with the bedroom, and will also need to extend to all areas of your relationship.  The reason why she keeping breaking up and getting back together is because can’t feel your manhood.

Alpha vs beta attitudes

You need to learn the difference between the alpha male vs beta male.  You’re alpha or beta depending on the situation.  So even if you started out alpha, you’re likely acting beta now, or at least enough for the shit to be a problem.

She needs to have a leader in her life.  Like I said earlier, needing to break up, or even threaten to break up once in a while is normal for women.  But if you’re a masculine man, you shouldn’t be affected by this.  And it shouldn’t happen often.  When it does happen, don’t give a fuck if she goes.  She’s likely to come back to you right away, or even get mad that you don’t give a fuck.  This all validates to herself that being with you is the right move, because you’re demonstrating higher value.

Dominate in the bedroom

So when it comes to sex, you need to dominate her.  Make her cum and make her say whatever dirty shit you want.  Make her suck your dick for as long as you want after you fucked the shit out of her.  Do whatever positions you want.

Make her earn her way back.  If you just let her come back to you and let her ride you and dominate you, she’ll break up with you again.  Take control.

Get her to do what you want.

After sex

Don’t act all like a needy bitch after sex.  This is NOT the time to let your guard down and lose your game.  In fact, the game is just getting started.

Since you’re trying to get her to submit, you need to stay in your masculinity.  In essence, you’re re-programming the way she thinks about you.  No need to tell her to get the fuck out or completely ignore her.  But act cool, confident, and chill.  You just got laid in the way you wanted to.  Act like you’re the boss.  Tell her to make you something really good for you to eat, to give you a massage, whatever.

Too many men act like lovey-dovey bitches after sex.  You blew her mind, not the other way around.  sex is good because you, the man, make it good.  Be cool.  Don’t tell her how amazing her pussy was or how great she looks.  Have the attitude that you just blessed her with your magic stick.

Extending your leadership into the relationship

man becoming leader in relationship

This sex session and hanging out afterwards is the start of your new leadership.

Now you need to make sure you’re a leader in all areas.  The game isn’t over just because you’re back together or she’s your girlfriend again.  You always need to be on point.  Even if she’s just a girl you’re seeing causally, breaking up and getting back together happened at some level.  She left your ass before.  Don’t get comfortable.  Know she can be gone at any time and don’t give a fuck about it.

And this means you also need to be ready to cut her off.  She’ll start to test you, especially in the beginning of this new era of your relationship.  Maintaining your confident, masculine frame is essential at all times.

The testing should slow down eventually, but most women will do this from time to time in even the best relationships.

Ending things

If she doesn’t get better or refuses or leadership, it’s time to end things with her for good.  Most relationships come to an end at some point.  Especially with all of the options people have in today’s era.

More than likely, you’re going to have to end things at some point.  If not, you’re still going to be ready to replace her at any point in your life.

But if the cycle of breaking up and getting back together continues, with her initiating the break up, then you need to walk away.  If you’re trying to be a leader but it’s not working, you’re either

  1. not leading her well
  2. or she’s just not getting in line and is resisting

Most women will let themselves be led by a real man.  Even with all of the feminism programming.  But there are some who just won’t get in line with your program.  More than likely she used to be the boss, now you are, and she’s one of those women who is battling you too hard for the leader spot.

You need to end things with her and move on.

However, if she starts to listen to you and becomes submissive, then it’s possible to have a good relationship.  It’s all about following your lead, not being controlling or cruel.

You’re breaking up with her

man walking away from a woman

If you’re breaking up with her, then you’re in the more powerful position to start off with.  If she begs for you back, and you take her back, then you still have the power position.  But if you regret it and chase her back, then you’ve given up your power position.

Like it or not, you’ve taken the red pill.  Having the power position is crucial for any man in a relationship, especially if he wants a legit chance at it working out.

Why you keep breaking up

So you’re the one breaking up and getting back together?  What gives.

As the man, if you’re constantly dumping your girl and taking her back, you just need to dump her.

The reason you’re doing this is because you don’t want to be with her.  Maybe you want to fuck more women, maybe she’s crazy, or maybe you two just don’t get along.

Regardless, you’re half assing it.

No abundance

The reason you keep getting back with her is because you don’t have an abundance mindset.  You’re probably trying to fuck other women, and can’t get any action, or can’t find women as hot as your ex.

It makes sense why you have no don’t have an abundance mindset.  Because you’ve been out of the game for a long time.

You don’t have a team of women to hit up for sex.  It takes time and effort to fuck new women, especially attractive, high quality women with good energy.  You haven’t been a player or playboy, or if you have it’s been a while.

The momentum effect will kick in, and in time you’ll have plenty of women.  But that takes consistent effort in order to get the level of success you want.  You’re afraid of losing your access to pussy in the meantime.  Which is why you keep on breaking up and getting back together with your girl.

Tough it out

The only thing to do is tough it out.  You may be able to get back in the game quickly if you have a girl who’s already down to fuck.  This can slingshot you back in the game rather quickly.

But for most of you, it’s going to take time to get back in the game.  And that’s okay.  Know that you’ll meet and fuck other high quality women.  As long as you’re living in a city and pursuing your purpose, the women will follow.

Combine that with going out, getting on dating apps, and building a social life, getting more girls will come naturally.

If you’re already lifting weights and look good, then your time to results will happen much quicker.  But if you’re out of shape, a break up is the best time to put some muscle on your frame and raise your sexual market value.

Breaking up and getting back together is a nasty cycle

man leaving girlfriend

No man or woman should be in a relationship where they’re always breaking up and getting back together.

It’s a nasty cycle and it’s draining.  As a powerful man, and a producer in this universe, you don’t have energy to waste on that shit.

A relationship should improve your life, not be the cause of all your stress.  If she’s breaking up with you all the time, become a  man and put her in place or just walk away.  Don’t tolerate that shit.

Don’t date a girl you hate.  And definitely, do not get married to her.  Too many men think getting married will save a relationship.  Alls that does is set you up for divorce rape and financial ruin.

If you’re the one always breaking up with her, do both of yourselves a favor and move on from her for good.  Life is too short to date a girl don’t want to be with.  It’s too short to stay in a relationship that’s bad for you.

Move on, live your life, build up your wealth, fuck other women, and smell the roses.


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